Unite!! Multiforce is the fourth episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on April 11, 1989 on Nippon TV.



The Multiforce seek to prove themselves in battle against the Dinoforce.


In an asteroid field somewhere in space, aboard the Thunder Arrow, the Decepticons gather before Deathsaurus's throne in preparation for their latest strike on Earth. Leozack and his newly-arrived Breastforce teammates Jarugar, Killbison and Drillhorn explain their plan for attacking an energy plant to the Dinoforce. Rather than simply steal the energy, however, they plan to steal the entire plant and use its facilities to constantly generate more energy for their war effort.

Elsewhere on Earth, the Multiforce teach Jean about the principle of levers by showing him how to move a large rock with a stick. Star Saber soon arrives and sends the Multiforce out on patrol, extra-wary now that the Decepticons have been confirmed as having arrived on Earth. Jean begs to be taken along and Wingwaver agrees, but not a lot of patrolling gets done as Jean wastes everyone's time making Wing take him flying. As Wing sets down beside the rest of the team along a shoreline and Jean hops out of his cockpit, a dark, burning cloud on the horizon catches everyone's attention...

Mere moments previously, at the energy plant that is the Decepticons' target, one of the workers takes a break from his appointed task to feed an abandoned puppy that he found in the city streets and has been caring for. Suddenly, the plant is rocked by an explosion as Yokuryū bombs it from above, and the rest of Dinoforce emerge from the ocean and start wreaking havoc (both on the plant, and thanks to their clumsiness, on each other). The explosions they create are the cause of the cloud that draws the Multiforce to the plant, and Wing engages Yokuryū in an aerial duel while Dashtacker and Machtackle make an especially dramatic entrance as they confront the rest of the Dinoforce. Wing manages to blast Yokuryū out of the sky, but he crashes back into the midst of the rest of the Dinoforce, allowing the reunited team to merge into Dinoking. The Multiforce refuse to call for help, wanting to prove themselves as warriors, but Jean takes reports to Star Saber anyway, and he and the Brainmasters head for the energy plant. Immediately after making his report, however, Jean is attacked by Rairyū's Pretender shell, but is pulled to safety at the last second by some of the factory workers.

Outside the energy plant, the Breastforce emerge from beneath the sand, having detected Jean's transmission and intending to be ready for Star Saber's arrival. As they make their way into the base, the Multiforce is just about to initiate their own combination, but Leozack blasts them before they can merge. Thankfully for the Multiforce, an argument breaks out between Dinoking and the Breastforce about the amount of destruction the combiner is causing, giving the Autobots the time the need to link up into Landcross! Things start looking up even more when Star Saber and the Brainmasters arrive, with the Brainmasters taking on Jarugar and Killbison while their Supreme Commander aids Landcross against Dinoking.

As the battle rages above, Jean and the factory workers find themselves trapped in an underground section of the plant. There, they are approached by a puppy, and the workers all recognize it as the pet of their friend. They follow it as it leads them to its master, who has been trapped beneath a collapsed pipe which none of the men can lift the pipe. Luckily, Jean is able to put the principle of levers to work, and together, they all elevate the pipe and the man is hauled to safety.

Back up top, Star Saber topples Dinoking, who splits back into the Dinoforce. The cowardly Decepticons make themselves scarce instantly, and, faced with the towering forms of both Star Saber and Landcross, the Breastforce quickly do the same. Star Saber tells Landcross to always call on him for help when he needs it, because they have not simply come to Earth to fight. Their goal is to protect Earth and mankind, and Landcross vows that he will do this as best he can.


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  • Wing makes a rare solo appearance this episode, actually fighting Yokuryū, then joining the rest of Multiforce to fight Dinoforce directly. Unfortunately Waver seems to get forgotten and he simply sits on the shore in boat mode for most of the episode -- even visible in the background of several fight scenes sitting there doing nothing. When it comes time for Multiforce to unite, Wing and Waver have already recombined, though we don't get to see when.
  • Wingwaver teaches Jean about levers. Later in the episode he has to use a lever to save a man! Now that's foreshadowing.

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