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For further information, see: Unicron Trilogy cartoon timeline

The "Unicron Trilogy" is Aaron Archer's designation for the continuity family consisting of Armada, Energon, and Cybertron. As such, many fans have taken to using it as the "official" term. Other fan-coined terms for the Unicron Trilogy include the Armadaverse and the AEC (Armada-Energon-Cybertron) universe.

The Unicron Trilogy continuity family includes these individual continuities:

  • Cartoon continuity
A continuity composed of the Armada, Energon, and Cybertron television series and its related material, such as the Fun Publications Cybertron comic.
  • Dreamwave comics continuity
A continuity composed of the Armada and Energon comics published by Dreamwave.
  • Panini Comics continuity
A continuity composed of the Panini Armada comics published in the UK.

The Unicron Trilogy is so-named because of the central role Unicron plays in the overall story. All three series feature Unicron in some pivotal way, even Cybertron, where his destruction resulted in the creation of the series' primary threat, the universe-threatening black hole.

Distinctive elements[]

Transformer physiology in the Unicron Trilogy seem to be subtly but fundamentally different from that in many other continuity families. Transformers' sparks, rather than being fragile flickers of life sustained and protected by their bodies, are fantastically durable things, capable of being removed for upgrades and, in several instances, floating freely in space, still alive after the bodies which once housed them were atomized, and then being easily implanted into a new body.

Perhaps reflecting this diminished role, Transformers bodies (generally called "shells" in other continuity families) are referred to as armor and are very much treated like a choice of clothes.

Unicron Trilogy Transformers also have a disconcerting habit of referring to one another as "men" or, when they wish to be disparaging, "ladies". Whether this is an element translated from the Japanese scripts, a product of the level of sexism still existent there, or a product of ill-considered dubbing, is uncertain.


Unicron Trilogy is called Micron Trilogy in Japan, named by Hisashi Yuki from Takara.[1]

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