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"That which does not become part of myself, shall become one with the Great Void." --Unicron[1]

"Unicron is frightening. Unicron will destroy... will destroy space."
High Wire [src]

Unicron is the eternal arch-enemy of his twin brother Primus. He is known as the Dark God, the Destroyer, the Chaos Bringer, the Planet Eater, and he is dedicated to consuming the universe. His goal is to bring an end to the annoying creation boasting independence around him, and find peace by becoming the living center of a swirling, infinite torrent of nothingness at the end of all things.

To undertake this seemingly overwhelming task, Unicron is able to travel across realities at will, a meandering plague upon existence itself.[2] Integrated into his systems are incomprehensible quantum computers which calculate probabilities forward and backwards in time, in perpetuity, giving his processors an ever changing and evolving map of the multiverse.[3]

The only thing that he fears is Primus' essence, contained inside the Matrix.

Unicron will make deals with lesser beings, requiring these victims & slaves to alter his plans into fruition. Giving them vast new powers in exchange for their servitude. These victims are sometimes stripped entirely of their free will, but others follow him willingly. Service to Unicron, however, is a double edged sword, for it causes insanity and loss of self. And in the end, no matter their intent, Unicron's plans ultimately call for their consumption as well. Regardless Unicron is feared by all, even some who worship him are doomed to die.

In the beginning


Before the dawn of time, Order and Chaos existed within an extra dimensional entity known as the One. To explore the fledgling universe, he created the astral being known as Unicron, and then subdivided him, creating his twin, Primus. Both brothers were multiverse singularities, unique in all realities, but whereas Unicron could only exist in one dimension at a time, moving between them at will, Primus existed simultaneously in all realities at once. It is suggested, in fact, that the two brothers embody the basic concepts of reality—good and evil, order and chaos—and that their continued existence is necessary for the stability of the multiverse.


As Unicron and Primus went about their appointed task, venturing through the cosmos, it became apparent to Primus that Unicron was a corrupt being, and he took it upon himself to stop the threat posed to all of existence by his sibling. In combat, Primus was no match for Unicron. In cunning, however, he proved himself to be his brother's superior when he shifted their battle to the astral plane, and then back to the physical world once more, only to have both their essences manifest within metallic planetoids, leaving them both trapped. It was with this act of sacrifice that Primus hoped to contain Unicron's evil forever. Unfortunately for him, over time, Unicron learned to psionically shape his prison into a giant metallic planet, and Primus followed suit, becoming the mechanical world of Cybertron. When Unicron then learned to transform his planetary form even further, into a gigantic robot form, Primus adapted the idea to suit his own ends, creating a group of thirteen robots that possessed the ability to change shape, like Unicron.

The war between Unicron and Primus came to its seeming end during a climactic battle in which one of the Thirteen, who would forever afterwards be known as The Fallen, betrayed Primus and became an acolyte of Unicron. The battle ended when the Fallen and Unicron were sucked into a black hole and disappeared from reality. With Unicron gone for now, Primus entered an eons-long slumber, his self-imposed sleep preventing Unicron from detecting him through the mental link the brothers shared.

Evolution of the Primus/Unicron myth

The Primus/Unicron backstory has evolved and been rewritten a good number of times since it first originated in the Marvel Comics series. The version recounted above is the current iteration, which has slowly solidified across a wide swath of media (beginning around the time of Armada). Before the Primus/Unicron mythos reached its present form it went through several distinct versions in the Marvel G1 comics and elsewhere.

Unicron's story

The first time we ever heard the Primus/Unicron backstory was in the UK comic continuity, from Unicron himself, in the story Legacy of Unicron, when he recounted it to Death's Head. Per Unicron's telling of events, he was a primal force of evil at the dawn of the universe, who led a legion of Dark Armies against his mortal foe, Primus, Lord of the Light Gods (note the plural). Events proceeded to play out basically as described above, though the role of the Light Gods and Dark Armies would diminish with each subsequent retelling of the story, until the current version, in which Primus and Unicron are alone, and have a unique origin.

The Keeper's story

The second time the story was told was in the US book by the Keeper, an ancient mechanoid who guarded Primus' head at the center of Cybertron. This telling is effectively the same as the previous UK story, but mentions that their battle was towards the end of the era of gods, that Primus and Unicron were the last of their respective pantheons, and Primus had to defeat Unicron before he could take his place with the other gods in the "Omniversal Matrix".

Primus' story

The third time the story was told was also in the US Marvel series, this time by Primus, when he gathered all his children together to prepare for Unicron's coming. It was with this telling that we learned that Unicron predated the current universe, and had destroyed the previous universe which existed before the current one. He had slept peacefully, alone in the void of uncreation that remained, until fragments of the old universe that he had overlooked reacted, causing the Big Bang and birthing the current universe. The "sentient core" of this new universe recognized the threat that Unicron posed, and so created Primus to counter his evil and be guardian of the new creation.

Fleer and DK

The first modern retelling of the origins of Primus and Unicron did not come from G1-oriented media, but from a set of Armada trading cards released by Fleer. It was the backstory printed on Unicron's card which introduced the concept of the two being brothers created to explore the new universe by an extra dimensional entity, here named the "Allspark."

This was subsequently expanded on and combined with aspects of the various Marvel Comics stories in Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, published by Dorling Kindersley and written by Simon Furman, who had written all three prior telling in the first place. Here, the entity Fleer had called the "Allspark" was redubbed "The One," and the modern iteration of the myth detailed above was firmly established, and went on to form the backbone of subsequent fiction such as Universe and Fun Publications Cybertron comics.

Generation One

Marvel US continuity

Eventually, millions of years later, circa the Earth year 1990, a group of Transformers discovered the sleeping form of Primus at Cybertron's core. When a battle erupted, a stray laser blast struck Primus, briefly jolting the god awake and causing him to emit a multiverse-shaking "Primal Scream" that woke Unicron and alerted him to Primus' location. Primus himself immediately slipped back into his sleep, but it was too late. Primal Scream

Acolyte of unicron

Unicron dispatched a group of heralds to attack Cybertron and pave the way for his coming, including a Galvatron plucked from an alternate future in which Unicron had succeeded in consuming Cybertron. Galvatron, however, was not content to serve under Unicron, and instead captured Autobot leader Emirate Xaaron, forcing him to fully awaken Primus, who possessed Xaaron's body and summoned Transformers from all across the universe back to Cybertron. Out of Time! At this point, a mental command that Unicron had placed in some of Primus' creations was activated, resulting in the formation of a cult of Unicron-worshipers, who gathered to destroy the leader of the united Autobots and Decepticons. Their assassination attempt was foiled thanks to the aid of Galvatron.

Having suspected treachery on Galvatron's part, Unicron decided to fore-go consumption of the planet Jhi and head straight for Cybertron, shutting down his higher mental functions and drifting for the remainder of the journey to hide himself from detection by Primus. However, a sleeper program he had managed to install in some Cybertronians activated when Optimus Prime was named commander of Primus's army. These Unicron cultists tried to assassinate the Autobot leader; they failed, but distracted the Cybertronians long enough for Unicron to arrive. Transforming back to robot mode upon arrival, he was somewhat disappointed to find that the gathered Transformers were simply so terrified of him that there was no resistance to his attack. Unicron destroyed Xaaron's body, robbing Primus of his avatar, but was then attacked by his former servant, Galvatron, whose first strike snapped the Transformers out of their collective stupor and began a counter-attack against the Chaos-Bringer. Briefly fazed by the illusion-casting powers of the human Neo-Knight Rapture, Unicron's systems were attacked by the electrical powers of Circuit Breaker. Enraged that he had been made to feel pain, Unicron dispensed with his hands-on approach and transformed into planet mode to consume Cybertron, at which point Optimus Prime flew into Unicron's maw and opened the Creation Matrix, destroying the dark god. On the Edge of Extinction!

His body destroyed in this timeline, Unicron's essence moved to another plane of reality, and made continued attempts on Primus and Cybertrons across many other realities.


Due to unknown circumstances, Unicron was delayed in his advance towards Cybertron after the Primal Scream and Grimlock was able to use Nucleon to awaken the Underbase-offlined Autobots long before he arrived. Two Steps Back! While Grimlock formed Earthforce, Optimus Prime continued to prepare the main force for Unicron's imminent arrival. Break-Away

However, with an attempted Decepticon alliance ruined beyond all recovery and the Matrix still lost, Optimus had to turn to the original site of the Underbase—as the Underbase was linked to the center of Cybertron, the Autobots could tap into that center (and thus Primus himself) as a substitute Matrix. The Autobots succeeded in finding this site; it can be safely assumed that when Unicron finally got around to arriving, they were able to shoot him with the core of the planet. See what happens when you put off doing something? The Magnificent Six!

The Transformers: The Movie

Voice actor: Orson Welles (English), Mizuho Suzuki (Japanese)

Unicron about to eat Lithone

"For a time, I considered sparing your wretched little planet Cybertron. But now you shall witness its DISMEMBERMENT!"
―Unicron [src]

Probably Unicron's most well-known attack on Cybertron occurred in the Earth year 2005. While heading towards the planet, he consumed the small world of Lithone, making it perfectly clear how great of a threat he was to the entire universe. Along the way, he hacked into the security cameras of the Autobot City infirmary and witnessed Optimus Prime handing the Matrix of Leadership to Ultra Magnus just before dying. He then came upon the bodies of several wounded and dying Decepticons, who had been dumped into space following a recent battle on Earth. He extended a proposition to the Decepticons' leader, Megatron, offering to rebuild his body and those of his troops in exchange for their destruction of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Megatron agreed then reformatted into Galvatron, and his followers became Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps.


Unicron devouring Lithone

While Galvatron set about reclaiming leadership of the Decepticons, Unicron arrived at Cybertron, and proceeded to consume the planet's two moons. Disaster that Unicron would do this to a planet that he viewed as his, Galvatron found himself the victim of mental torture by his creator, and ordered to Earth to complete the task given him. The ensuing chase finally climaxed in a showdown on the Planet of Junk, where Galvatron seized the Matrix and returned to Unicron, only to reveal that he intended to use the talisman to make Unicron his slave. Amused by his pawn's arrogance, Unicron transformed into his gigantic robot mode and ate Galvatron. Unicron then tore into Cybertron, as Shockwave and the rest of the Decepticons on the planet fought back, to little effect. Unicron swallowed many spaceships, and one, which contained the young Autobot Hot Rod and his comrades, crashed through Unicron's eye. Hot Rod and Galvatron battled deep inside Unicron, and ultimately, Hot Rod was able to retake the Matrix from the Decepticon. Transformed by its power into Rodimus Prime, he defeated Galvatron and opened the Matrix inside Unicron, destroying his body from within. Unicron's head survived the explosion, however, drifting through space.

Note: This attack was performed by Unicron in several different universes. While the events of the attack itself were largely identical in each timeline, the consequences varied greatly from universe to universe. These timelines are noted individually below.

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Roger C. Carmel (English), Toshirō Ishii (Japanese)
Unicron head orbit

Unicron's head now orbits Cybertron.

In the wake of the 2005 attack, Unicron's head was caught in Cybertron's gravity and became a new moon for the planet, a grisly testament to the satellites he had destroyed. Seeking to locate Galvatron, who had been hurled into space at the conclusion of his battle with Rodimus Prime, Cyclonus and Scourge visited Unicron's head and accessed the remaining databanks there, replaying footage of the final battle that allowed them to extrapolate Galvatron's trajectory and current location. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1

In the year 2006, the ghost of the deceased Decepticon Starscream reactivated Unicron's head, in order to make a bargain with the Chaos-Bringer—in exchange for Unicron restoring his body, Starscream would recreate Unicron's. Stealing new optic circuits and a transformation cog for Unicron from Metroplex and Trypticon, Starscream was then directed to connect Unicron's head to Cybertron, so that the planet could become his new body. Starscream initially attempted to do this by using Trypticon's body, but Trypticon was deactivated by the Decepticons. Unicron restored Starscream's body so that he could finish the task, but Starscream (somewhat predictably, being Starscream) double-crossed the dark god and refused to complete the necessary connections. Just then, explosives set by the Autobots were detonated, hurling Unicron's head off the planet, beyond its gravity, and out into space. Ghost in the Machine

Later, seeking a supply of the dangerous particles known as anti-electrons, Galvatron and the Decepticons traveled to Unicron's head, only to come under attack from the defenses of the barely-aware giant. Also present was the Dinobot, Grimlock, who used components from Unicron's head to create the Technobots to fight Galvatron's forces. The Technobot Strafe disconnected enough of Unicron's internal mechanisms to deactivate his systems. Grimlock's New Brain

Note: The episode "Call of the Primitives" eventually revealed that, in this timeline, Unicron was created near the beginning of time by an ancient genius named Primacron, to destroy the universe so he could remake it in his own image—here, he was simply a gigantic robot, rather than any kind of godlike being. This, of course, is because the cartoons were written long before the Marvel Comic storyline that created the Primus/Unicron myth, and much longer before the retcon that applied the story to all Transformer continuities. Consequently, the animated universe is easily the one piece of Transformer fiction that is least compatible with this retcon, but there has as yet been no attempt in official fiction to re-write Unicron's animated origin to tie in with it.
Kiss Players/Teletraan Go! Go!

Following his destruction in 2005, Unicron's lifeforce was scattered across time and space, fragmented and parasitized into Autobot and Maximal leaders throughout history. In 2007, three of his servants, the Sparkbots, sought to recreate their master, and tricked the human singing group, the Kiss PlayersMarissa Faireborn, Atari Hitotonari and Shaoshao Li—into helping them in their task by telling them that they were gathering the fragments of the so-called "Allspark."


Primus was forced to take action to stop their mission, appearing as a giant golden hand to steal away the energy fragments before the Sparkbots could collect them, but eventually, the evil trio collected enough to accomplish their dire task. Fleeing back in time to Earth's prehistoric past, they unleashed the energy and Unicron began to form around them. Following the Sparkbots back to the past, Primus unleashed the full firepower of his mobile battle platform's cannon, sealing Unicron's energy and the Sparkbots deep within the planet. He then created the mighty Fortress Maximus to serve as a guardian and ensure that the evil being was never again reborn.

Fortress Maximus left Earth in 2007, a event that allowed humans to discover the lifeforce in the far future.

Marvel UK continuity


In the timeline of Earth-120185, Unicron's famous attack on Cybertron occurred in 2006, rather than 2005. Galvatron briefly escaped Unicron by time-jumping to 1986 and constructed a solar cannon that was powerful enough to destroy the monster's physical form, but Unicron took control of Hot Rod, Kup, and Blurr and had them go back in time to ruin the plan. Target: 2006

After that, events carried on exactly the same and the Matrix blew him up. Rather than become Cybertron's moon, however, Unicron's head floated off through space and crash-landed on the planet Junkion, where he used mind control to force the native Junkions to build him a new body out of the planet. At the beginning of 2008, he pulled Cyclonus, Scourge and Death's Head into his thrall and used them to re-ignite the stalemated Cybertronian war in order to keep the Autobots distracted from his activities. Ultimately, however, he was defeated by Death's Head and the Autobots. His head was destroyed, and his mind was sealed within the Matrix. The Legacy of Unicron!

On New Year's Day 2009, Unicron reached out from within the Matrix and took control of Rodimus Prime's body, Edge of Impact only to be stopped when Kup ripped the talisman out of his chest. Unfortunately, this meant they lost their chance to purify the Matrix and that Unicron would be ready for them next time. White Fire In 2010, he repeated the trick and succeeded in transforming Rodimus's body into a copy of his own before being forced back. In the far future of 2356, Unicron's essence still resides within the Matrix, steadily withering the struggling body of Rodimus. Aspects of Evil!

Note: The concept that Transformer weaponry could destroy Unicron was never brought up again after "Target: 2006", and doesn't quite fit with the idea of Unicron as primordial demi-god. This was, however, written before Furman came up with that origin for the guy.

Dreamwave Generation One comics

Unicron hovered in the background in this universe, an unseen and unknown presence. His servant, The Fallen, tried to bring about his second coming by breaking upon the Seal of Primus, but failed. The War Within: The Dark Ages Unicron sent a wave of drones and heralds into the universe, with the Alpha Drone Scourge arriving on Cybertron 3000 years ago; he ended the Great Shutdown when he reactivated Shockwave for research purposes. Generation One issue 0 Shockwave happily shot him and experimented on him, and would later cause an energy spike that woke Unicron up (it's unknown if he meant to, but presumably he didn't). Revelation

Unicron went on a course towards Earth, porking his way through the planet Lithone and creating a new servant Cyclonus in the process.

Note: He was going to be part of a big plotline in 2005, starting from #13 Unreleased Dreamwave issues, but even Unicron's might was helpless against Pat Lee's business skills. Due to the Dreamwave bankruptcy, it's unknown what Unicron's agenda was (besides killing everyone).

Devil's Due comics

Here, Unicron enslaved the population of the worlds he ate to maintain his inner works; one race included the Battle Beasts. He is known about in Transformer legend, and is said to have been banished from his homeworld.

Thousands of years ago, when humanity was at a primitive stage, Unicron turned up to devour the Earth. The ancestors of Cobra-La, however, had developed a metal-eating spore that could potentially kill Unicron. They came to an agreement—they would go into exile, while Unicron would merely eat human civilisation once it had developed to a useful point. Eventually they did, and Unicron began broadcasting announcements of "I Return" as he headed towards Earth. Black Horizon issue 1

Unicron reached Earth and transformed so as to consume civilisation in robot form. Japan was devastated and humanity collectively wet itself. But the world was saved by Cosmos and Flint, who flew into the Chaos-Bringer and doused his insides with Cobra-La's metal-eating spores. Unicron was killed, the world was saved, and G.I. Joe went on to explore the dead monster's innards. Black Horizon issue 2

Note: With no mention of the Primus/Unicron mythology (instead mentioning a banishment), the willingness to only eat parts of worlds and leave their populations alive to serve him, and his death-by-fungus, Unicron in Devil's Due does differ ever-so-slightly from his depiction by other companies. This story was published after the retcon saying the Primus/Unicron myth applies to all continuities, yet seems to be ignoring it; this could make it the first post-retcon Transformers media to retcon away the retcon.

Beast era

Beast Wars cartoon


Optimus was worried Unicron returned again.

When the Vok spoke with Optimus Primal, they took the form of Unicron's head, claiming that they scanned his mind and chose Unicron as an "authority figure". Other Voices, Part 1

3H comics

Unicrons dark essence
Matrix of conquest


In yet another timeline that followed his destruction in 2005, Unicron's essence was again sent spiraling through time and space, to crash on prehistoric Earth, prior to the conflict known as the Beast Wars which would occur on the planet. It is unclear if this was a deliberate attempt by Unicron to preserve his power or not, but this "dark essence" seemed to lack any real sentience, suggesting that it was merely Unicron's "power," while his spark remained in his intact head in the future.

The dark essence was discovered by a Predacon known as the Hunter, who recognized the dark god's power, and fashioned from the essence the Matrix of Conquest, a twisted version of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership which he used to conquer and rule over an apocalyptic 32nd Century future, under the name "Shokaract". Resistance against Shokaract resulted in an attempt by his opponents to travel back and time and destroy the dark essence on prehistoric Earth, thereby erasing Shokaract from history, but the villain travelled back in time to stop this effort. A massive battle between him and Transformers from throughout the multiverse ensued, but eventually, thanks to the efforts of the Covenant, history was altered so that Unicron's essence never arrived on prehistoric Earth, erasing this timeline—and Shokaract—from existence.

IDW Beast Wars comics

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Beast Machines cartoon

Rattrap once compared Megatron's big floating head as a "monument to Unicron", implying that the chaos bringer's head orbited Cybertron after his defeat. However, it was never seen from the surface, perhaps implying that it had left Cybertron's orbit. Prometheus Unbound

Beast Wars II cartoon

Human beings at some point in the future were eventually able to discover Unicron's lifeforce and attempted to harness it for their own means. This resulted in the devastation of the planet Earth, reducing it to a ruin, but the fame of this "mysterious energy" that had been called "Angolmois" was far-reaching, and eventually, the Predacon leader Galvatron attempted to harvest it for himself. Using his massive spacecraft, the Nemesis, he sucked all the Angolmois energy out of the planet and into the craft. However, after the interference of Lio Convoy and Lio Junior, all the Angolmois energy was sealed into capsules and ejected from the Nemesis as it self-destructed.

Beast Wars Neo anime

Voice actor: Tetsuo Komura (Japanese)
BWNeo Unicron

Teams of Maximals and Predacons, led by Big Convoy and Magmatron respectively, then raced to collect the Angolmois capsules, as their energy effects were wreaking havoc on planets all over the galaxy. They eventually collected all the capsules only to find themselves attacked by the mysterious and freakish Blendtrons. The Blendtrons, in truth servants of Unicron seeking to engineer his rebirth, proved nearly invincible, and stole the capsules from each team. They released the Angolmois energy and allowed it to possess Galvatron's dead body, restoring Unicron to life in a new form. Unicron proceeded to absorb the last remaining ounce of stray Angolmois energy—the Blendtrons themselves—and left to settle his score with Cybertron. The Maximal Elder, Great Convoy, attempted to hold Unicron off with the entire Maximal armada, but Unicron's fiery serpent mode proved too much and he effortlessly destroyed the armada and Great Convoy along with it. Unicron then possessed Vector Sigma, the mother computer of Cybertron, effectively possessing the planet, and morphed Cybertron into his new body.

Unicron then briefly exited Vector Sigma to deal with the last remaining Cybertronian resistance. Big Convoy, his Maximal new recruits, Lio Convoy and Magmatron all fought side-by-side against Unicron, but all they managed to do was stall him. Big Convoy then powered up his Big Cannon with his own Matrix, transforming it into the Matrix Buster. Big Convoy shot Unicron with the weapon, the powerful blast seemingly destroying the Chaos Bringer. Unicron's spirit was then evicted from Vector Sigma, returning Cybertron to normal.

Beast Wars Neo comic

There was a black spherical object called the Black Ball in the Predacon base on the planet Gaea. It was unknown how, when or where did the Predacons discover it. The object was somehow important to the Predacons. It was possible that the Black Ball told Magmatron that he can rule the galaxy once he had the seven Angolmois capsules.

When Big Convoy came to rescue five Maximal rookkies who were trapped in the Predacon base on Gaea, the Maximals found the Black Ball and retrieved it. The Five Rookies

After the Maximal returned to the Gung-Ho, they started trying to analyze the Black Ball. However, the Black Ball started the ship's warp engine. During the warp, the Black Ball started to talk and told the Maximals about the Angolmois capsules, which originated from the final conflict between Lio Convoy and Galvatron on the Nemesis. It also told them that there are seven Angolmois energy capsules scattered across the galaxy in total. The Maximals were warned that they must retrieve all the capsules to prevent the capsules fall in the wrong hand, or the galaxy would be in extreme danger. After the conversation, Gung-Ho exited the warp space and arrived the planet Sandron, where one of the capsules located. There are Seven Capsules

The Black Ball usually guided Big Convoy's to the places where the capsule located.

When Magmatron, who was in the healing room due to the wounds caused by Big Convoy, learned the destruction of his main troop, the Black Ball suddenly showed up from nowhere. The Black Ball told Magmatron that it could see he was short-handed. The Black Ball offered Magmatron with some helpers — the Blendtrons, who came out from the Black Ball directly. A Battle Fought Alone

The Black Ball told both Big Convoy and Magmatron the planet where the last capsule located. After Magmatron met Big Convoy on the planet, he ordered the Blendtrons to attack the Maximals. As he was pleased with the situation, a Blendtron attack him from behind and caused him fall to the ground. The action of the Blendtrons made both Big Convoy and Magmatron confused. The Black Ball then showed up. Double Cross

It was revealed that the Black Ball was actually Unicron himself, or more specifically, his essence, while the Angolmois energy was his life force. He absorbed the six capsules and grew back into his head from the Black Ball. He then revealed that the last capsule is actually Big Convoy and Magmatron, who were evolved by the power from the Angolmois capsule on their home planet. Double Cross

Big Convoy teamed up with Magmatron to fight against Unicron but failed. Big Convoy was saved by Heinrad, but Magmatron was chewed and spat out by the Unicron. After dealing with them, Unicron headed to the planet Cybertron. He latched onto the planet like a parasite and turned it into his new body. Double Cross

Unicron said he want to eat Big Convoy, the last half of the capsule, in order to make his right eye bright once more. His physical body was destroy by Big Convoy after a harsh battle with Big Convoy's crew. However, Unicron's tarry essence emerged from the remains and plastered itself on Big Convoy's body, trying to possess him. Big Convoy took the Matrix out from his chest and unleashed its power, sacrificing himself and successfully destroying Unicron once and for all. Return to Zero



Unicron art by James Raiz for Universe #1. Designed too look like the Death Star II

Just as the Transformers were beginning to settle into post-Vehicon life on the newly-technorganic Cybertron, Unicron struck once more. His body ruined and trapped between dimensions, he sought to revitalize himself by abducting Transformers from across the multiverse and pitting them against each other within his own body, absorbing their energon radiation and eventually consuming their sparks. He chose to kidnap several Autobots and Maximals from the technorganic Cybertron, but that was also the staging ground from which Primus chose to launch a counterattack. Primus gathered an army from many different universes and put the resurrected Optimus Primal at its head. Abduction These "Children of Primus" raided Unicron to free his captives from their prison cities, battling Unicron's own legion of "Minions" all the while. These conflicts escalated for months or perhaps longer, their intensity rivaling the Great Wars.[4] This all came to an abrupt end during the final battle, when Unicron simply vanished due somehow to the Unicron Singularity. Revelations Part 2

Unicron Trilogy

Note: The Unicron Trilogy, the series of Transformers franchises that includes Armada, Energon, and Cybertron, was so named by Hasbro designer Aaron Archer because of Unicron's importance in each story.

Dreamwave comics continuity



After successfully devouring the Cybertron of a previously unseen dimension, Unicron sent a group of heralds—incarnations of Bludgeon, Dirge, Galvatron, Scourge, and Thunderwing—to prepare the next universe for his coming. As forewarning, he also sent the near-dead body of the Optimus Prime of that other dimension, which was discovered by the Autobots of the next universe.

Unicron was ultimately defeated by Jet Optimus, the combined form of this universe's Optimus Prime and Jetfire, who were infused with extra Mini-Con power. However, during his attack on Cybertron, he had managed to kidnap Airazor, Cheetor, Rhinox and Terrorsaur, and would see them forged into new heralds in the interim. This universe's Megatron, having made a bid for Unicron's power, was standing on the surface of the planet-eater when he was destroyed, and his body was also lost, his spark trapped within Unicron's remains.


8fb0027b-7d2b-4b91-a79e-cfa76cf1efb9 1

At some point before he arrived to Armada Universe, Unicron devoured a Quintesson, and a weapon that was originally powerful to defeat him but was lost. His broken body left floating in space after his defeat, Unicron employed the go-between Alpha Quintesson to see to his continued survival. Alpha Quintesson gathered together a group of Decepticon dissidents and transformed them into "Terrorcons", although he himself was not overly thrilled with his position of enforced servitude. At the same time, Megatron had been using Unicron's powers and internal mechanisms to fashion a new body for himself, unbeknownst to Unicron himself. Optimus Prime had accidently traveled to Unicron and was forced to make a deal with Megatron to stop a terrorcon worldwide invasion. After Megatron was reborn, Optimus was left alone inside Unicron, who went "Rambo" and announced he was coming for him.

Note: Due to the sudden demise of Dreamwave, the conclusion of this story remains unknown. Presumably, since you are alive and reading this, Unicron did not go on to consume the Omniverse. Or did he? For all we know he may be heading to our universe as we speak. But however around 2010, latest info confirmed Unicron would indeed come back to life, retaliate on the Quintesson slime ball Alpha, who had a grand plan to kill him. Plus a big battle between him, the transformers and quintesson army, resulting in his ultimate death, that leads to universal black hole and pulling Cybertron to the dimension that the Quintessons emerged from.
Unicron Battles Promo

Cartoon continuity

Unicron was evidently very active in this dimension at various points in time, although the precisely chronological placement of this activities are unclear.

At some undetermined point in the past of this universe, Unicron was approached by the survivors of Planet X, a world that had been destroyed in a war with the inhabitants of the Giant Planet, Gigantion. In return for the chance to gain revenge on Gigantion, the survivors swore loyalty to Unicron, and "Planet X" became something of a code-phrase that identified those in the service of the planet-eater.

Note: Liner notes included with the DVD release of Cybertron in Japan claim that Planet X is actually the body of Unicron from another parallel dimension. This would not appear to be compatible with the Western storyline, nor, indeed, with the date later given to the planet's destruction on the TakaraTomy website.

Additionally, Cybertronian legend refers to an attack by Unicron on the planet that was ultimately thwarted by the mighty Autobot warrior, Omega Supreme.

Armada cartoon

Voice Actor: Mark Acheson (English), Katsumi Chō (Japanese)
2021-04-16 (8)

Unicron's first attack on Cybertron in the present day was an indirect one, over a million years in the making, begun when he opted to disguise his dormant body as Cybertron's moon. From this secret vantage point, he implanted his own cells within the planet, where they germinated and grew into the small race of robots known as the Mini-Cons. Unicron hoped to use the Mini-Cons to increase the ferocity of the Autobot/Decepticon war, and feed off of the energies released in the conflict, but an encounter with a group of time-displaced human children planted the seed of sentience and free will within the Mini-Cons, who ultimately rebelled against their creator and fled Cybertron, crash-landing on the planet Earth.

When the Mini-Cons were reawakened a million years later in 2010, they were detected by the Autobots and Decepticons, who followed their signal to Earth. Unicron also picked up the signal, and dispatched his minion Sideways, an inhabitant of Planet X who would occasionally serve as an avatar for Unicron's spark, to carry on his work. Sideways escalated the conflict by manipulating control of the three Mini-Con weapons, the Star Saber, the Skyboom Shield and the Requiem Blaster, but eventually arranged for all three to be returned to Cybertron, where he stole them and used them to reawaken Unicron.


Unicron begins his next attack on Cybertron, after removing Prime and Megatron from the Drawing Board.

Shedding his moon disguise and transforming to robot mode, Unicron turned on Cybertron, only to be met with resistance in the form of the united armada of Autobots and Decepticons, and his own Mini-Cons, who had linked together and formed a giant duplicate of his body. Now at full power, however, it was child's play for Unicron to exert control over his creations, and bring the Mini-Cons under his thumb once more. Again, it was thanks to the Autobots' human allies—the same children who had been sent back in time and given the Mini-Cons free will in the first place—that the Mini-Cons struggled free of Unicron's control, including the three Mini-Con weapons, who broke free and left Unicron's body deactivated. Believing the threat over, Galvatron then challenged Optimus Prime to their final battle, only for the hatred and ferocity of their fight to awake Unicron once more. To end the circle of hate that gave Unicron life, Galvatron allowed himself to be consumed by the monster, and in a brilliant flash of light, Unicron apparently ceased to exist.


Voice Actor: David Kaye, Mark Acheson (English), Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese)
Energon Unicron

But in truth, Unicron had survived and for the next ten years, continued to consume planets in other regions of space. One such planet was the world known as Planet Q, whose inhabitants fought back by detonating the planet's core in Unicron's face. Badly damaged by the explosion, Unicron fell into a state of dormancy, but the life essence of the planet's ruler—the being who would come to be known as Alpha Q—continued to exist within him, and began a not-entirely-sane plan to use Unicron's powers to recreate everything the Chaos-Bringer had ever destroyed. Recreating the armies of Planet Q as "Terrorcons," Alpha Q had them attack Autobot facilities on Earth and throughout the Solar System to gather the energon that would be necessary for his plan to work.

Unbeknownst to Alpha Q, Megatron's corpse and spark remained within Unicron, and he slowly siphoned off some of the gathered Energon, allowing him to be reborn in his own new body. To escape Megatron's fury, Alpha Q jettisoned Unicron's head and escaped in it, while Megatron took over Unicron's body, and continued to gather Energon in order to rebuild Unicron to use as his ultimate weapon. As the climax of this plan neared, a joint attack by Alpha Q, the Autobots and their human allies saw all of Earth's Energon channeled into Unicron's head, which Alpha Q then rammed into Unicron's body. The positively-charged Energon of Earth reacted with the negatively-charged Energon running through Unicron, tearing open a fissure in reality leading to a new area of space where planets Unicron consumed were recreated, and sustained through the Energon radiated from Unicron's head, which had now become a glowing red sun.

Unicron eats blizzard

Unicron's body, damaged once more, lay in the dark reaches near the fissure, and the Decepticons began to raid Alpha Q's new planets for the Energon necessary to revive Unicron again. This time, they succeeded, and Megatron directed Unicron's body to retrieve his head, extinguishing the Energon Sun and killing Alpha Q in the process. But the power of Unicron proved too much for Megatron to control, as Unicron began to take over Megatron's body. The Autobots made a valiant but futile attempt to stop him, but Unicron decimated them. Just as things seemed hopeless, a surge of power came that allowed Optimus-Supreme to grow to Unicron's size and powered up the other Autobots, and after a long and hard battle Optimus destroyed Unicron's body.

None of the Transformers were aware, however, that Unicron lived on in two forms: his miniscule Spark, floating in space, and his consciousness, which lay buried in Megatron's mind. With quiet, subconscious nudging, Unicron led Megatron to a massive reservoir of "Super Energon" beneath Cybertron's surface, which transformed him into Galvatron upon his first exposure. After a series of failed battles, Galvatron proceeded to expose himself to the Super Energon once again, and this time grew to a gigantic height. Unicron seized control of his body again for a new vessel and set out to rejoin with his Spark, but a Primus-empowered Optimus Supreme engaged him in battle once more, and drew all of Unicron's consciousness out of Galvatron and sealed it within his own Spark.

Enraged, Galvatron prepared to destroy Unicron's Spark, but it merged with him, enlarging him again, leading to another battle with Optimus Supreme, this time bolstered by the combined energy of all his troops' Sparks. Meanwhile, Primus merged with the Super Energon, creating a foundling sun which arrived at the site of the battle. Taking control of his body for a brief moment, Galvatron made the decision to plunge himself into the infant sun to rid himself of Unicron's possession. The super energon mass, having now received Unicron's spark, ignited into a powerful red sun which gave new life to Alpha Q's worlds.

Cybertron cartoon


After Unicron's destruction, the balance of the universe was disturbed, there being far too little evil left in the universe. The imbalanced cause a rift to form in space creating the black hole.

It was later revealed that Primus had planned to trap Unicron in the heart of a new sun, it failed when the star collapsed into a massive black hole, known as the "Unicron Singularity", that threatened the entire multiverse. Fallen.

Cybertron comic


Unicron's heralds Ramjet and Nemesis Prime arrived on Cybertron, intent on unleashing the Dead Matrix on Primus's vulnerable essence—as the Matrix was the antithesis of Unicron, so too would the Dead Matrix ensure the destruction of Primus, thereby totally destabilizing the multiverse and reducing it to a sea of entropic chaos. For the first time, it would be possible for Unicron to strike at Primus in all realities simultaneously, ending their cosmic feud once and for all.

Ramjet and Nemesis Prime were ultimately stopped by Vector Prime and allies Sentinel Maximus and Omega Prime, plucked from the midst of the Universe conflict by the multiverse-warping energies of the black hole. The Dead Matrix, however, taken by Unicron's servant Soundwave and cast into the heart of the black hole, freeing Unicron's spark, which entered the planet Yst and immediately began to sow chaos and disorder. Re-energized by the hatred and violence than ran rampant on Yst, Unicron formed a new, diminutive body for himself, born into the universe when Yst exploded.

During the time that followed, from behind the scenes Unicron orchestrated a civil war between the Mini-Cons stationed on Cybertron's moons. Revelations, Part 4 When Sentinel Maximus led a team of Autobots to stamp out the escalating conflict, Unicron's involvement was revealed, but before he could achieve victory, Primus was reawakened, and the Dark God fled as Cybertron transformed into its robot mode. Revelations, Part 6

Armada video game

Voice actor: Matthew King (English)

Unicron was revealed after the defeat of the Decepticons at the hands of the Autobots, who had found a majority of the Mini-cons on Earth. The planet eater was looming over Cybertron shortly after Megs committed suicide, sparing himself the "indignity" of being saved by Optimus. The gold team of Mini-Cons combined to form the Matrix Cannon, the one thing, the ONLY thing that Unicron was weak against. The Autobots then began to fend off Unicron to keep his pinchers out of Cybertron. In a daring feat, they flew inside his mouth and shot at his spark when it was exposed. Ultimately, this was enough to send Unicron spiraling into space, about to explode, uttering his final words from his defeat in the G1 movie: "Destiny. You cannot destroy my destiny!"

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Live-action film continuity

Transformers UK19 Cover by jasoncardy

Titan Magazines

Note: Unicron appeared in the alternate reality where the Decepticons won at Mission City.

Starscream encountered Unicron in an event where Unicron attempted to devour Cybertron. It left him terrified.

Both Barricade and Ironhide from original reality were also aware of Unicron's existence. His sheer might scared them. They knew that he may appears Unicron in the third film but that not happen.

In an alternate reality, Stockade and his Decepticon chums attempted to rebirth Cybertron by sending out a summons that would attract any entity related to the lost AllSpark, and then drawing that entity into Cybertron once it arrived.

As that entity announced itself to be "Unicron the Anti-Life!", they felt like a right bunch of plonkers.

Unicron moved swiftly, transforming Cybertron into a scarier looking physical form and causing the planet's surface to becoming hostile to the Transformers on it. Stockade's attempts at communication were met with contempt and a strange attack. The new Unicron then warped into the Sol system, shot down an Autobot shuttle, and went "OM NOM NOM" at the sight of Earth.

The downed Autobots regrouped with Stockade's Decepticons and worked to take away the Nucleon that was powering Unicron's physical form. They succeeded in this by causing it to blow up and catch fire, which caused Unicron to draw on more Nucleon to recover, which fueled the fire and so on until the source ran out. Unicron disappeared, though whether he was dead or just gone is ambiguous.

Either way, the changes Unicron had made to Cybertron remained. The teleportation equipment he'd created was used by the Autobots to finally end the war.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Note: Unicron appear in Transformers: The Last Knight, which revealed his body was the Earth but didn't show him awake. Handily, this means there's not yet any proof Unicron's ghost from alternate reality isn't haunting space in the movieverse!
The Last Knight Unicron

At some point, during prehistory, the surface of the planet Earth formed around a dormant Unicron.

The six horns of Unicron appeared around Earth in response to the approach of Cybertron. Unicron is named by Quintessa as Cybertron's ancient enemy, and correctly believed that the Earth was, itself, Unicron.

Transformers: Rise of The Beasts

Voice Actor: Colman Domingo

In a scene of the second trailer, Unicron could be seen devouring a ringed planet, similar to earth, in another scene of the second trailer, Unicron’s mandibles could be seen hovering in the sky.

Prime continuity


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Prime cartoon

Voice Actor: John Noble

Billions of years ago, Primus and Unicron fought an evenly matched battle for supremacy. Eventually Primus created the Thirteen, who managed to defeat Unicron. Unicron was then, in his weakened state, left to drift throughout the galaxy. Eventually, the stasis-locked giant arrived in a freshly created star system, where Unicron's body drew in debris until it formed a planet. Over the next few billion years, while Unicron became the core, life began to evolve and eventually intelligent beings called humans appeared. Meanwhile, the ancients on Cybertron predicted that if their prophecy telling of forty-seven planets aligning were to be fulfilled, Unicron would rise again. One Shall Rise, Part 1

Megatron sought to control the Dark Energon, rumored to be "the blood of Unicron", and create an army of the undead. A worried Starscream referred to Unicron as a legendary "destroyer", and called his blood the "Anti-Spark" as well. Their initial experiment with the dark substance turned the deceased Cliffjumper into a mindless beast, and later Megatron placed a chunk of Dark Energon into his spark chamber. Darkness Rising, Part 2 Megatron soon used it to bring a small army of Terrorcons to life Darkness Rising, Part 3, which was then brought down by Optimus Prime and Ratchet. Darkness Rising, Part 4 Soon, much of it would be lost as Megatron used a large chunk to bring to life such an army and bring it to Earth via a Space Bridge but the Terrorcons were likely destroyed in an explosion Darkness Rising, Part 5 while Megatron survived due the Dark Energon shard in his spark chamber. Masters and Students


Megatron, seeking more Dark Energon, demanded another space bridge to be built so that he could search for more as the time of the prophecy drew near. He then had a vision of a volcano and sought it out, and proceeded to fight the last of the Primes, Optimus Prime, until Dark Energon began erupting. Though Megatron rejoiced in finding more of Unicron's blood, Optimus escaped, so Megatron ordered his forces to start collecting the Dark Energon, soon filling their entire ship's hold. Then Megatron returned to the volcano, and requested that Unicron, whom he wished to serve, speak to him. An apparition of Unicron's consciousness spoke to Megatron, but disregarded the Decepticon leader, claiming he had no use of him and set out to destroy the last of the Primes himself. Unicron appeared to Optimus as a stone being, and ignored his pleas to not destroy Earth and the human parasites living on him, and proceeded to attack with multiple copies of his stone form. One Shall Rise, Part 1


Optimus was almost killed by the stone Unicrons until Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead arrived as backup. As they fled across the landscape, a mountain-sized stone Unicron attacked the group, and trapped Optimus under a pile of rock. As Unicron prepared to squash the last Prime underfoot, Megatron arrived and repeatedly shot the fake Unicron head, destroying the manifestation. Megatron, now wanting Unicron's destruction out of anger at being dismissed and so that he could have Earth to rule, proposed a temporary truce, saying he will lead the Autobots to Unicron's spark, where Optimus can use the Matrix of Leadership to destroy it. With the help of Ratchet, Megatron was able to lead the Autobots inside Unicron via Ground Bridge. Once they were inside, a giant optic kept an eye on the group. One Shall Rise, Part 2

"Megatron, do as I command. Destroy the Prime!"
"Megatron is commanded by NO ONE!!!"

―Unicron and Megatron [src]

Unicron unleashed antibodies in an attempt to expel the intruders, and as they battled, Unicron spoke to Megatron, trying to convince him to kill Optimus. Megatron barely managed to maintain control of himself as they arrived at the chaos bringer's spark chamber, using Dark Energon to trick their way through his defenses. As Optimus prepared to unleash the Matrix's power, Unicron's spark flared and pushed them back, and he took control of Megatron's body through the Dark Energon inside of him and attempted to control him to destroy Optimus. Megatron's resistance gave Optimus enough time to unleash the power of the Matrix, which extinguished Unicron's spark, presumably destroying him entirely as Earth's natural disasters ceased. One Shall Rise, Part 3

Unicron's essence was later stirred upon sensing the awakening of Primus back on Cybertron. He communicated with Megatron, who was seemingly destroyed by Bumblebee. The Decepticon could not join the Allspark due to the Dark Energon linking him to the Chaos Bringer. Seeking to end his rivalry with Primus, Unicron resurrected Megatron and modified his body, including with a super-luminal space drive so he could reach Cybertron. Upon arriving, he first engaged the Autobots at Darkmount, chasing them to above a smelting pit. When his foes escaped through the groundbridge, Unicron judged that Megatron's body was too weak even with his upgrades and decided to find a better instrument of destruction.

Unicron then came upon Predaking, whom Megatron claimed was a loyal servant. But Unicron soon found out that it was not so, as Predaking attacked him. Unicron accused Megatron of deceiving him and attempting to get them both destroyed. The Decepticon leader stated that he was gambling that Predaking would damage their shared form enough that Unicron would be forced to abandon it. While mentally punishing Megatron for his deception, Unicron managed to pummel Predaking into submission. Reading the Predacon's mind, Unicron learned of the location of a burial ground of Predacon bones, which he judged was what he needed. Upon arriving at the burial ground, he was surprised to find Starscream, Shockwave and two Predacon clones, Darksteel and Skylynx, scavenging the bones themselves. Starscream mistook him for Megatron, before Unicron announced who he was. The Predacons attempted to fight Unicron, but were beaten. Unicron then used dark energon and resurrected all the Predacon bones as Terrorcons. He then marched with his undead legion to the Well of All-Sparks, where the Terrorcons would enter Cybertron's core and destroy Primus. Standing in his way were the Autobots and Predacons. Unicron dispatched his army to their task, while he fought Optimus Prime, who had returned after retrieving the Allspark. However, Bumblebee stopped the Chaos Bringer from delivering the final blow with the polarity gauntlet, allowing Optimus to flee to retrieve the Allspark from Ultra Magnus' ship. Unicron broke free and caught up with Optimus. But as soon as he held the Allspark's container in his hands, declaring that he shall devour it whole, he soon found it was empty. Optimus had merged the Allspark with himself and the empty container was able to draw out Unicron's Anti-Spark, imprisoning the Chaos Bringer, and causing the Terrorcons to disintegrate. Predacons Rising (Prime)




Unicron toy

  • Unicron with Mini-Con Dead End (Supreme, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MX-00
    • Accessories: 6 missiles, giant chest-missile
Unicron from the Armada toyline is an orange and transparent purple Supreme-size toy that transforms into a planet. It features many Mini-Con Powerlinx plugs on the planet's rings, and "chomping" jaws activated by moving the mandibles. The packed-in Mini-Con Dead End in moon-mode plugs into a specially-shaped socket on Unicron's planet form, just above his gaping maw. Powerlinx plugs on his sides activate the triple spring-loaded missile launchers, which end up on his robot mode legs. In robot mode, he has hidden compartments for Mini-Cons in his robot-mode legs and abdomen. One Powerlinx plug on the back of the robot mode activates blinking eye lights and a cannon that bursts from the chest and shoots a missile. A button on the top of the head also activates the blinking eye lights. Pushing his right hand back slightly into the cuff causes it to light up.
This toy is notable for being the first "modern" Transformers release in the main line at the $50-price point. Due to his success, other releases like Energon Omega Supreme came into being.
The Takara release of Unicron uses a lighter orange, slightly more transparent plastic, and different paint applications than the Hasbro version.
This mold was used to make the Mini-Con doppelganger of Unicron.


Energon Unicron toy
  • Unicron (Supreme, 2004)
    • Accessories: 6 missiles, giant chest-missile
Unicron's Armada toy was redecoed for the Energon toyline, sporting black and transparent orange, with "Energon damage" patterns, representing his shattered and damaged form. All of the gimmicks from the previous version are intact in this one.
Early shipments of Unicron in Energon packaging shipped with either the orange Armada Unicron or the black Energon Unicron inside, in seemingly equal amounts for a short while. Eventually, the orange version was phased out and black was the only shipping version.

The Japanese version of the figure was released as a limited edition figure, with identical packaging to the original, akin to the manner in which G1 Black Megatron was released.

Happymeal Unicron
  • Unicron (Fast Food Premium, 2004)
Available in one of two different European-market McDonald's Happy Meal promotions, this Unicron toy is based on Energon Unicron, being primarily black. It is very small, and the transformation consists of simply opening the planet mode to reveal the robot.
When his Energon cube is clicked into position, and his button pressed, his body lights up.


Cybertron Unicron toy
  • Unicron (Deluxe, 2006)
    • Accessories: Missile, 4 spines (2 long, 2 short), Planet X Cyber Key
Bludgeon Unicron in the Cybertron line is a Deluxe-class toy that transforms into a futuristic tank. In robot mode he sports a battle-damaged appearance, with his head featuring a skull-like design mimicking the Unicron head that comes with Cybertron Primus. In both tank and robot modes, he features a main cannon with spring-loaded missile launcher, plus plugging a Cyber Planet Key into his back end opens up a port on his front (which bears a striking similarity to his planet maw) that reveals a (non-firing due to its size) triple-barreled cannon. His side-spikes in tank mode can be removed to become hand-weapons in robot mode.
He includes a Planet X-style Cyber Planet Key, with the Key Code "dgt3" on the back. He is the first Unicron toy to placed with the Decepticon faction for the purposes of marketing.
He's obviously possibly a Bludgeon homage.
  • Cybertron Primus (Supreme, 2006)
Certain shipments of Cybertron's Cybertron Primus toy had a pack-in Unicron head. The head is based on Armada Unicron's and half of the face stripped away to reveal a robotic "skull". To provide the impression of locomotion, tentacles were added to the base of the head.
The packaging for this variation of Primus was specifically changed with a callout for the Unicron head. This was supposed to originally be the first version of the Primus toy shipped, and only for a limited time, but both versions ended up shipping simultaneously, leading to some hunting to get the packed-in Uniskull. Oh, and he should be in the Energon deco, not the Armada.


  • Before the Transformers brand even existed, Takara designer Hiroyuki Hataike drew up a "Planet-Robot" toy for the Microchange line, a design that would eventually inspire Unicron.
  • In early preproduction for The Transformers: The Movie, Unicron was referred to as the Entity.
  • A model sheet from later in the movie's preproduction revealed that, at one point, the planet Unicron would turn into the robot Ingestor. This idea was, obviously, dropped before the film's release.
  • When Unicron exploded in the Marvel Comics continuity ("On the Edge of Extinction!"), the tear in existence resulted in creating the Classics universe. This splinter timeline began overwriting the Tonka Go-Bots universe. That's right. Unicron killed the Go-Bots.[5]
  • In what could only be considered a sick twist of fate, the Prime continuity depiction of Unicron is the core of the planet Earth, just as Primus is the core of the planet Cybertron.
  • In the Prime continuity, this Unicron outright refuses to take Megatron (who actually offers) as his slave, instead he calls him insignificant and says that he will destroy the Earth himself. He also does not torment Megatron. This changes when Megatron sides with Optimus to destroy their now common enemy. Unicron at first only ignores the intruders until they enter his Spark Chamber. At that point, Unicron demands that Megatron destroy Optimus and when Megatron refuses, Unicron knocks Megatron out and possesses his body.
  • He is also the biggest bird.

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