The Unicron virus is a pathogen apparently exclusive to the Universe war.
UnicronVirus Blackarachnia

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The Unicron virus is a nanotech pathogen that was seen to affect Transformers inside Unicron's body during the Universe war. It is accompanied by "Unicron radiation"; the distinction between the two is unclear. An exposed Transformer will experience changes both mental (an upswing in negative emotions) and physical (discoloration). Repeated exposure can lead to madness and death, the only known cure being reformatting by Primus or the Matrix of Purification.[1]


3H Universe comics

UnicronRadiation Primal

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When Silverbolt, Blackarachnia, Roulette, Shadow Striker, Trailbreaker, Sideswipe, and Sunstreaker were teleported from the technorganic Cybertron into Unicron's body, they immediately began to sense his corruptive influence. Blackarachnia said she could "feel it invading [her] spark like a virus." They were all then plunged into the fire of the Pit, and many of them came out entirely restructured. Abduction Blackarachnia soon turned entirely back to her Predacon ways and joined Unicron's Minions. When Optimus Primal infiltrated Unicron to rescue them, he quickly felt the corruption as well, though he referred to it as a "radiation". It discolored him, but that was the extent of its initial effect. Escape

Fun Publications Cybertron comic

As Optimus Primal returned to raid Unicron again and again over the course of the Universe war, these multiple exposures to the virus took their toll. When he and several of his allies began to succumb debilitatingly, Primus reformatted them, rendering them completely resistant to both the virus and the radiation. Primal's new form contained the Matrix of Purification, which could heal and reformat those suffering from various ailments, including Unicronian corruption.[1]


  • The effects of the virus and radiation are similar to exposure to the likewise Unicron-related Angolmois.


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