Prime and Outback make a desperate bid for freedom.

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Marvel UK issue #99

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Jeff Anderson
Lettering: Annie Halfacree
Colours: Steve White
Editor: Ian Rimmer

  • Minor characters (in order of appearance:) Octane
  • Originally published: 31st January 1987; Cover date ("off sale") 7th February 1987


Outback is fretting that he's going to die, but that this doesn't stop him as he feels a kinship with Optimus Prime. He races to the scene where Ultra Magnus and the Wreckers are about to execute Prime because of Decepticon disinformation stating that Prime is in actuality a disguised Decepticon agent. Interrupting proceedings, Outback argues that the Autobots are acting in haste on disinformation and that Ultra Magnus is reckless because he feels guilty about the death of Impactor. Target 2006 This comment riles Magnus who threatens to execute Outback as well.

Outback discreetly neutralises Prime's energy restraints before throwing a gas particle bomb. In the confusion Outback and Prime transform and escape, observed from the shadows by Ratbat. Ultra Magnus declares that he has once again caused defeat through his own errors and demands twenty breems to bring back the prisoners with the aid of three Guardian units.

In Polyhex Megatron is furious that Prime has escaped, and orders that Decepticon search parties be dispatched to kill Prime, with disinformation leaked to the Autobots that this is only to punish their agent for his failure. Neither Ratbat nor Straxus are impressed with Megatron's anger and instability, and Straxus announces that he is having equipment assembled, and when complete he will strike at Megatron and "truly live again!"

Ultra Magnus is still searching, his thoughts wondering if Outback is right that he is trying to use the whole affair to make amends for his failure to return to Cybertron in time to save Impactor. He also regrets splitting up his search party because Guardian units can interpret orders too literally. Suddenly he sees an explosion as two of the Guardian units catch up with Prime and Outback.

The two fugitive Autobots fight and destroy the Guardians but in the process Outback is severely wounded. Prime sits with his wounded comrade and contemplates the situation out loud, declaring that he must do everything he can to save Outback's life. In his thoughts Outback wishes he had the strength to speak so he could tell Prime this is a waste of time. In the shadows Ultra Magnus listens but does not approach.


  • The cover scene shows six separate guns pointed at Prime (with Ultra Magnus in the foreground) but in the strip itself only three of the Wreckers are present at the execution.

Items of note

  • This is Ratbat's first appearance in the UK comic, taking place before his first appearance in the US comic in King of the Hill!.
  • Optimus Prime transforms in this issue and does not have his trailer with him.


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