As the Autobots race to save Jungle Planet, Optimus Prime and Galvatron have their final battle, where one shall stand... one shall fall.

Detailed synopsis

The universe at large is safe (for now), but unfortunately, the Jungle Planet has been knocked well out of its natural orbit. Plans are made to put it back where it belongs using the Ark, but the remaining Decepticons intervene, led by none other than Galvatron. Despite Optimus Prime's insistence that the war is over, Galvatron still wants to finish it—and to the surprise of his comrades, Prime agrees to settle things with him one-on-one.

Scourge and his friends leave for their own home, while Optimus Prime and Galvatron battle on one of Cybertron's moons. Galvatron gains the upper hand against him, leading Prime's friends to come down, hoping to help, only for Galvatron to unleash a barrage of energy, defeating them all. Finally, laughing triumphantly, he prepares to lay the finishing blow as everyone looks on in horror...

But the attack is stayed by Vector Prime's planet map, flying from the pocket of Bud as a ball of white light. Prime, barely conscious, receives a vision from Vector Prime, who promises always to be watching over him and provides him with a gift. Back on the moon, Galvatron is stunned to see Prime rise once again, surging with power and wielding a sword of his own. Tired to no end of their war, and indeed of each other, they determine that it will end here, and dramatically clash one last time.

When the dust settles, Galvatron has the sword stuck through his body, but he insists that he can still function. Even his resolve cannot keep him going through his injuries, however, and his body disintegrates. Moments later, an exhausted Prime collapses to his knees, but he assures his worried friends that they won't get rid of him that easily.


"Only one shall stand, Galvatron! It ends here!"

Optimus Prime and Galvatron, fanwank homage #1

"Why throw away your life so recklessly, Prime?"

Galvatron, homage #2

"I... still... function..."

Galvatron's last words, homage #3

Yeah, right.


Written by:  ???
Original airdate: 2006???

Featured Characters

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Animation and/or technical glitches

  • None known.

Continuity errors

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Transformers references

  • This episode has several references to the Transformers movie, with various lines cropping up in Galvatron and Optimus Prime's dialogue, and even providing Galvatron with a purple energy sword very similar to the one seen in the movie. Galvatron even crushes Starscream's crown.


  • This is the second time when a characters named Optimus Prime directly kills a character named Megatron .
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