These are Ultra Magnus's relationships.




"It's been an honor serving beside you soldier"
―Ultra Magnus to Wheeljack.
"Magnus fought like a Wrecker."
―Wheeljack commending Ultra Magnus after their battle with Predaking.

Ultra Magnus & Wheeljack

Ultra Magnus & Wheeljack

Of the Autobots, Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus had the hardest time adapting to one another. Originally meeting during the war for Cybertron, Wheeljack left the Wreckers[1] after Ultra Magnus was assigned as leader by Optimus Prime.[2] They would see each other again years later on Earth when Ultra Magnus arrived to find the Autobots in hiding and bring them together again.[3] When Ultra Magnus scheduled his assault on Darkmount, Wheeljack and Bulkhead expressed delight in preforming their actions Wrecker-style, something Ultra Magnus told him that he could not deal with on Cybertron and could still not do so at that point either.[4]

Their past would be brought up after the two returned to the Autobot base after having searched through the ruins of the former one and Wheeljack proceeding to throw his and Bulkhead's old lobbing ball at the latter, which he failed to catch and in doing so, allowed it to hit around the room before finally landing in front of Agent Fowler's room. Ultra Magnus told him that he would not tolerate Wrecker behavior, with Wheeljack telling him that some things never change and Ultra Magnus reminding him that Optimus had set him as the leader of the team. While offering him the chance to walk away again, as he had done before, Wheeljack told him that he would if the Jackhammer had not been destroyed before walking off steamed.[5] They would again butt heads when going on a mission with Bulkhead after Optimus assigned him in charge of the Wreckers. First, Ultra Magnus angrily scolded Wheeljack for the decision to have Miko Nakadai accompany him on the mission and even bickered with him over his choice to use a bomb against Predaking in a confined space. Ultra Magnus watched as Wheeljack left the Autobots angrily[6] and soon saw him again at the Autobot base.[7] The two would later find Shockwave's Predacon laboratory. Putting aside their differences the two destroyed the lab only to be met by Predaking. The two Autobots using their weapons and wits got the better of Predaking and seemingly defeated him. However, in his rage Predaking relaunched his attack, subdued Wheeljack and crushed Ultra Magnus' hand. They were rescued by Optimus and now have a mutual respect for one another. Wheeljack helped Ultra Magnus with his new replacement hand and Wheeljack persuaded Ratchet to let Magnus go on their mission. Wheeljack started to respect and care for Ultra Magnus as a commander, friend and family member.

Wheeljack is like a brother figure to Ultra Magnus.

Optimus Prime

Rebellion screenshot Ultra Magnus with Optimus Prime
"Sir you're looking... robust."
―Magnus to Optimus.
Optimus consoles Ultra Magnus
"Your service is most welcome old friend, but this is not the Elite Guard."
―Optimus to Magnus.

Ultra Magnus respects Optimus Prime greatly and views him as excellent leader. He was surprised and glad when it turned out Optimus survived the Decepticon attack and saved his life. Optimus later gave him advice on how to better function with Team Prime. After destroying the Predacon clones and fighting Predaking, Ultra Magnus asked what Optimus meant by something greater than an army. Optimus replied that it was a human concept he had learned since coming to Earth: Family. Ultra Magnus was able to go with Optimus to stop a Decepticon raid in the South Pole, despite his right hand being damaged by Predaking last time. The team failed in stopping the Decepticons from getting the device and returned to base, where they discovered that Ratchet was kidnapped by the Decepticons. They worked on getting their medic/friend back with the aid of Rafael. Later, they found from Ratchet's message that Megatron was planning to cyberform Earth with a newly built Omega Lock. This turned out to be the teams' final battle against the Decepticons. The Wreckers were able to blast thevehicons but didn't pass against Soundwave' space bridge trick. Though they were aided by Jack and Miko who sent Soundwave in the Shadowzone. Optimus passed on the message of Megatron's death. Optimus told Ultra Magnus to set course for Cybertron. After the team used the Omega Lock's energy on Cybertron, they said their goodbyes to their human friends/family.

In Predacons Rising, Optimus held a little ceremony for Bumblebee where the team gathered to honor him for ending the life of the Decepticon leader. Unicron revived Megatron's body for his own desire, to destroy Cybertron. Optimus put Ultra Magnus in charged of finding their fugitive Decepticons and Predacon. Magnus and Smokescreen were attacked by two new Predacons. It resulted in Ultra Magnus being terribly injured. Smokescreen was able to get them both out of harms' way. Ratchet came aboard the warship to aid Ultra Magnus' wounds. Due to his injuries, Ultra Magnus couldn't lead the team while Optimus was searching for theAllspark with Wheeljack. Bumblebee said with Optimus gone, the team really needed Ultra Magnus' guidance. Ratchet stated that they have witness warriors, scouts and even field medics rise above to their limits. During the final battle against Unicron's army, the team left Ultra Magnus and Ratchet back on the construction site to avoid any danger. Later after Optimus returned and defeated Unicron, by trapping him in the Allspark's container. Megatron had lost his taste in inflicting pain on others, as Unicron did the same to him. He stated to Starscream that the Decepticons are no more. Knock Out became a part in the team while Optimus was making his final speech to his fellow Autobots. He dumped the Allspark into the Matrix of Leadership inorder to secure Unicrons' defeat. Despite finishing his quest, Optimus stated that he must go into the Well of Allsparks to restore Cybertron's life. Optimus told his team that they have acted as Primes, including Ultra Magnus. Before flying into the Core, Optimus told his team to keep fight the noblist of fights. Bumblebee tells Optimus that they will keep the peace in Optimus' memory. As Optimus flew into the Core, his team watched their leader in deep sadness. Optimus flew into the Core and stated that this was not the end. Suddenly sparks flew out of the Well and into the Sky. The team watched in astonishment as they saw Optimus' spark shine out.

Ultra Magnus has a brother to brother relationship with Optimus.


"To log in our field reports as a part of your protocol commander Magnus, sir."
―Bulkhead to Ultra Magnus.
Bulkhead & Ultra Magnus

Bulkhead and Ultra Magnus

On Cybertron, Bulkhead knew Ultra Magnus as the leader of the Wreckers and highly respected him though hadn't had the chance to work with him as he transferred out of the Wreckers sometime before Magnus became its leader. Bulkhead was able to meet Ultra Magnus after Magnus saved both him, Miko, and Wheeljack from Predaking, where Bulkhead said it was an honor to see him, Ultra Magnus corrected his statement saying "it's an honor, Sir".

Ultra Magnus planned an attack on Darkmount, Bulkhead accompanied him with the new weapon he acquired from his ship, unfortunately they were captured, to their luck they were rescued by Optimus in an upgraded form which they then managed to escape the destructing Citadel, at Unit:E, Ultra Magnus placed his hand on Bulkhead's shoulder as a sign of friendship. Ultra Magnus took Bulkhead and Wheeljack on a mission to recover a Predacon bone. When Wheeljack's recklessness annoyed him, he questioned Bulkhead whom insisted that wheeljack was keen to prove himself to his old commander. Wheeljack brought Miko along, which Ultra Magnus argued about bringing her on the mission. He let her stay as Wheeljack told him that Miko saved his life once, despite not being in combat. Further on, they searched for the bone in the cave, when suddenly the Predacon returns and chases them. They managed to escape for the moment. Ultra Magnus sent Miko to his ship to contact Optimus, while they handle the Predacon. Their attack worked well, until the Predacon overpowered Bulkhead and Ultra Magnus. Wheeljack tried to throw his grenade into the beast's mouth, but it didn't work. The grenade exploded and covered them with rocks. The Predacon was able to break free and returned to Starscream. It attacked Miko, who was in the Apex Armor. When the Predacon left, Miko began attacking Starscream and his two soldiers. As the Wreckers climbed out, they were impressed and surprised, mostly Bulkhead. After the Decepticons escaped, Wheeljack made his way from the group. Bulkhead was worried about Wheeljack after he left. Though he returns after a pep talk from Arcee.

In the final battle, Ultra Magnus went with Bulkhead and Wheeljack, who now respects him, to attack the Decepticon Warship. Soundwave bridged them from getting control, but Jack and Miko (in the Apex Armor) was able to seize control after sending Soundwave to the Shadowzone. When the team heard of Megatron's death, Bulkhead and Wheeljack jumped up in excitement. Optimus told the Wreckers a good job of securing the bridge, but Ultra Magnus said it was the humans who deserve the credit.

Bulkhead respects Ultra Magnus as an adult figure and treats him with care like a family member.

Miko Nakadai

"Point is I can handle myself, sir."
―Miko to Ultra Magnus.

Ultra Magnus was surprised when Wheeljack brought Miko along on their mission to hunt for a predacon bone. Wheeljack tells Ultra Magnus that despite Miko's size, she saved him from an insecticon. Bulkhead hesitated a little and Miko explained that she can take care of herself. Miko refers to Ultra Magnus as "sir" which shows she knows how to regard him as such. During their mission, Miko picks up a rock and asks Ultra Magnus if it was a bone. He said it wasn't and it was just a rock. Suddenly, the Predacon returns and attacks the group. They fled and escaped for a short time. Ultra Magnus told Miko to reach his ship to contact Optimus. She listened to him and went to his ship. After facing the Predacon and surviving the rock fall, Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack and Bulkhead climbed out. They saw Miko, who was in the Apex Armor, fighting Starscream and his soldiers. Ultra Magnus was impressed at Miko. He told Wheeljack that he wasn't wrong about Miko.

When Ultra Magnus's right hand was severely damaged, Miko was worried as she and the others watched Ratchet repair his hand with some spare parts. This shows that Miko deeply cares for Ultra Magnus.

In the final battle, Ultra Magnus went with Bulkhead and Wheeljack to secure the bridge. They killed a few guards but couldn't get pass Soundwave's relocation trick. Jack went with Miko, who was in the Apex Armor, to trick Soundwave into the Shadowzone, with the aid of Raf. After Megatron was killed, Ultra Magnus told Optimus that the humans deserve the credit for taking over the ship.

Ultra Magnus is like another role model and friend to Miko. Miko cares about Ultra Magnus and refers to him as "sir".


"Commander. Objective secured."
―Arcee to Ultra Magnus.
Magnus and Arcee

Arcee and Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus met up with Arcee on his first arrival to Earth. He reminded her about the military protocols, even though they weren't on Cybertron. Arcee addressed Magnus as "Sir". Ultra Magnus explained his journey of meeting with Autobots and seeing them perish at the hands of the Decepticons. Arcee told him that he must of detected the Omega Beam and followed it to Earth. Ultra Magnus said she was correct and they went to find the others. Later on, they went and reunited with the team after being attacked by a strange beast. The only ones that were unaccounted for was Optimus and Smokescreen. Ultra Magnus told them that they must stop Megatron with or without Optimus Prime. Ultra Magnus took charge of the team for a while when they attacked Darkmount. Their mission was starting off good, until they got captured. Megatron was about to terminate Ultra Magnus when Optimus flew to the citadel, in his new body upgrade. Optimus saved his team and they all fled from the destruction of the citadel. Despite Ultra Magnus using the Elite Guard ways on team prime, it didn't help them at all. Instead, Ultra Magnus adapted to their teams ways and became a part of their family. Arcee became close friends with Ultra Magnus.

Arcee is like family member to Ultra Magnus. She repects, protects, and cares for his well being along with the other Autobots.


"We could sure need some of Ultra Magnus' counsel."
―Bumblebee telling Ratchet about Ultra Magnus' guidance
Ultra Magnus & Bumble Bee

Bumblebee helping Ultra Magnus bring some energon cubes into their new base.

Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee have had very few interactions however it can be assumed that Bumble Bee respects Ultra Magnus who in turn sees potential in Bumblebee. When Ultra Magnus returned from searching the remains of the former base Bumblebee picked up the empty Energon cube he had found. Bumblebee did not seem to appreciate Ultra Magnus command style on Team Prime, but as time went on he grew accustomed to his team's family way. In Predacons Rising, Bumblebee mentions to Ratchet that the team could use Magnus's guidance after Optimus left with Wheeljack to retrieve the AllSpark and after Magnus was injured by Skylynx but was saved by Smokescreen. Bumblebee and Magnus appear to be good friends and family.


Rebellion screenshot Ratchet and Ultra Magnus
"Ultra Magnus!"
―Ratchet to Ultra Magnus upon their first encounter.
―Magnus to Ratchet.

Ultra Magnus met up with Ratchet in Prey where Ratchet was greeted by Magnus and reunited with the other members of Team Prime except Smokescreen and Optimus. In Rebellion, Ultra Magnus and Ratchet reunited with Optimus and Smokescreen in their new base after Optimus was revived in a new body to destroy the Decepticon citadel. In Evolution, Ultra Magnus reminded Ratchet about an alternative energy source for their survival and Ratchet told him that he was already working on it. When Magnus's right hand was destroyed by Predaking, Ratchet worked on repairing Magnus's hand with a mechanical claw. Despite not being able to make a fist with his new hand, Ultra Magnus was thankful for Ratchet repairing his hand, which shows that he respects Ratchet. In Predacons Rising, Ratchet was helping Magnus after he was horribly injured by Skylynx.

Ratchet and Ultra Magnus share respectable relationship and friendship, like a family. They also appear to share the same level of authority, along with Optimus Prime.


"Cybertron will populate in time kid. You have to remember refugees could be returning from light years away."
―Ultra Magnus to Smokescreen.
"Hang tight chief! I'm getting you out of here!"
―Smokescreen trying to save Ultra Magnus.

Smokescreen met up with Ultra Magnus in Rebellion. Eventually, they began to hang out in their new base. In Project Predacon, Magnus wondered where Smokescreen went and Smokescreen told him that he was scanning new war paint. Magnus told him he can look his best while stacking a bunch of cubes, which prompted Smokescreen to follow his order. In Persuasion, Ultra Magnus told Smokescreen to cheer up when he was feeling out of sorts. In Predacons Rising, Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen drove around Cybertron in the Sea of Rust. They talked about how Cybertron would be when after it was fully restored and refugees come back. Suddenly, they encounter two Predacons named Skylynx and Darksteel. During the fight, Smokescreen saved Ultra Magnus from being killed by Sklynx. Smokescreen was outraged that Ultra Magnus got hurt and vowed revenge on those Predacons.

Smokescreen respects and sees Ultra Magnus like a noble commander and family member.


Megatron (formerly)

"Ultra Magnus. You are no Optimus Prime."
―Megatron to Ultra Magnus in Rebellion.
Magnus vs Megatron

Ultra Magnus fought Megatron in the Autobot assault on Darkmount. Ultra Magnus bravely fought against him having being able to hold his own, however the Decpticon leader gained the upper hand and dispatched him, after which he taunted him by comparing him to his leader, which he stated Ultra Magnus was not like Optimus.

Megatron then dragged the wounded leader to the top of Darkmount where he angrily questioned the whereabouts of Optimus Prime but Ultra Magnus simply refused to comply, to which Megatron then ordered his execution. Suddenly, Optimus returned and managed to save Magnus from near death.

After the events of Predacons Rising, Ultra Magnus might have forgiven Megatron's previous actions.

Predaking (formerly)

"Prepare to perish."
―Predaking to Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack.
Predaking & Ultra Magnus

Predaking after smacking Ultra Magnus with the Forge of Solus Prime.

Ultra Magnus encountered the Predacon when he rescued Bulkhead, Wheeljack and Miko from being almost killed by it. Magnus evaded the beast by piloting his ship however it eventually caught up. He managed to trap the Predacon onto a collapsing boulder and prevented the Predacon from pursuing them. Ultra Magnus devised a plan where he lured the Predacon with his ship through a cleverly timed Groundbridge activated by Ratchet to the Arctic which the beast frozed swiftly.

After some time, the Predacon had thawed out from the ice and returned to the Nemesis. When Ultra Magnus was sent to Scotland to retrieve a Predacon bone accompanied by Bulkhead and Wheeljack, the three were chased by the Predacon and were eventually trapped. Ultra Magnus and the wreckers boldly fought the creature, with the help of the powerless Forge of Solus Prime. Ultra Magnus managed to strike the beast, but when Wheeljack deployed a grenade, the four were caught in the rubble and some time the Predacon came out to retrieve the bone.

After Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack had destroyed the Predacon clones, the two evaded the explosion until Predaking arrived and revealed his identity as the Predacon whom they had previously fought. Predaking was enraged at the sight of his brethren's demise where he quickly fought the two. After a prolonged battle, Predaking got the upper hand where he viscously crushed Ultra Magnus' right hand. Predaking came close to killing them until Optimus arrived to save both him and Wheeljack.

After the events in Predacons Rising, Ultra Magnus may have forgiven Predaking and Predaking may have forgiven Magnus as well.


"I'll take one bum hand over one good eye any day."
―Ultra Magnus bantering with Shockwave.
Ultra Magnus & Shockwave

Ultra Magnus & Shockwave

Ultra Magnus encountered Shockwave during the Autobot's investigation of a supposed Energon mine which ultimately turned out to be Shockwaves laboratory. When he and Wheeljack encountered Shockwave, the scientist opened fire which Ultra Magnus returned until Shockwave retreated via Groundbridge after activating the Predacon clones on them.

Ultra Magnus fought Shockwave again in Persuasion. During their fight, Shockwave mocked Ultra Magnus about the loss of his hand. Ultra Magnus brushed him off stating it was better than having one eye. Though Shockwave did put up a good fight, Magnus was able to bring him to his knees. Ultra Magnus then offered Shockwave a chance to surrender, but Predaking intervened and escaped with Shockwave and the device in hand.


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