Umbra is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.

Here comes a chopper to chop off your head!

Umbra is a Decepticon assassin. He is fanatically devoted to the Decepticon cause, and is fully willing to die to further their agenda. He transforms into a pistol small enough to be held by his fellow Decepticons.

(Note: Umbra is never referred to by name in the comic itself. His name was given by author Simon Furman in later interviews.)


Dreamwave Generation One Comics


I wish I knew how to quit you, Darklight.

In the early days of the Great War, Umbra, along with Backbite and Darklight, invaded the Chamber of the Ancients in Iacon, just as Optronix accepted the Matrix of Leadership and became Optimus Prime. After killing a guard and literally disarming Skids, Umbra transformed into his energy rifle mode and lent himself to Darklight. Knocked away by Prime, he transformed back to robot mode and attacked the Autobot leader again, but accidentally slew Darklight as Prime fought back.

With both of his comrades dead, Umbra was briefly interrogated by Prime. He cryptically warned the massed Autobots of "impending doom from below" before messily committing suicide with acid. The War Within, Part 1



This is what happens when you drink Windex and Pop Rocks at the same time

  • When Optimus Prime knocks Umbra into the wall, Japanese characters can be seen on his leg. This is actually the logo for Microman, a Japanese toyline from which many early Generation One toys were taken... particularly the "Gun Robo" series, robots that turned into toy handguns, two of which would become Megatron and Browning.
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