Unite! Liokaiser is the seventeenth episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on August 15, 1989 on Nippon TV.



Trouble is brewing for Hellbat when the Breastforce bring in a new member, but to what lengths is he willing to go to ensure his place on the team when their ultimate power is finally revealed?


Aboard the Thunder Arrow on planet Micro, the freshly-liberated Gaihawk is properly reunited with his Breastforce comrades, with the exception of Hellbat, who Leozack has had step outside. Hellbat's paranoia immediately gets the better of him and he listens in on the conversation, discovering that Leozack has summoned an old subordinate, Deathcobra, to take Hellbat's place on the team.

Meanwhile, Star Saber and Governor Raikuru are busy scanning the planet to find some trace of the Breastforce, while speculating on why the villains put such effort into rescuing Gaihawk in the first place. Star Saber checks in with Holi, who is out searching with Jean and Clipper, and directs him to investigate the mountains outside the city. As bad luck would have it, the trio spot Hellbat flying over the mountains and observe him trailing a green helicopter. The helicopter, as it turns out, is Deathcobra, and Hellbat has intercepted him with the intention of making a request. The two transform to robot mode to discuss it, and Deathcobra is rather disgusted to find that Hellbat wants him to go back to where he came from so that he can ensure he will still have a place on the Breastforce team. Deathcobra swats him away in revulsion and moves to leave, forcing Hellbat to pull his weapon on his would-be teammate. Deathcobra dares him to shoot, marching up and seizing the weapon's barrel, but Hellbat even surprises himself when he winds up pulling the trigger, blasting Deathcobra in his side. Holi, Jean and Clipper choose this moment to arrive, peering at the pair of Decepticons from the edge of a nearby cliff just as Deathcobra returns fire on Hellbat. The terrified Breastforcer dives behind a nearby boulder, wailing that he didn't mean it and begging Deathcobra to stop as he fires back blindly over the top of the rock. When the shooting suddenly stops, however, Hellbat peeps out to see that... he's managed to accidentally score a fatal hit on Deathcobra, killing him! Unsurprisingly, Hellbat panics and starts coming up with ways to hide the body, but when he looks around, he spots the Autobot trio on the cliff, and inspiration strikes. He immediately transforms and races back to the Thunder Arrow, where he blames Holi for Deathcobra's death.

As Holi and co. cautiously examine Deathcobra's body, Holi reports the strange occurrence to Star Saber, who tells them to be on their guard. Unfortunately, the warning comes just as the rest of the Breastforce appear, and Hellbat leads the charge on the three diminutive heroes. Star Saber immediately heads out to their rescue, arriving just in time to save an injured Clipper from Gaihawk. Although confused by Hellbat's claim that the Autobots are responsible for Deathcobra's death, Star Saber is ready for battle nonetheless, and manages to hold the Breastforce at bay, until Leozack makes a startling announcement, and orders the warriors to combine! The six Decepticons merge into Liokaiser, and Star Saber, realizing why rescuing Gaihawk had been such a necessity, links up with the V-Star to take on the giant combiner. As Star Saber and Holi struggle with Liokaiser, Jean and Clipper race off to inform Governor Raikuru. The fight does not go well – Holi is injured, and Star Saber is robbed of his sword, punctured by spiked rings and skewered by Liokaiser's staff before being laid out. As Liokaiser presses his blaster into Star Saber's face, a shining figure suddenly descends out of the sky—God Ginrai has arrived to join the battle! Even God Ginrai cannot handle Liokaiser alone, but when he and Star Saber double-team the Decepticon combiner, the villain is overpowered and separates back into his component parts. As the Decepticons flee, Star Saber attempts to give chase, but collapses and is caught by God Ginrai. Star Saber thanks his friend, but God Ginrai tells him that he is the one who should be giving thanks, for all the help Star Saber has given him protecting his sector of space. Jean and Clipper return just as Holi is blaming himself for getting Star Saber injured, but Star Saber assures him that it was not his fault. Concerns for his health are now secondary—the Decepticons are on their way back to Earth, and the Autobots have to hurry and catch up to them!


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Transformers references

  • The Autobots and Decepticons have been on Planet Micro since "Planet Micro - The Mysterious Warrior". That episode also featured the debuts of Clipper and Governor Raikuru, and established that Micro was under Ginrai's protection.
  • The Breastforce rescued Gaihawk in the previous episode.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode is another one which foregoes either of Victory's stock title cards and uses white text on a black screen.
  • Seriously, the Breastforce believed that Holi, a Micromaster, killed Deathcobra? Leozack was skeptical at least, so he might not have actually believed Hellbat, but even if he knew he was lying he had to tolerate having him on the team to form Liokaiser.
  • Star Saber really took a beating this episode, he could barely stand after the fight with Liokaiser.


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