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"For a time, I considered sparing your wretched little planet Cybertron. But now, you shall witness... its dismemberment!!"
―Unicron [src]

Unicron is the biggest enemy of the entirety of the Transformers Franchise. Before the dawn of time, he is known as the bringer of chaos, lord of the undead and one of the main sources of evil in the entire universe and the very source of Dark Energon itself. As an immortal and eternal being with immense power, Unicron is the polar opposite and eternal arch-enemy of his twin brother, Primus, the creator of the Transformer race. During the battle between Unicron and his brother at the beginning of time, Unicron was cast out by Primus and the Thirteen and over time matter formed around his body and he became the planet Earth itself, which he became the creator of human kind. In his time of absence, Unicron would be the source of myth, legend and fear across all of Cybertron and the universe. 

Unicron would be dormant for billions of years until the planetary alignment that would reawaken him leading to a temporary team up between Autobot and Decepticon to defeat him, rendering his physical form dormant, seemingly trapping him within the Earth's core for good. This would not be the end for him, however, as a few years later, Unicron's energy form would be reawakened after the restoration of Primus/Cybertron. His physical form useless, his anti-spark was forced to revive Megatron and use him as a vessel and headed to Cybertron to destroy his arch rival. Unicron would use an un-dead army of Predacons to accomplish this goal forcing the Autobots once again to fight against him, this time with the Predacons. Thanks to Optimus Prime Unicron was sealed within the AllSpark container, which trapped his Anti-spark for good.  

Unicron would later make a return of sorts in Robots in Disguise, where it was revealed that a remnant of his Anti-Spark remained at the Earth's core, from where it was briefly summoned and nearly merged with the AllSpark by Megatronus, one of the original Thirteen Primes, before he was stopped by Optimus Prime.  

Unicron is, by far, the strongest antagonist in the series as he is the very god of chaos and arguably brought Earth closer to damnation than anyone else as the awakening of his own body within almost destroyed the planet. Unicron was also capable of spawning multiple copies of himself from Earth's ground which he could make almost 200 ft tall. While limited to Megatron's body Unicron is still a fearsome foe able to forge multiple melee weapons and explosives out of Dark Energon within himself. Not even Megatron or Predaking, arguably the strongest Cybertronian in the series, were able to stop him. In his energy form, Unicron could possess any living or dead Cybertronian and use their body for his own use. While trapped within the AllSpark, his energy form seemed helpless. With his consciousness sealed away, Unicron could no longer threaten the universe. Though no longer mentally present, Unicron's body continues to lie dormant at Earth's core, powered by a remnant of his AntiSpark. 



Unicron at the dawn of time

As the Universe began to form, the only living things (at least in their part of space) were two brothers Primus and Unicron on the uninhabited planet Cybertron. The two battled for the fate of the universe with neither gaining advantage. According to Optimus the tide was turned more times than it could be counted. To turn the tide firmly in his favor Primus created the Thirteen to fight with him. With these additional warriors Unicron was finally defeated and cast out in to deep space. 

As he drifted and in slumber, space debris began gathering around him due to his gravity field. Eventually he was caught in the third orbit of a sun and became the very core of planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy. Though Unicron's time adrift in space he bled Dark Energon which itself went adrift. The Covenant of Primus unveils a prophecy that foretold Unicron's awakening on Earth, though the details failed to mention that it was actually referring to Unicron and Earth. On Cybertron, stories were told of Unicron's defeat and he became a feared figure. But over time, as society marched forward, the Cybertronian people dismissed the Chaos Bringer as nothing more than a legend. 

At some point the Cybertronians found some Dark Energon and experimented with it in a space station commanded by Starscream. Eventually when the Great War came about Megatron used this very substance to poison Cybertron's core which lead to the planet's shutdown and the Great Exodus.

During the war on Earth Unicron was mentioned when Dark Energon was in play and was often referred to as the "Blood of Unicron." Unicron's Dark Energon was used to create an Terrorcon army of fallen Autobots and Decepticons to invade Earth, was later used to revive Megatron's damaged body and create a Terrorcon Skyquake.


Unicron and Megatron talking in One Shall Rise, Part 1.

When the time of the planetary alignment was coming, Megatron saw an image of Unicron's fate which guided Megatron to an Earth volcano where he battled Optimus Prime until the volcano was erupting Dark Energon. A series of natural disasters soon followed as Unicron was emerging from slumber. Megatron took advantage and took the Dark Energon from the volcano and filled their warship's cargo hold with it. Later, Megatron flew to the volcano where he met Unicron through the volcano's gas. Megatron wanted Unicron to accept him as his humble servant, trying to obtain more power, but Unicron refused his offer. Unicron then sensed the presence of the Matrix of Leadership inside Optimus Prime and decided to kill off Prime himself instead of waiting for Megatron to do so, since he felt that Megatron would have destroyed Optimus when he had the chance. Back at Autobot base, Optimus was at an area covered in epicenter. Ratchet, who was monitoring Earth signals, discovered that Unicron is responsible for Earth's creation, thus also creating Earth's biological life forms aka the human race.

Later when Optimus was investigating the Earthquake sightings, Ratchet informed him that he detected that Unicron's spark was rapidly active. Unicron managed to manifest himself into a wall of the epicenter and asked Optimus if he knew him. Surprised by his appearance, Optimus recalled him and Unicron engaged Optimus with multiple copies of himself. Though Optimus tried to appeal to Unicron for the safety of human kind, Unicron dismissed them as parasites and vowed to destroy them too. Optimus singled handly engaged muiltple copies until Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Arcee arrived to help him get to safety. However Unicron returned instantly, this time with a 200 feet copy of himself which came close to destroying Prime, but was destroyed by Megatron. Soon after Unicron revived himself and created two more giants of himself which Megatron engaged until leaving through a portal.

Return to slumber 

As the natural disasters and the human death toll rose, Optimus, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Arcee and Megatron teamed up and journeyed to Earth's core to put the giant to sleep, as destroying him would destroy Earth too. However, on the way Unicron attacked the Cybertrionians with his antibodies until eventually trying to use Megatron to kill them.

Unicron controlling Megatron and taking aim at Optimus.

However, Optimus and Megatron made it into his spark chamber. Eventually, Unicron possessed Megatron and tried to kill Optimus, but the Prime used the Matrix of Leadership to put Unicron back in stasis, thus seizing the natural disasters that was happening around Earth. However, the price that Optimus took was losing his own memories and reverting to his original self, Orion Pax.

Return and defeat

Primus' awakening sent out an echo throughout space. Unicron heard this and woke up. He desired to get to Cybertron and destroy Primus. However, his physical body was useless and only his energy form survived. He needed a new body, seeing Megatron's body, he revived the Decepticon leader and told him of his intentions. He also revealed that Megatron was unable to join the AllSpark because Dark Energon runs through his veins. Unicron then used the Dark Energon to restore him back to life and take over his body, reformatting Megatron into a fusion of himself and Unicron (often referred to as Galvatron by most viewers) in the process while leaving some of his spark with his physical form. He flew to Cybertron where he informed Megatron that he would not rule Cybertron, but destroy it. He arrived at Darkmount and faced off against Smokescreen, Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee. He used his godly powers to attack them. However, the Autobots' small size and speed allowed them to escape through a Ground Bridge back to base. Unicron however decided that his new form was weak and he needed a new instrument of destruction. He then saw a fire beacon and went to investigate. The beacon originated from Predaking who Megatron claimed was a loyal warrior. Unicron soon discovered Predaking loathed Megatron with a passion. Megatron hoped Predaking could damage his body enough to drive Unicron out. Unicron punished Megatron and easily dispatched Predaking while looking into his mind and finding the resting sight of many hundreds of deceased Predacon bones.

Unicron uses powers.jpeg

Unicron then flew to the Predacon cemetery where he silenced Starscream  and easily dispatched Darksteel and Skylynx. He gave life to the undead Predacons and rode one to the Well. Unicron first used his legion to trample Shockwave and marched them towards the Well. His legion faced the Nemesis, the Predacons and Autobots. Finally he ordered his legion to fly to the core of cyebrton in hopes of destroying Primus. While he faced off against the Last Prime who brought him the AllSpark which he intended to destroy. When Unicron knocked Prime back, Bumblebee used the Polarity Gauntlet to hold him back. Eventually he broke free and flew after the Prime.

Unicron's fate.

Unicron seized the AllSpark's vessel, which was a trap set by Optimus Prime. It sucked out his energy form from Megatron's body and trapped him in the AllSpark vessel, trapping the destroyer in the vessel for good, allowing Megatron to regain control of his body. Optimus says it was necessary to dump the container's contents into the Matrix of Leadership to secure Unicron's defeat and to protect the AllSpark. As a result of Unicron's constant torturing, Megatron had lost his passion for war mongering and abandoned the Decepticon cause forever.

Megatronus' return

Although the majority of Unicron's anti-spark had been safely imprisoned in the Allspark container, an inert remnant of the anti-spark still existed with Unicron's body at the Earth's core.

Years after Unicron's final defeat, when Megatronus was freed and brought to Earth, he used a spark-merging staff to extract the anti-spark remnant from beneath the Earth, intending to use the staff to merge the anti-spark and the Allspark together so as to destroy both Earth and Cybertron. However, when the staff was broken before it could fully draw in the Allspark, the anti-spark remnant then returned to the Earth's core.

Powers and Abilities

As a literal god, Unicron is extremely powerful much, like his twin brother Primus. Being Earth's core, he possesses a symbiotic link to the planet and is able to manifest whatever comes to mind on the surface such as stone avatars, tsunamis, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. As the source of all Dark Energon in the universe he has a link to any sample. This has been shown the three times he possessed Megatron, through the Dark Energon that binds them. While in Megatron's body, he displayed the ability to create weaponry from pure Dark Energon. He can also seem to conjure Dark Energon from will, as he raised an army of Terrorcons by raising his hands. It has been implied that he possesses a certain degree of lightning manipulation. Like Primus, he possesses a form of Pure Energy which can never be destroyed, rendering him immortal. His lifeforce is also known as the Anti-Spark, and those who willfully allow Dark Energon to flow through their veins become bound to it.


Unicron is the literal incarnation of Chaos. As stated by himself, Unicron lives to destroy his brother Primus, who embodies order. It has been shown that he holds grudges, as after billions of years his sole wish was to destroy Primus and any Primes that remained, and even abandoned his own physical body to do so. He is also known to change his original opinions of individuals as he originally thought of Megatron was of no use to him and was a prideful insect, yet possessed him three times for his own goals and seemed to regard as important during all his plans and schemes. Unicron is a bitter and cruel spirit, who never understood the true meaning of good. He is also very single minded, as he had clearly never thought of what he would do if he ever achieved his goal. He is prideful and arrogant, looking down on everyone except Primus. According to the Covenant of Primus he found identity in hate which drove a wedge between himself and Primus.


  • Unicron can possess any Cybertronian if they made contact with his blood. This means Starscream could also serve as a vessel, as Starscream one time injected himself with the dark matter.
  • Normally, Unicron is a Transformer God who turns into a mechanical planet. To survive, and to amuse himself, he consumes other planets. He also possess anatomy identical to a Cybertronian. In this continuity Unicron and Primus seem more God-like than others, being capable of possession, telepathy, matter creation, and having energy forms.
  • This version of Unicron could possibly have been inspired by “Chaos”, the void state preceding the creation of the universe or cosmos in the Greek creations myths. Chaos was located below the Earth but above Tartarus in Hesiod's Theogony . The wide-bosomed goddess Gaea (the personification of the Earth) was born out of Chaos, after her, came other primordial gods: Tartarus (the Underworld), Eros (Love), Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night). 
  • Unicron is one of the most recurring foes in the Transformers mythos, often appearing at the end of a series which forces all Cybertronians to team up to defeat him. 
  • Unicron would mention Primus on occasions.
  • Unicron possessed Megatron in One Shall Rise, Part 3 to try to kill Optimus Prime. This foreshadows Unicron using Megatron's dead body as a vessel in Predacons Rising.
    • Unicron also possess Megatron similar to the way Unicron possessed Galvatron in the G1 Transformers: The Movie.
    • In prime, he looks nearly identicle to his Original form in the marvel comics, minis his massive collar horns which make their first actual appearance rather than just box art like other incarnations of the character.
    • His/Megatron's reformatted alt mode is remarkably similar to that of Gaia Unicron's, notable minus the giant face.
  • Unicron is also very similar to the Shadow Phoenix Darkar, one of the main antagonists of the Winx Club franchise.
    • Unicron is an ancient God of Evil Chaos Death Shadows Destruction Disgood Disorder Dislife Discreation Dislight Night and Darkness who originated at the dawn of the universe and whose goal is to consume the whole universe until there is nothing left around him except the void.
    • Similarly, Darkar is an ancient maleficent deity who originated from the void before the creation of the Magic Dimension and who absorbs and consumes all energy.
    • Unicron's twin brother is Primus, who is also his opposite, with Unicron representing evil chaos death shadows destruction disgood disorder dislife discreation dislight night and darkness while Primus represents good order life creation light midnight and day, and their continued existence is necessary for the stability of the universe. Primus later became the planet of Cybertron, the home world of the Transformers, and his name is invoked religiously by both the Autobot and the Decepticon factions of the Transformers.
    • Similarly, Darkar's equal and opposite is the Great Dragon, with Darkar representing evil chaos death shadows destruction disgood disorder dislife discreation dislight night and darkness while the Great Dragon represents good order life creation light midnight and day, and Professor Wizgiz implied in Season 2 that their continued existence is necessary for the balance of the universe. The Great Dragon later went to rest on the planet of Domino, and it is invoked with high respect by both the Fairies and the Witches.
    • Both Unicron and Darkar make deals with less powerful beings, giving them great power in exchange for their servitude
    • Unicron has sent his heralds to attack Cybertron so he can destroy the Matrix of Leadership, which contains the essence of Primus, the only thing which stands in Unicron's way.
    • Darkar similarly sent his servants to attack Domino so he can obtain the essence of the Great Dragon
    • Both Darkar and Unicron have the ability to change their appearance and both have at least one robot-like form.


Transformers Robots in Disguise 2015


  • "I awaken!" - Unicron's first words.
  • "Who would speak to me?" - Unicron to Megatron
  • "Silence, worm! I have no need of your lowly assistance."
  • "I will deal with him myself." - Unicron to Megatron about dealing with Optimus.
  • "Do you know me... follower of Primus?" - Unicron to Optimus
  • "Yes, disciple of Primus...on this very day. For Unicron may be one...but we all are Unicron!" - Unicron's manifestations to Optimus.
  • "I am this world's past and future, and as of this moment... all Primes are simply past."
  • "You cannot defeat me disciple of Primus. I have transcended physical being! By my will alone, all upon this world shall fall into chaos." Unicron possess Megatron, which foreshadow's events in Predacons Rising
  • "Aahhhh"
  • "Megatron... Megatron... Megatron." Unicron awakens to see Megatron.
  • "Yet you cannot join the AllSpark because my lifeblood once flowed through your veins."
  • "It binds you to my Anti-Spark."
  • "The foolish Prime only rendered my material form dormant. But my energy form aroused from slumber when I sensed the awakening of an ancient rival across the cosmos."
  • "Your husk will simply be an instrument of my will." Unicron tells Megatron and revives his body.
  • "You will rule nothing! I travel to Cybertron for one reason only; to destroy Primus personally."
  • "Thus will begin a new age. The age of chaos."
  • "Bothersome pest!" - Unicron to Bumblebee
  • "Behold my infinite might." - Unicron to Autobots
  • "A victory over unworthy opponents, espically one that did not result in their demise is far from an a achievement. Clearly our new improved state is not enough to accomplish the deed for which I have come, for that I shall require a greater instrument of destruction."
  • "You know this primitive life form?"
  • "Warrior. I call upon you to serve your master." Unicron to Predaking
  • "You dare to deceive me and have both of us destroyed!" Unicron to Megatron after Megatron tricks him.
  • "For your insolence, I will only make you endure greater suffering!" Unicron begins to torture Megatron.
  • "Now let us learn more of these mighty legions of which you spoke. By peering directly into your mind." Unicron to Predaking
  • "I know what I require to tear this world to asunder... and where might I find them." 
  • "Silence fool!! Your master is under my control. I am the destroyer of worlds, the bringer of chaos and the lord of the undead." Unicron to Starscream, Shockwave, Skylynx and Darksteel.
  • "The past shall consume the future. The dead shall consume the living. And chaos shall reign supreme!!!" Unicron and his army prepare to destroy Primus.
  • "More flying pests!!!" Unicron to Autobots and Predacons.
  • "My legion the time is upon us. Destroy Primus with your dragon fire!!!" Unicron orders his army to destroy Primus.
  • "The Prime returns!!!" Unicron yells out Optimus's return.
  • "Thank you, Prime, for delivering the AllSpark so that I may erase it from existence."
  • "Megatron may hear you. But he cannot help you. For he is enduring eternal suffering."
  • "And we both know that the AllSpark cannot thrive in a poisoned well."
  • "I shall devour you AllSpark whole!!!"
  • "What? A trick..." - Unicron's last words before being sucked into the AllSpark's container.


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