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The name or term Ultra Magnus refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ultra Magnus (disambiguation).

Ultra Magnus is the Supreme Commander of the Autobots and the leader of the Cybertron Elite Guard. Ultra Magnus is everything you could hope for in a leader; fair, decisive, powerful and not afraid to get his hands dirty. While he is not slow in delivering criticism, he's as willing to dole out praise where it's deserved. Originally, he seems to have had a low opinion of Optimus Prime, but after seeing the young leader in action, he recognizes accomplishment when he sees it.

His earth altmode is an 8-wheeled Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck. It doesn't exactly help him fit in.

He has the Magnus Hammer with the size of a lamp post that helps him deal with things. A handy weapon, you say? It can also call upon storm clouds and shoot lightning. It is a tool passed down from the last Magnus. Much like the Matrix of Leadership

Like Ratchet, he is a veteran of the Great War.

"Whoah... Now I get why they call you "Ultra" Magnus."
―Bumblebee on Ultra Magnus[["The Elite Guard"| [src]]]



Animated cartoon

This section covers fiction that is ongoing. It will be added to as the story progresses. If it isn't current, you can help by updating it.
Voice actor: Jeff Glen Bennett (English), Gerald Paradies (German), Banjou Ginga (Japanese)

During the Great War, an Autobot intelligence agent was in danger of falling into Decepticon hands. Ultra Magnus sent Ratchet to recover her so the access codes she held in her databanks couldn't be used to deal a devastating blow to the Autobots. He specifically ordered him to bring her back in one piece. But due to a run in with Lockdown, Arcee's memory was erased by Ratchet's EMP generator. The Thrill of the Hunt

Long after the end of the war, an Autobot Academy washout named Optimus Prime attempted to contact Magnus to report that 1) he and his maintenance ship crew had discovered the legendary AllSpark, and 2) they were now being pursued by Decepticons. Though nearly denied by Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime got patched through to Ultra Magnus to report on the discovery. Magnus still didn't believe the Decepticons would pose much of a threat, but agreed to dispatch some ships to escort Optimus' ship. He warned Prime not to pull any heroics, as it wasn't in Prime's programming.

This, of course, would all go out the window once it was discovered that the Decepticons in pursuit were in Megatron's flagship, at which point the Autobots decided that they should book it. Transform and Roll Out!

Airport management, the FAA and the airlines—they're all cheats and liars. All right, let's get outta here.

Eventually, Ultra Magnus located Earth with Sentinel Prime and Jazz. Upon landing on Earth, Magnus seemed to trust Sentinel's judgment regarding the planet. This might well have been because the big blue lug wouldn't let anyone else get a word in edgewise. Hearing that the AllSpark had been supposedly destroyed, Magnus announced that he intended to take these charges very seriously and investigate. Adopting the vehicle mode suggested by his subordinate, the Autobot Supreme Commander proceeded to drive around downtown Detroit as a massive military vehicle. Smooth.

Not just heavy duty. Ultra heavy duty.

However, once he was led to Dinobot Island, he had to bail out that same subordinate, who had angered the Dinobots. After a distress call from Sumdac Systems was answered, he turned the tide in a battle against malfunctioning police droids. As Optimus Prime acted bravely, loyally, and with sound tactical judgment during that incident, he commended the wayward Academy bot, simultaneously putting Sentinel in his place, much to Sentinel's chagrin. Seeing evidence that the AllSpark indeed still existed scattered about the city, he settled in for the long haul. The Elite Guard

Ultra Magnus was unable to come to the press meeting, so Sentinel Prime went in his place. Supreme Commander Magnus wanted a report about the reported Decepticon activity, and about Sentinel "losing [his] head". Optimus covered for Sentinel, stretching the truth in front of him. Magnus left to report to Cybertron Command on "a matter of great importance". The Return of the Headmaster

Upon his return, Magnus received a report from Ironhide that there was an increased amount of Decepticon activity at the galaxy's rim, particularly targeting space bridges. Ironhide was unable to report further, as the Decepticon attack destroyed the transmitter. Since Magnus had still not seen any evidence of Decepticon activity on Earth, he reasoned that resources were better dedicated to the defence of Cybertron and its colonies, and thus ordered Optimus & his crew to prepare for departure.

Taking Optimus Prime aside, he expressed concern that should the general population come to believe that Megatron was still alive, it would incite a panic and embolden the Decepticons. Optimus objected, but Magnus felt that easing the concerns of the civilians was their duty to Cybertron. Optimus continued to drag his heels until Magnus was alerted to AllSpark activity on a commuter train. Ordering Sentinel to remain behind to keep an eye on Optimus, he left with Jazz to investigate.

After his hammer proved insufficient to dislodge the AllSpark shard, he was ultimately saved by the insubordinate Optimus and his crew, particularly the intervention of the little organic with the Key. He was about to reprimand Optimus, but evidence of Decepticon activity quite literally fell into his lap as Starscream was knocked from the sky. Blasted away by the flying traitor, Magnus was repaired by Ratchet and Sari while the remainder of the Autobots brought Starscream into custody. Once all was said and done, he yet again praised Optimus's decision-making skills and scolded Sentinel for insisting that things be "by the book".[1] He also decided that while he was needed to direct the war effort on Cybertron, the Decepticons on Earth had to be dealt with as well. Therefore, Ultra Magnus and the Elite Guard left for Cybertron, while Optimus Prime's crew remained on Earth to locate the AllSpark shards and capture the Decepticons. Mission Accomplished

Ultra Magnus later witnessed Starscream's escape from his ship, and contacted Optimus Prime to inform him of the breakout. A Fistful of Energon Ultra Magnus contacted the Earth Autobots to inform them that a convicted traitor has escaped from prison. After finding out Bumblebee has some history with him, Magnus requested he keep an optic out, on the off chance the traitor shows up on Earth. Autoboot Camp

Magnus was present on an Elite Guard ship that was attempting to combat the Decepticon Uprisings across the galaxy. He received a distress call from Rodimus Prime's who requested assistance in combating Team Chaar who were attempting to gain access to an Autobot Space bridge for an assault on Cybertron. Informing Rodimus that their forces were spread thin, he attempted to reach their location but by the time he reached, Team Chaar began to retreat. Ultra Magnus later came to the conclusion that there was a spy within the Autobots ranks who was helping the Decepticons as the Uprisings were too coordinated to be simple acts of terror by the Decepticons. Thus, he dispatched Sentinel Prime and a team to find the suspected traitor Wasp and bring him to justice. TransWarped

... not again, where is Wreck-Gar when you need him?

As the Elite Guard and Optimus's team attempt capture Wasp, Ironhide finds Magnus in his office heavily damaged and without his hammer. Just before apparently going offline, he managed to identify his assailant as Shockwave. Where Is Thy Sting? After re-establishing contact with Cybertron, Optimus Prime crew along with Sentinel Prime's team learnt from Cliffjumper that Ultra Magnus was still recovering and that Shockwave had stolen his Magnus Hammer. Five Servos of Doom

He was almost destroyed by Shockwave with his own Hammer, but Ratchet saved him from going offline. He later took the hammer back to Earth, saying that Magnus himself could come and get it when he recovered. This is Why I Hate Machines

After initial hesitations, Optimus Prime later took up the hammer and used it to defeat Megatron and returned to Cybertron still bearing it. It was not mentioned whether Ultra Magnus ever got off spark support and took his hammer back or if someone else ascended to the position of Magnus. Endgame, Part II




  • Ultra Magnus (Leader, 2008)
  • Acessories: Hammer
Having broken free of his forefathers' reliance on redecos, Ultra Magnus transforms into a heavily armed missile truck, and if those twelve guns aren't quite enough, he wields a giant hammer with which to hammer things. In vehicle mode, pressing the red switch on the side activates laser sound effects and causes his guns to light up yellow. Rotating his shoulders down or up activates transformation noises. Unfortunately, many of the toys had an oversensitive sound chip that makes the transformation noises over and over just from touching the shoulders or slightly moving the arms, making even the most avid Ultra Magnus fan sick and forcing them to remove the batteries. In humanoid mode, pressing his Autobot symbol will make him say one of three quotes: "Don't be a hero, Optimus. It's not in your programming," "Ultra Magnus here," and "We must return the Allspark to Cybertron." It is quite possibly the best toy ever.
And to make it even better, his mouth moves, and he's compatible with the Headmaster accessory! Unfortunately the Headmaster does not change his phrases or lights.

Finish the fight.

  • Roadbuster Ultra Magnus (Leader)
A redeco of his previous toy, this iteration of Ultra Magnus is in Roadbuster colors.


  • He can summon lightning with his Hammer. Now that really sounds original.
  • According the comic "Rise of Safeguard", the word "Magnus" in his name is his title. Possibly making his real name Ultra. Huh?
  • Ultra Magnus' Cybertronian vehicle mode resembles a trailer, while his Cybertronian humanoid mode shoulders look kinda familiar.
  • If Season 4 had been made, Ultra Magnus would have gone off-line due to his attacker.


  1. This is quickly becoming a theme.

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