Unicron Unleashed is the twenty-fourth episode of Energon. It first aired in the United States on September 04, 2004 on Cartoon Network.



Shockblast shoots down an Energon Tower and Tidal Wave is rebuilt into Mirage by Megatron.



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Kicker: I'm ready for anything they throw at us. Mirage: Tidal Wave has been reformatted. Call me Mirage. Mirage: Mirage more powerful. Mirage say catch me if you can. Shockblast: Move it. We've got enough energon for now. We'll get the rest later.
Optimus Prime: There won't be a later for you, Shockblast. Mirage: Mirage finish you!
Ironhide: Oh, yeah? Mirage (to Shockblast): Show Megatron more respect. He is our leader.
Shockblast (sarcastically): Oh, of course Mirage. I have nothing but admiration for your fearless leader. Optimus Prime: Here's the plan. We'll attack Unicron and defeat Megatron. Let's do it!

— Does the name "Custer" ring a bell?

Optimus Prime: Autobots, attack! Alpha Q (To Kicker about Misha): She is a valuable part of your team, Kicker. You would see that if you weren't so stubborn. Perhaps it's time for you to open your eyes. Optimus Prime: "Alpha Q has broken through Unicron's armour."

— Double the entendre, double the fun!

Megatron: Alright, Unicron. It's time to destroy all of the Autobots. Planet Cybertron is yours. Devour it! - He's come a long way since Galvatron.


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  • Megatron controlling Unicron around is completely the opposite from events from another continuity.








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