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Ultra Magnus is a powerful fighter for the Autobots, along with his binary-bonded Mini-Con partner Knock Out. With his companions the Space Mini-Con Team in tow, he searches the galaxy for energon ore and defends it from the Decepticons and their Terrorcon armies.


Force of Habit

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I totally bought one at Target, I swear.

  • Ultra Magnus (Ultra, 2004)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
Ultra Magnus is a redeco of Overload from Armada, transforming into a weapons trailer/aircraft launcher with spring-loaded missiles. His robot-mode shoulders have flip-open panels to reveal non-firing missile racks. He came with Knock Out, who forms the robot mode's head and central torso, and activates electronic sounds when he is plugged into the robot mode's chest socket. Ultra Magnus also came with a redeco of the Space Mini-Con Team. He has a third "weapon mode" that can plug onto the back of the Armada Optimus Prime super-robot mode, or the Prime trailer's "base" mode.
The toy was a last-minute "eleventh hour" redeco, along with Rapid Run and Treadbolt. As such, their packaging photography had to be completed before properly-painted samples could be obtained, so the box-back photos use the original decos; Magnus' box also shows the original Street Speed Team rather than the Space Team.
Magnus, Rapid Run and Treadbolt were all produced in smaller numbers than the rest of the normal retail Energon line, and were only available in the initial shipments. However, while Rapid Run and Treadbolt were fairly easy to acquire, Magnus' shipment saw a very limited release, quickly replaced with the second assortment in the US, making him hard to come by. Magnus later showed up in much larger numbers in Australia, Canada and some European markets; in the United Kingdom in particular, he actually shelfwarmed so badly that he could be found well into 2006. He was made available in Japan through e-Hobby with the box altered via a black and white sticker, reflecting the Space Team's addition. The back of the European release's box was further corrected, as the Mini-Cons shown were changed along when more languages were added.
This mold was also used to make Sentinel Maximus.


Ultra Magnus with SST

Sadly unreleased. Dang!

  • Magnus was originally going to be packed with a new-characters redeco of the Street Speed Mini-Con Team (Brakedown, Clocker and Override, no Team name given), but were changed towards the last minute. Popular fan-theory posits that this was due to their (intentional) semblance to the Super Stunt Mini-Con Team, but if that were the case, it seems that it would have been a lot easier on Hasbro's part to simply stick with the intended molds and change their colors rather than go through the process of changing the molds themselves. Exactly why the change to the Space Team was made has yet to be determined. Several samples with the cars were produced and have made it out into the secondary market.
  • He's not an Optimus Prime redeco, for a change. Then again, he is a redeco of one of Prime's magic mushrooms. There's no winning, is there?

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