Brings new meaning to "plot hole."

The Unicron Singularity is a frightening black hole near Cybertron that threatens to swallow it, and eventually the rest of the universe, whole. The only way to destroy it and put the universe back in order is to gather up the four Cyber Planet Keys and the Omega Lock, hidden on various planets, and use them to awaken Primus.

The Unicron Singularity was created at the end of the Powerlinx Battles as a result of Primus' attempt to bury his eternal nemesis Unicron in the center of a newborn sun. This plan backfired, and Unicron's essence collapsed in on itself, creating a black hole. The black hole's pull was so strong even Unicron's presence in alternate realities was affected, and the fabric of space-time itself was increasingly unstable, altering even the memories of Optimus Prime and the Autobots under his command.

(Note: The Japanese version of Cybertron, Galaxy Force, made no connection between Unicron and the "Grand Black Hole." The Grand Black Hole appeared in the present time because the Dark God, the source of darkness in the universe that opposes Primus, was trapped within a Matrix-type object, seperating it from the universal balance. Additionally, the planet Cybertron itself was swallowed up by the Grand Black Hole in Galaxy Force's first episode. In the American version, these scenes were omitted, and it was understood that the black hole hovered threateningly near the planet. This would make more sense, given characters would return to the planet later in the series and not face any of the negative effects of being in a black hole, such as dying horribly.)

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