Under-3 is a character in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

He targets young boys.

Under-3 is a Maximal Defense Soldier. His eyes, ears, and nose are very good, presumably because he is a giant head. Information gathering is his primary duty.

That is one creepy altmode he's got.

Japanese Name: Lionhead


Beast Wars

  • Under-3 (McDonald's Happy Meal toy, 1996)
Part of the first McDonald's Beast Wars promotion, Under-3 was, well, the toy developed for children less than three years of age. Hence his incredibly simple transformation and lack of small parts in any capacity. He transforms into a disembodied lion head.


  • "Under-3" is just what the toy was called on its plastic baggy, but fans took to it as a name because, well, it's the only identifier it had.
  • Under-3's Japanese name and brief character write-up come from a Japanese Beast Wars guidebook called the Beast Wars Perfect Book.

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