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Ultra Magnus formerly gets carried away about his brother, Optimus Prime, because he thinks that Optimus got the Matrix and he did not. They combine all the time in any way, because either Magnus can't deny his noble Autobot nature or if Optimus gets blown to tiny bits, the Matrix could get blown to tiny bits with him.

Japanese name: God Magnus


Robots in Disguise

Voice actor: Kim Strauss (English), Takashi Matsuyama (Japanese)

Ultra Magnus was created by Alpha Trion and brought online at the exact same moment as his brother, Optimus Prime. They both served with distinction during the Cybertronian Civil Wars, presumably against the Predacons. Afterwards, when the time came for Vector Sigma (also referred to as the Allspark in this continuity) to choose a new Matrix Bearer and Autobot leader, Magnus was passed over in favor of Optimus. Magnus was infuriated by this, and left Cybertron immediately afterwards. He became increasingly embittered, both towards his brother and mainstream Autobots in general, causing him to come off as something of a jerk when dealing with them.

Some time later, he tracked down his brother to the planet he was currently charged with protecting, Earth. There, he first encountered the Decepticons and was able to fight them singlehandedly before Optimus showed up to help. Ultra Magnus He then challenged Optimus Prime for possession of the Matrix of Leadership and command of the Autobots. Optimus refused to fight his brother, however, not the thing that stopped Ultra Magnus from blasting him with his powerful weapon, Blue Bolts. Optimus was only saved by the intervention of Side Burn, Prowl and X-Brawn, who rescued their commander and transported him to a remote island to recuperate. It was there that Optimus revealed to Side Burn his relationship to Ultra Magnus, much to the young Autobot's shock. Unfortunately, the Predacon Sky-Byte had used a hidden tracking device to locate Optimus Prime, and he, Megatron and the Decepticons ganged up on the weakened Autobot leader. Ultra Magnus then showed up, having followed Sky-Byte, and forced Optimus Prime to merge with him, becoming Omega Prime, with the intention of absorbing the Matrix's power. However, he was shocked to discover that Optimus Prime had just as much control over Omega Prime as he did, and they were forced to cooperate to use their combined form's firepower to drive off the Decepticons. Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion

Although he remained a free agent, Ultra Magnus would come to the aid of the Autobots whenever he felt they required assistance, though he always quick to deny that he actually cared for their safety. He also often combined with Optimus when the situation required it. These frequent combinations apparently had some unexpected side effects, as Ultra Magnus seemed to unconsciously channel the energies of the Matrix into the Autobot brothers, upgrading them to their new "supercharged" forms. Although this was never explicitly explained in the show, afterwards, Optimus speculated that he and Magnus were now somehow "sharing" the Matrix.

Ultra Magnus once pretended to join the Decepticons in an attempt to infiltrate the group, however, this plan failed due to the interference of the Autobot brothers, who believed that Magnus had genuinely betrayed them. An all-out battle between Autobots and Predacons/Decepticons soon erupted, with Ultra Magnus proving that his true loyalties lay with the Autobots. The Two Faces of Ultra Magnus

He would constantly appear out of nowhere whenever the Autobots were in trouble, using his strength, guns and combining power to help save the day. How he always managed this is unknown.

By the end of the series, Optimus and Ultra Magnus had more-or-less reconciled, and merged into Omega Prime one last time to defeat Galvatron at the Earth's center, ending the conflict at last. Ultra Magnus then took custody of the prisoners aboard Fortress Maximus to return them to Cybertron. The Final Battle

Cybertron comic

However, this was not the end of Ultra Magnus's story, for both he and his brother were abducted by the chaos-bringer himself, Unicron, and pitted against his legion of minions as part of an elaborate attempt to revitalize himself. This war ended abruptly when Unicron's physical form was destroyed in another universe, resulting in Unicron Singularity, which threatened the very multiverse itself. Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime were among the Transformers who were displaced in the Unicron Trilogy universe in the wake of this event. There they joined forces with the Autobots Sentinel Maximus, Vector Prime, and even that universe's version of their creator, Alpha Trion. When Nemesis Prime attempted to destroy Primus himself using the Dead Matrix, they intervened as Omega Prime. Later, while his brother helped Primus recover, Ultra Magnus defeated Nemesis Prime in one-on-one combat.

He later became involved in the Mini-Con Civil War that erupted on Cybertron's moons, and even fought against the reincarnated Unicron himself as Omega Prime.


Robots in Disguise

  • God Magnus (2000) / Ultra Magnus (Super, 2001)
    • Japanese ID number: C-023
    • Accessories: "Blue Bolts" cannon, 2 missiles
RID Ultra Magnus Toy

Everyone needs a ve-hicle, even the very tall.

Magnus' alternate mode is a massive car-carrier vehicle (akin to his G1 counterpart). He is able to carry all three Autobot Brothers when in "carrier mode". In robot mode, Magnus is a rather towering figure due to his oddly long legs (made up of the carrier component to vehicle mode). His "Blue Bolts" weapon can be configured into three different modes and, when plugged into the proper connectors, generate different sound effects. A button on his back also allows for an additional shout from Magnus (in either Japanese or English, depending on the version of the toy). The Japanese release is slightly different in that it uses different missiles, lacks tampographed Autobot symbols on the sides, and features darker, metallic-flaked plastics. Magnus can combine with the large Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime toy to create Omega Prime. Much like the Optimus Prime release, the tires remain unchanged from the Takara release. As they feature the original name "GOD MAGNUS" as apposed to "ULTRA MAGNUS".

  • Ultra Magnus (Spy Changer, 2001)

A simplified, smaller version of Ultra Magnus at the basic price point. It has room for one Spychanger on the top of the carrier mode, such as the smaller versions of Side Burn and X-Brawn, but, of course, they are wildly out of scale with each other. The toy has surprising amount of articulation for a Spychanger, with joints for the head, shoulders and legs. (Magnus Split action!) He only has 4 moving wheels; the rest are molded in.


  • Ultra Magnus (Sam's Club exclusive, 2003)
    • Accessories: "Blue Bolts" cannon, 2 missiles
The Sam's Club exclusive Ultra Magnus was more-or-less unchanged from its Robots in Disguise counterpart, with the only noticeable difference being that his dark blue parts had become a much darker blue.
  • Ultra Magnus & Ironhide (Wal-Mart exclusive, 2004)
A redeco of its Robots in Disguise Spychanger counterpart, packed with Ironhide.

Special attacks

  • Arm Cannon
  • Arm Laser
  • Stun Cluster
  • Stun Laser
  • Ultra Kick
  • Arm Missile


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