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The name or term Ultra Magnus refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ultra Magnus (disambiguation).

"From the secret files of Teletraan II: Ultra Magnus is the most mature spokesman for the Autobot cause. As a soldier, he is always practical and serious. And he is so loved by his fellow Autobots that Wheelie and Daniel traveled millions of miles to the Autobot records asteroid, just so they could find out Ultra Magnus's birthday. In his vehicle mode, Ultra Magnus is an armored transport truck, a machine with magnificent fighting skills. His enemies, the Decepticons, respect his courage, but most of all, they fear Ultra Magnus's spirit of self-sacrifice. He always thinks first of the welfare of his fellow Autobots and his mission."
―Narrator in the Secret Files of Teletraan II

Ultra Magnus feels he is a soldier and nothing more. He very much prefers taking orders to giving them, and even avoids opportunities for higher responsibility. However, when he is forced into those opportunities, he displays that he is not only a good soldier, but a competent leader and a partner of another leader, Rodimus Prime, as well. He's strong, resolute, dependable, selfless, and courageous. Sadly, Ultra Magnus is the only Autobot leader who doesn't realize this.

Believing he is nothing but a soldier, Ultra Magnus is perfectly willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good if need be. He knows he's more powerful than the average Autobot, and will throw himself at larger threats accordingly. He is respected by both the Autobots and Decepticons, due to his courage and self-sacrifice. There is a special enmity between him and Galvatron for this reason, for Galvatron may be the most deadly foe of all. (Also, Galvatron, given his mental state, probably doesn't approve of people he's had blown up getting back up afterward. This can be seen as a sore point for Magnus, too.)

He is also Optimus Prime's brother, depending on continuities.

Italian name: Convoy
French name (Canada): Ultramag
Chinese name (Taiwan): Mags
Chinese name (Taiwan version of RTM dub): Magnum
Chinese name (China): Tong Tian Xiao (通天曉, "The Man who knows everything", literally "The Dawn that reaches the Heaven")

Ultra Magnus as a Powered Convoy



American cartoon continuity[]

Voice actors: Robert Stack, Jack Angel (English); Show Hayami (Japan)

Serving as commander of Autobot City, Ultra Magnus directed the Autobots' counterattack when the city came under attack from Megatron and the Decepticons in the year 2005. After directing Springer and Arcee to transform the city into battle station mode, he and Blurr alerted the rest of the city’s occupants to the attack, but they were only able to hold the Decepticons off for so long. During the battle, Optimus Prime was mortally wounded, and, on his deathbed, passed the Matrix of Leadership on to Ultra Magnus. Despite his own misgivings, Magnus took possession of Matrix and became the new leader of the Autobots.

Magnus’s leadership did not get off to an easy start, when reports came in from the Autobots stationed on Cybertron’s moons of Unicron, a monster planet that was in the process of consuming them. Magnus quickly arranged for the Autobots to head to Cybertron aboard two shuttles, but as they were preparing to depart, they were attacked by Decepticon forces led by Galvatron, the reformated Megatron. The Autobots fled into space and were pursued by Galvatron’s troops, with Magnus’ shuttle eventually being shot down onto the Planet of Junk. Facing Galvatron solo, Magnus attempted to open the Matrix, but the talisman did not respond, and Magnus was blown to pieces by the Sweeps. Thankfully, Ultra Magnus was soon repaired by the native Junkions after they befriended the Autobots. Magnus joined the other Autobots in the battle with Unicron on Cybertron and helped drive the last of the Decepticons from their home planet. In the course of the final battle with Unicron, the young Autobot Hot Rod opened the Matrix to destroy the planet-eater, becoming Rodimus Prime. Rodimus subsequently took over as Autobot leader from Magnus, and Magnus returned to his much more comfortable role of a soldier, operating as Rodimus' second-in-command, regularly giving advice to the inexperienced new leader and trying to draw him out from under the shadow of Optimus Prime. The Transformers: The Movie

G1 FFODPart5 UltraMagnus punch Dirge

"Death comes to he who cannot deal with me, Magnus."
"Oh, fine, I'll deal with you, Dirge."

When the Quintessons attacked the first Galactic Olympics, Ultra Magnus, Kup and Spike Witwicky were kidnapped and taken to Quintessa, where they were found guilty in one of the Quintessons’ twisted trials. Dropped into the Sharkticon pit, they were quickly rescued by their fellow Autobots, but the whole team was then set adrift in space when the Quintessons blew up their planet in an attempt to destroy the Autobots. They eventually made it back to Cybertron, only for their homeworld itself to come under attack by a united Quintesson-Decepticon alliance. Ultra Magnus held off the attackers long enough for Rodimus and the others to make it to cover, dispatching Ramjet and Dirge before being faced with Galvatron, who took a few shots at him before deciding he had more important things to deal with. When the Quintessons betrayed Galvatron in order to achieve their true goals, he turned on the aliens, and the invasion of Cybertron was repelled. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

In the year 2006, Ultra Magnus, Cyclonus, Wreck-Gar and Marissa Faireborn were abducted by a Quintesson scientist, who intended to perform behavioral studies on them. When the scientist’s ship flew through a black hole into a negative universe, the captives were forced to team up to escape. Magnus and Cyclonus acknowledged their mutual, grudging respect for each other as warriors, but vowed that when they met again, it would be as enemies. The Killing Jar

Further adventures for Magnus in 2006 included planting the bomb that destroyed the planet Paradron. Fight or Flee, Starscream's Ghost, Ghost in the Machine (The Transformers)

This proved true when Magnus had to save Wheelie and Daniel Witwicky from Cyclonus’ clutches after the two youths traveled to the Autobot Records Asteroid in an attempt to discover the date of Magnus’ creation in order to throw him a birthday party. Surprise Party

A brief trip to the sorcerous other-dimensional realm of Menonia. Madman's Paradise, Nightmare Planet

Another clash with Galvatron, who, at the height of his madness, was especially dedicated to Magnus’ destruction Webworld, Carnage in C-Minor, The Big Broadcast of 2006, The Quintesson Journal, The Ultimate Weapon, Dweller in the Depths

And briefly experiencing life as a human when his mind was transferred into a synthoid body. Only Human, Grimlock's New Brain, Call of the Primitives, The Face of the Nijika, The Burden Hardest to Bear, Dark Awakening

When the Hate Plague swept the universe, Ultra Magnus was one of the first infected and was transformed into a raving maniac with a fixation on exterminating Rodimus Prime. Magnus pursued Rodimus through Autobot City but was subdued by Wreck-Gar, only to wind up infecting the Junkion, who in turn infected Rodimus. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

Magnus, and the rest of the universe, were cured of the plague by the resurrected Optimus Prime. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

In 2007, Ultra Magnus helped defend Autobot City from a massive Decepticon assault, which was actually a diversion for the theft of the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Subsequently, Magnus accompanied Optimus Prime on a shuttle to Cybertron. After Prime got the answers he needed from Vector Sigma, he decided to go to Nebulos and left Ultra Magnus in charge of Cybertron. The Rebirth, Part 1

Magnus' tenure didn't go very well, as the selfsame massive Decepticon assault force was attacking the planet. Nonetheless, he and the Protectobots struck at Galvatron, and might well have done him in if Scorponok's reinforcements hadn't arrived. Magnus then ignominiously had his power pack torn out and slowly began to die from lack of Energon. Still, he was able to relay Galvatron's crazed scheme to Optimus Prime and the Autobot Headmasters before blacking out. The Rebirth, Part 2

When Ultra Magnus next awoke, the Golden Age of Cybertron had come anew, and the Decepticons were seemingly defeated once and for all. The Rebirth, Part 3

Japanese cartoon continuity[]

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers manga[]

Ultra Magnus arrived on Earth at some point during the late 20th century, bringing with him a collection of new technological advancements. Magnus came up with the idea of the global underground transport system, the Autobot Road, and was appointed commander of the Autobots’ new Scramble City project to create a new mobile battle fortress. He made his first actual appearance in the middle of a battle to deliver Optimus Prime his freshly-upgraded trailer, now equipped with the “Scramble Power Buster” cannon. After using the weapon on the Decepticons, Prime and Magnus teamed up to defeat them with their “Double Cross Kick” attack. Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers issue 4

Note: The manga specifically notes that Optimus Prime looks upon Ultra Magnus as his "kid brother". Although the manga is a supplement to the TV series, this family-dynamic between the two characters was never used in the cartoon.

Scramble City[]

Voice actor: Banjō Ginga

The Autobots’ Scramble City project continued under Magnus’ direction, concealed within a cavern base. Unfortunately, Decepticon spy Ratbat was able to penetrate the cavern and learn of the project, leading to a battle between combiners from both factions as the Decepticons attempted to destroy the project. During the battle, Scramble City was completed and Magnus ordered it into battle, successfully winning the day. Scramble City


While Optimus Prime was fighting the Decepticons on Cybertron in the early days of the 21st century, Magnus was charged with the protection of the Earth, leading to the construction of the full-fledged Autobot City. After the time-travelling Ravage altered history by shunting the Decepticons out of time, the Autobots were left to face the threat of Unicron alone in 2005. Magnus left Earth to join Prime in battling the chaos-bringer before which he dispatched Skids into the past to restore the timeline.

Kiss Players[]

Note: The events of Kiss Players take place between The Transformers: The Movie and the rest of the American animated series.

When Rodimus Prime defeated Galvatron within Unicron in the year 2005, he hurled the Decepticon leader into space, only for him to wind up crashing into Earth, devastating Tokyo. Consumed by guilt, Rodimus returned the Matrix to Ultra Magnus.

For a year, Transformer/human relations were so badly damaged that Cybertronians were entirely forced off of Earth by the Earth Defense Command, but in 2007, the EDC dropped the anti-electron field shielding the planet, allowing Transformers to return. To try and improve human/Transformer public relations in this time of tentative stability, Ultra Magnus arranged the formation of a singing group made up of members of both species to tour the planet and promote goodwill and mutual understanding. With the help of Blaster as the group's producer, the "Kiss Players" were born.

Magnus continued to serve as Autobot leader until Rodimus reclaimed the Matrix and resumed his post in 2010. Kiss Players

Note: The events of the American animated series occur in Japanese continuity as described above, except they take place in 2010, as opposed to 2006, and "The Rebirth" does not occur. The two manga described below occur concurrently with the events of the series.

The Transformer and Transformer Big War manga[]

Ultra Magnus continued to serve as Autobot City Commander, at one point welcoming a group of school children on a field trip to visit the city. The Transformer issue 3 After the resurrection of Optimus Prime, Magnus continued in his duties on Earth, commanding Metroplex in a battle against Trypticon. Transformer Big War issue 3

The Headmasters cartoon[]

Voice actor: Yoshitada Ōtsuka

Ultra Magnus continued in his role of Autobot City Commander on Earth throughout 2011, quickly establishing himself as a rival to the Decepticons’ Earth-based City Commander, Sixshot. Four Warriors Come Out Of The Sky

Magnus would regularly co-ordinate Autobot operations on the planet, including day-to-day energy gathering, the search for the Matrix. The Mystery of Planet Master, A Dream Is Born, Double Prime, Operation Cassette, Approach of the Demon Meteorite

Investigation of falsified reports of new energy discovery. The Four-Million-Year-Old Veil of Mystery

Countermeasures to deal with a shadowy blackmailer. Terror! The Six Shadows

The eruption of a volcano. The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts

And the attack of a carnivorous plant. Head On!! Fortress Maximus

After the Decepticons had spent a prolonged period of time in space attacking other planets, they returned to Earth with even greater plans for the planet – Galvatron intended to incorporate it into his system, and Sixshot dedicated himself to wiping out the Autobot resistance. Unwilling to burden the already-occupied Autobot commander Fortress Maximus with this news, Ultra Magnus co-ordinated the response on his own, but soon came under direct attack from Sixshot himself. Explosion on Mars!! Maximus Is in Danger

Struggling against the six-changer, he was convinced by the Trainbots to inform Fortress, but before any reinforcements could arrive, Sixshot used his secret seventh “Wingwolf” mode to deliver the killing blow to Ultra Magnus, ending the City Commander’s life. SOS from Planet Sandra, Daniel Faces His Biggest Crisis Ever!!

After the Decepticons were routed, Metroplex requested that, rather than be fired into space, Magnus’ body be buried on the Earth he had loved so much. In accordance with these wishes, Magnus’ body was loaded into a funeral bier and then submerged in a cave on the Japanese coastline. Ultra Magnus Dies!!, Duel on the Asteroid

Generation 2 E-Hobby manga[]

As he had briefly held the Matrix, Ultra Magnus joined the ranks of the other Autobot leaders whose sparks retained their individuality within the Allspark, but he remained restless knowing that he didn’t belong. Using the cosmic awareness that accompanies joining the Matrix to observe the mortal realm, Ultra Magnus learned, by chance, of the threat posed to the galaxy by Galvatron II and his massive Mobile Battle Fortress. Determined to set things right, Magnus contacted Optimus Prime via their shared link to the Matrix and resurrected himself in a similar body using Prime’s Reconfiguration Matrix. Ultra Magnus immediately set out to counter Galvatron II’s invasion and started raising forces of his own. On at least one occasion Ultra Magnus was so thoroughly trounced by Galvatron and his endless puns that he required saving by Optimus Prime in his new Black Body.

In this new form, Ultra Magnus is able to switch between various body types (including his original) at will, similar to Optimus Prime, thanks to his contact with the Reconfiguration Matrix. In addition, he is able to tap into his Laser Core to power his blaster and sword.

War For Cybertron Trilogy[]

Optimus tells Ultra Magnus that their hit-and-run missions aren’t sustainable. Cybertron is in ruins, and he fears that there might not be more energon. However, Optimus believes that they still have a fighting chance, though Ultra Magnus is mainly focused on survival and tells Optimus to accept the treaty, but Optimus will do no such thing. Episode 1

Ultra Magnus goes to Megatron and surrenders. He recalls the battle of Tarn-Hauser Gate, where he saved Megatron’s life. And together, they won that battle. They fought as brothers back then. Ultra Magnus has grown weary of endless war. However, Prime won’t listen to Ultra Magnus. He was hoping the three of them could sit down together. Megatron wants Ultra to order the Autobots to stand down, but he won’t order them to do what they feel is not right. And so, Megatron tells Jetfire to put Ultra Magnus in a cell.

Ultra Magnus overhears Shockwave and Megatron’s plan to find the Allspark and reports it to Optimus. Megatron visits Ultra Magnus in his cell and tells him that he’s lost any chance of peaceful coexistence when he sent that transmission to Prime. However, they did manage to use it to their advantage. They hacked his comm frequency and are planning to kill the Autobots. Later, Megatron demands that Ultra Magnus tell him Optimus’ location. When he refuses, Megatron punches him and orders Shockwave to begin his preparations to reformat the Autobots. Episode 2

Shockwave tortures Ultra Magnus for the location of Autobot Command. Ultra Magnus tells Megatron that Optimus will end this war. With Ultra refusing to give up, Shockwave will have to turn to more unorthodox methods. However, Ultra Magnus steals a blaster from a Decepticon and points it at Megatron, ordering him to turn around. But, Megatron refuses as he knows that Ultra Magnus has too much honor to shoot someone in the back. And so, Jetfire destroys Magnus’ gun and captures him.

Shockwave resumes his torture of Ultra Magnus, who is resilient. He tells Megatron not to make Cybertron suffer and not to become those they rose against. Ultra Magnus gives in and agrees to give them the location of Autobot Command. Episode 3

Megatron takes Ultra Magnus to Tarn-Hauser Gate. More Cybertronias fell at Tarn-Hauser than at any other conflict in history. Alpha Trion sparked a revolution and the Autobots corrupted his message, or so Megatron claims. Ultra Magnus has taken them to Alpha Trion’s memorial, claiming this to be Autobot Command. Megatron asks Jetfire if the Seekers are ready and then asks Barricade if the ground forces are ready. Ultra Magnus opens the door to reveal an empty room. Megatron realizes that he’s been deceived and points his blaster at Ultra, who he kills by shooting a whole in his chest. Jetfire arrives. Suddenly, Ultra Magnus’ eyes light up and the Alpha Trion Protocols release from within him. Episode 4

Ladybird books continuity[]

Ultra Magnus came from Cybertron to take over the leadership of the Autobots after Optimus Prime disappeared. He is opposed by Galvatron as Decepticon leader and this is presented as a prolonged status quo rather than the rather brief version of this scenario presented in the animated continuity. Furthermore Spike Witwicky appears to still be a teenager at this point, making a set date of 2005 unlikely. Galvatron's Air Attack Decepticon Hideout

Ultra Magnus functioning as Prime's successor for some time rather than being immediately replaced by Rodimus Prime is presented in this and other micro-continuities based on the action figure line rather than the film.

Marvel Comics UK continuity[]

Note: Ultra Magnus featured regularly in the Marvel UK books. His only two appearances in the Marvel US books were in the three-part adaptation of The Transformers: The Movie, and the comic adaptation of the TV episode The Big Broadcast of 2006.

It is not generally known that, quite apart from Unicron and Galvatron, Clark Kent also sought the destruction of the Matrix.

The remaining Autobot elders spent years designing Ultra Magnus, a leader to lift the resistance out of a deep darkness. He was finally given life in or shortly before 1986[1] for Operation:Volcano. His role was to act as the crucial back-up needed for the Wreckers to successfully destroy their Decepticon targets and then escape in one piece. A serious complication arose when the Matrix Flame, the sacred and eternal blaze linked directly to the Creation Matrix itself, suddenly extinguished. Fearing that something catastrophic had occurred on Earth to the Matrix and its bearer, Optimus Prime, Emirate Xaaron made the decision to send Ultra Magnus to that planet to investigate, even though Operation Volcano was unstoppably set to begin in ten cycles. Magnus traveled to Earth by way of Space Bridge and found the Ark's crew engaged in a deadly conflict with three new, yet unspeakably powerful, Decepticon warriors just as their leaders Optimus Prime, Prowl, and Ratchet vanished before their optic sensors. Initially concerned only with his investigation of Prime's sudden disappearance, Ultra Magnus ignored the plight of his fellow Autobots until he learned the two situations were linked; Galvatron and his lieutenants were time-travelers from 2006, having employed a mass-substitution mechanism that sent the three Autobots into limbo in order to accommodate their presence at this point in the timeline. This connection was revealed to him by three Autobots from 2006, who had traveled back in time themselves in order to stop Galvatron. They had a plan; they had the means; all they needed was for Ultra Magnus to keep him busy for, hour or two.

Easier said than done.

Magnus' battle with Galvatron carried them out of the isolated wilderness and onto a human freeway system. It ended when Ultra Magnus threw a tanker truck full of fuel into the path of Galvatron's particle cannon. Galvatron walked away from the blast -- Magnus didn't. Still, the future Autobots succeeded in tricking Galvatron into returning to the future with his plan incomplete, and the timeline more-or-less preserved. Unfortunately, Magnus was out of time: Operation Volcano proceeded without him, with disastrous results. Only one Decepticon was taken out, and the Wreckers' leader Impactor was killed protecting Xaaron. Target 2006

Ultra Magnus would not meet his counterpart, Optimus Prime until Prime was inadvertently transported back to Cybertron in battle with Megatron. Hooking up with Lord Straxus at Polyhex, Megatron quickly disseminated false information about a new Decepticon made over to look exactly like Optimus Prime, planning to infiltrate the Autobot forces. Having temporarily assumed control of the Wreckers until their new leader, Springer, was ready for command, Ultra Magnus led them in hunting down the "impostor". This Prime's behavior led Magnus to be suspicious of his information and, after summoning Emirate Xaaron, confirmed his suspicions and welcomed the true Optimus Prime back to Cybertron. Distant Thunder! Prime wasted no time leading Magnus and the others on a series of successful raids and strike missions against Decepticon-controlled territory. When Optimus decided to return home to Earth, however, Ultra Magnus was caught up in the space bridge's energy discharge as well, arriving on Earth but some considerable distance away from where Prime materialized. Having been frustrated ever since Impactor's death, Magnus welcomed the "vacation" this trip to Earth would provide him, and he took his time trying to track down the Ark's location. Resurrection!

For months, Ultra Magnus enjoyed a peaceful life in the American forests and wilderness, alone with his thoughts. A sudden seismic disturbance brought him back to reality, though, and into contact with three human females whose vehicle had been overturned by the tremor. One, in particular, Cindy, took quite a liking to Magnus. As they traveled together to explore a nearby volcano and its connection to the tremors, Magnus was forced back into combat thanks to the arrival of his old sparring partner, the future Decepticon known as Galvatron. Burning Sky! Galvatron had constructed a magma siphon atop the volcano's peak and planned to convert the raw power of a volcanic eruption into enough energy to transform him into a god. Ultra Magnus teamed up with several Autobots from the future, who were trying to bring Galvatron back with them to face justice. Once again, Magnus was used as a "distraction" (read: living punching bag) while the future Autobots set up their plan to override Galvatron's time-jump mechanism and send them all back where they came from. Despite Ultra Magnus successfully getting the slag beat out of him, the override proved unsuccessful, sending only the Autobots back to 2007 and leaving Magnus virtually alone to deal with the fighting-mad Galvatron. Fire on High! Barely managing to rally his courage, Ultra Magnus threw himself into combat with Galvatron one more time, keeping him busy until the volcano exploded, destroying the power siphon and encasing both warriors in molten lava. Vicious Circle!

Several months later, Ultra Magnus was dug out of the volcano by the Sparkler Mini-Bots. They had been sent to Earth by Springer to monitor the volcano in case Galvatron ever got free. When Galvatron DID free himself several days earlier, though, they found themselves hopelessly outmatched and hoped Magnus would have better luck. Sadly, the severe beatings Galvatron had routinely handed out to Ultra Magnus, combined with the final excruciating submergence in molten lava, had nearly unhinged the Autobot's mind, leaving him with a pathological fear of his tormentor. Confronted with Galvatron, Magnus would probably have gone fetal if that pose had any meaning for his people. As the Sparklers heroically tried to stand up to Galvatron anyway, Ultra Magnus saw his rescuers in grave danger and finally managed to push his fear aside and reclaim enough confidence to batter the Decepticon into a temporary retreat. Salvage!

Having renewed his fighting spirit, Ultra Magnus arranged to return to Cybertron with his companions in order to report on Galvatron's activities and hopefully gather the Wreckers for a counter-offensive. Instead, they found the Autobot base in Kalis full of battle signs, and the entire surrounding city-state a virtual "ghost-town". City of Fear! After confronting a legion of robot zombies, the Autobots eventually learned that a crazed scientist named Flame was trying to re-engineer the entire planet as a giant spacecraft, setting off an unstable fusion reactor beneath the planet's surface as a power source. With the help of the Wreckers and the Decepticons Flywheels and Trypticon, Ultra Magnus and his team managed to put an end to Flame's maniacal scheme. Meltdown!

Ultra Magnus and the Wreckers then began preparations to return to Earth and confront the threat of Galvatron, finally, once and for all, and then...*poof*. The Wreckers went to Earth alone, and Ultra Magnus was never seen nor heard from again. Deadly Games!

Note: Simon Furman did have a rematch planned for Magnus and Galvatron, "but the imminent change to black & white 5-page stories meant that Time Wars pretty much had to wrap up everything, (and with two Primes in the mix, Ultra Magnus kind of got sidelined)". [2]

Marvel UK future timelines[]

In 2003, Ultra Magnus began plans for the construction of Autobot City on Earth, a transforming fortress that would better defend the Autobot secrets than the old Ark. In order to accomplish the construction, Magnus made agreements with the various Earth governments to acquire materials for the building and fortification of the city. To collect these materials, he assembled a massive convoy of Autobots to ride out to all corners of the world and acquire the necessary parts. In order to secure the secrecy of the city's plans, he had Blurr secretly transmit the necessary data to the Earth governments on a hyper-speeded signal, while Kup carried a dummy disk on a decoy mission. The Stunticons attacked Kup and stole the disk, thereby fooling the Decepticons into thinking they had access to the true specifications. Ark Duty A year later, Autobot City opened its doors and invited a delegation of human visitors to the ceremony. Despite a brief attack by Shockwave and the Decepticons, the opening went rather smoothly, and Autobot City became the new base of operations on Earth. Aspects of Evil!

After the destruction of Unicron in 2006, Ultra Magnus became a top advisor to the Autobots' new commander, Rodimus Prime. As the war for territory on Cybertron continued, Magnus was seen leading Jazz, Bumblebee and Cliffjumper as a fighting unit during a Decepticon airstrike. Wanted - Galvatron Dead or Alive In 2008, he fought alongside the Autobots when a major Decepticon counter-offensive was initiated by Scourge and Cyclonus in the name of their master, Unicron. He and Kup continued to spearhead the Autobot battle effort on Cybertron when Rodimus Prime traveled to the planet of Junk to confront Unicron, and the Decepticons were ultimately driven off. The Legacy of Unicron! Sometime later, Eject relayed a distress signal to Ultra Magnus at Autobase, requesting aid at certain coordinates against an alien attack. With Autobot City: Earth off-line and Rodimus out with a sizeable portion of their troops to check on it, Magnus was reluctant to jump into such a potential trap. Still, his better nature ultimately won out, and Ultra Magnus led an Autobot troop assortment out to answer the call. Surprisingly, he found Soundwave and the Decepticons under heavy fire from the Quintessons, and ended up fighting side-by-side with his arch-rival for the good of the entire planet. Despite some signs of wavering by Soundwave, the peace ultimately didn't last, though, and the war would continue. Space Pirates!

In 2009, the long-running loose-end of Galvatron being active in the past came back to haunt the Autobots, as a time storm began raging at both 1989 and 2009, threatening all of existence. To deal with the problem, Ultra Magnus accompanied Rodimus Prime and several other Autobots back to 1989 to retrieve way or another. Their mass-displacement caused confusion upon arrival, though, and led to a brief battle with their own 1989 Autobot counterparts. Ultra Magnus managed to fight off both Slag and Sludge of the Dinobots before he found someone willing to listen - Goldbug 1989, who had seen the mass-displacement effect before. Some late-coming Decepticons attempted to silence Goldbug before he could bring peace to the Autobot factions, but in the end the sight of Ultra Magnus carrying Goldbug's wounded body made an even MORE poignant appeal for peace. This ultimately led to an alliance between all four factions involved: the 1989 and 2009 Autobot and Decepticon factions. They were going to need it, as Galvatron had joined forces with his own "past self", Megatron. During the battle, Ultra Magnus traded fire with both Megatron and Galvatron, but Galvatron then used the oh-so-tenuous alliance against Magnus by tricking him into firing on Scorponok, leader of the 1989 Decepticons. Scorponok's henchmen (Mindwipe, Snapdragon and Triggerhappy) quickly forgot the alliance after seeing that, and tore into Ultra Magnus without any regards for the more serious consequences at stake. The damage Magnus suffered from their attack was severe and, after the battle was over and the time storm abated, his deactivated body was seen being carried by his future Autobot comrades. Magnus's final fate is unknown. Time Wars

In an alternate future of 2510, the Decepticons were at last defeated, and Rodimus Prime planned to step down as Autobot leader. He announced Springer as his replacement, but an Autobot named Triton jumped in to contradict the decision, saying that Ultra Magnus was a much better choice to lead the Autobots in times of peace, not to mention the fact that he had already been chosen to carry the Matrix once before. Springer's combat unit, the Wreckers, didn't take kindly to Triton's comments, but then the Technobots jumped to the defense of Ultra Magnus and, as one thing led to another, shots were fired and fighting broke out among the Autobots. As the first bodies hit the floor, it became clear that a new war was beginning, and none of the Autobots were the wiser that Triton (the instigator of it all and one of the first casualties) had actually been a Decepticon deep-cover agent in disguise. Peace

Fun Publications Classics Comic[]

File:Classics Ultra Magnus Springer Grimlock comic.jpg

God, you can't get away from the perverts anywhere can you?

Ultra Magnus commanded the crew of the Graviton, coming to Earth on the hunt for Bug Bite, one of Bludgeon's soldiers. Tracking the treacherous mechanoid, they assaulted the Ark, which Megatron was using as a base, and basically did nothing but show up in time to see Megatron take care of their quarry for them. The crew then left for space again, this time with Grimlock along for the ride. Games of Deception

Grimlock likes to call him "Little Prime". How professionally embarrassing. (Unfortunately, Ultra Little Magnus can't deal with Grimlock right now, so ha.)

Blackthorne Transformers In 3-D continuity[]

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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PD Type mini-comics[]

At one point, the Blackball was left in the safekeeping of Ultra Magnus. Galvatron, catching Magnus by surprise, managed to blow him up with a powerful energy blast from his fusion cannon. Recovering the Blackball, Galvatron began to gloat about his victory. That's when Magnus' body hurled his head at Galvatron like a bowling ball, causing the Emperor of Destruction to fall over like a set of pins and drop the Blackball. That's using your head, Magnus! *sigh*

Dreamwave comics continuity[]


And then Takara saw this and were all like, "Oh, crap, that's right, we can do redecoes, can't we?"

After Prime and Megatron disappeared during the first space bridge incident The Dark Ages, Part 1, Ultra Magnus retreated from prominence in the Autobot army. However, he was eventually able to overcome his own fear and take a role of leadership. Together with Grimlock, he was on the verge of ending the war when Megatron arrived and enslaved the planet with the Aerospace Extermination Squadron. Magnus was put to work in a slave mine. The War Within: The Age of Wrath

Years later, Ultra Magnus and Shockwave worked together to replenish their armies in the Little Iacon incident. Many of the Micromasters created resented Ultra Magnus and Shockwave for bringing them into their war. Micromasters (comic)

After the Great Shutdown, Ultra Magnus was reactivated and took the role of security officer under Shockwave's rule, even if he was dissatisfied working under a leader who clearly held his own agenda. After many, many delays, Ultra Magnus confronted Shockwave about the mastermind's plans - but Magnus was silenced by gunfire. He survived by discarding his armor. War, and Peace

After Shockwave had been removed from power, Ultra Magnus was content to oversee operations on Cybertron while Prime spent ten issues getting repaired.

IDW comics continuity[]

This section covers fiction that is ongoing. It will be added to as the story progresses. If it isn't current, you can help by updating it.

Just before the war, Ultra Magnus (in Cybertronian cab robot mode) attended the funeral of Bumper and Fastback. Standing with him were Elita One, Alpha Trion, and a pre-Matrix version of Optimus Prime (who looks identical to Magnus other than being red and blue). Megatron Origin issue 3

Countless years later, in the present day, although still a soldier, Magnus was an agent of the Tyrest Accord. Although never detailed, this Accord seems to be part of a greater Code of Interplanetary Conflict, some form of a treaty between Autobots, Decepticons, and other alien races. As an enforcer of the Accord, Magnus hunts down any Transformers, Autobots, and Decepticons alike, who illegally sell or distribute Cybertronian technology, handing them over to their superiors for prosecution.

One such violation saw Magnus pursue the Autobot Arcee, who seemed to be pursuing a paranoid vendetta against Jhiaxus, the scientist who allegedly transformed her into her current state against her will. When he caught up with Arcee, it took a combination of holographic trickery and shock grenades to put her down. Magnus shipped her off to Fortress Maximus's care at the Garrus-9 penitentiary. Spotlight: Arcee

On another mission, Ultra Magnus tracked the Decepticon Swindle to the planet Zull. After arresting the criminal, Magnus reluctantly released Swindle in exchange for the current whereabouts of an even greater offender: Scorponok. Magnus had a personal grudge against Scorponok, who was the Autobot's polar opposite; while Magnus sets great stock in rules, Scorponok flouts them. Magnus followed Swindle's lead to the planet Nebulos, but although he disrupted Scorponok's operations, the Decepticon was able to escape. Spotlight: Ultra Magnus

Later on, Magnus arrested Swindle for yet another violation, and once again, Swindle offered a deal, leaving Magnus to wonder whether it's necessary to break the rules to catch those who've been caught breaking them. Escalation issue 1 Exactly what Magnus did with Swindle is unclear, but he soon made another report to Optimus Prime, claiming to have picked up a new "lead" on Scorponok, suggesting that yet another deal had been made with Swindle. Spotlight: Optimus Prime

After the break-in on Garrus-9, Magnus told Optimus Prime that he was heading there to follow up on the escaped prisoners, but received a distress call from Hound and changes course to assist their crew. Magnus arrived in time to help drive off Cyclonus and together, they tracked him to Corata-Vaz. After Cyclonus activated the Nega-Core, he hesitated to activate the guardian, Thunderwing, due to the destruction he caused Cybertron. Cyclonus walked out of the cave and was surprised by Hound's crew and Magnus. After a skirmish, Cyclonus was brought down by Warpath and Magnus held a gun to his head. As a last resort, Cyclonus detached his hand, which rocketed to the cave and activated Thunderwing. Using the distraction, Cyclonus escaped but Magnus sent another tracker after him. Spotlight: Cyclonus


Generation One[]

  • Ultra Magnus (1986, 2000, 2002)
    • Japanese ID number: C-69
    • Accessories: Large robot head, Rifle, chest plate, 2 trailer connectors/waist plates, 2 small robot fists (left & right), 2 large robot fists (left & right), 2 missile launchers, 4 missiles

Honkimus Prime.

Ultra Magnus is a redeco of the Diaclone Powered Convoy toy, which itself was a redecoed Battle Convoy (or pre-TF Optimus Prime) with a new trailer that combined with the cab robot to form a super robot. Whereas the original Japanese use as an upgrade to Optimus, Hasbro released him as a separate character and both the comic and the cartoon ignored the cab robot in favor of the super robot.
Ultra Magnus has the same vehicle form of Optimus Prime.
Ultra Magnus transforms into a white Powered Convoy, which is similar to a Freightliner COE, with a blue and red car-carrier trailer. He comes with a rifle that has two pegs that will fit into either the fist of the cab robot or fist of the super robot, and he also comes with two missile launchers that can plug into either the front of the trailer or the shoulders of the super robot. Additional accessories include the cab robot's fists, the super robot's fists, the super robot head, the super robot chest plate, and two crotch plates/trailer hitches.
The original American toy was released in at least two versions -- one with rubber tires and paint on both heads, and a second with plastic tires and no paint on either head.
Ultra Magnus was first reissued in Japan in 2000 with little to no changes. Two years later, Ultra Magnus has reissued as a Toys "R" Us exclusive in the United States in the first wave of the Commemorative Series; the American reissue's missiles were elongated and both smokestacks were shortened to pass modern safety laws. Both reissues had rubber tires and facial paint.
  • Ultra Magnus (Gokin) (1985)
    • Japanese ID number: C-69
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster, fists, cardboard trailer
Gokin Ultra Magnus is a redeco of the Gokin Convoy toy. He featured a very similar transformation sequence but had no clear windows nor rubber tires. He was intended as a low-cost alternative for younger children.
He did not have a plastic trailer included but did have a cardboard trailer that the owner was supposed to construct themselves. The trailer cannot become a larger robot armor.
  • Ultra Magnus Movie Preview version (2001)
    • Japanese ID number: C-69
    • Accessories: Large robot head, Rifle, chest plate, trailer connector/waist plate, 2 small robot fists (left & right), 2 missile launchers, 4 missiles
G1 UltraMagnusPreviewVersion toy

Blue Honkimus Prime

In the early stages of the development of the 1986 animated movie, several promotional clips for the movie were produced, including one depicting Ultra Magnus in the original Diaclone Powered Convoy color scheme. The Movie Preview toy was released in 2001 based on that brief (and premature) appearance, featuring a blue-colored cab. As he is just a redeco in the colors of Powered Convoy, he does not come with a Diaclone pilot or his assistant, Minimus Ambus.
Movie Preview Ultra Magnus was available exclusively at Toy Festival 2001 in Japan, limited to 1,500 pieces.
  • Ultra Magnus Matrix Glow version (2001)
    • Japanese ID number: C-69
    • Accessories: Large robot head, Rifle, chest plate, trailer connector/waist plate, 2 small robot fists (left & right), 2 missile launchers, 4 missiles
With a yellow cab and a clear yellow trailer, Matrix Glow Ultra Magnus or Shining Magnus is intended to recall the moment in the animated movie, just before Optimus Prime dies, when the Matrix is passed to Ultra Magnus and he is bathed in its Matrixey yellow light. It was also released in 2001.
This version is sometimes known as 'Shining Magnus' amongst collectors. A less favorable nickname among fans is "Urine Magnus", or slightly less-polite variations of the same.
Ultra Magnus Matrix Glow version was available exclusively at the 20th Century Toy Museum toy show at the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Yokohama Kanagwa, limited to 800 pieces.

Generation 2[]

  • Laser Ultra Magnus (2006)
    • Japanese ID number: TRF-13-S
    • Accessories: Gun, sword, 5 discs, ripple missile launcher, 10 missiles, 1 foam missile, foam missile launcher air bellows

Probably the only Magnus repaint of Prime we'll ever get who isn't just white.

An e-Hobby exclusive, Generation 2 Laser Ultra Magnus is a redeco of Laser Optimus Prime, transforming into a mid-1990s Western Star 4964EX extended-hood truck pulling a blue and white tanker trailer. He was packaged in the reissue Laser Optimus Prime's box, along with Prime's instructions, bio card, and sticker sheet. Yes, the stickers that have "Optimus Prime" written on them.
In robot mode, the bottom of the truck became his familiar windowed chest based upon the original Optimus Prime toy (and the original Ultra Magnus' cab). His main gimmick was light-up LED headlights, and a lightpipe in the bottom of his right fist, illuminated by an LED in his right forearm, that would illuminate his clear sword or his double-barreled rifle if they were used in that hand. All three LEDs were activated simultaneously by pressing the sunroof-like depression on the roof of the truck.
The trailer unfolds to form a battle station bristling with many firing weapons. Primarily, it can fire an air-powered missile launcher, a ripple rocket launcher with 5 missiles that can be launched individually (this turret can also be mounted in Laser Magnus' hand) and a 'disc launcher', that fired several white plastic discs. This disc launcher is the only weapon that can be used in vehicle mode.
This release uses the toolings that were modified for the Robots in Disguise Scourge toy, and thus has smooth discs and a less pointy sword.


  • Ultra Magnus (2004)
    • Japanese ID number: MP-2
    • Accessories: Rifle, Megatron gun with a removable silencer, scope and stock, Matrix of Leadership, Energon axe
Masterpiece UltraMagnus toy

Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!

Masterpiece Ultra Magnus is a white redeco of Masterpiece Convoy (Optimus Prime) with all the same accessories, though some have been redecoed. Additionally, his box can be refolded into his classic trailer configuration but doesn't hold up since it's, well, cardboard. He retains the Matrix, which he can indeed open. Dammit, open.
As a Takara product, Masterpiece Ultra Magnus was never released in the US but was eventually released by Hasbro Australia in 2005 for their market as a Target-exclusive, retaining his Japanese packaging, with simple stickers stating a recommended age of 8+, as well as presenting Hasbro Australia's details and explaining what the product was.
  • Ultra Magnus (2014)
    • Japanese ID number: MP-22
    • Accessories:
10 years after the white repaint of MP-1, Magnus finally gets his own mold with the release of MP-22.
Set for release late 2014, Magnus is one of the largest Masterpiece figures too date. Standing at least 3 inches taller than MP-10. In-car carrier mode he is able to carry the new MP-23 Bumblebee.

Kup piece
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  • Ultra Magnus vs Skywarp: Battle For Autobot City (Multi-pack, 2007)
    • Accessories: (Ultra Magnus) Smokestack/laser cannons, Wind vane/blaster, (Skywarp) 2 missile launchers, 2 missiles
ClassicsUltraMagnus toy

Arctic Camo Prime!

A redeco of the Voyager class Optimus Prime, this release is part of the Target exclusive Battle for Autobot City set with Skywarp. The final production toy has several major paint application differences compared to the toy depicted on the packaging, including the loss of all light blue paint (including his faceplate and crest, both replaced with silver, darker blue on his thighs. Also, his red eyes are replaced with the light piping color (blue). Additionally, it seems the smokestacks/double-barreled gun was originally going to be cast or painted white instead of the final version's black.
Like Optimus Prime, the toy's gimmicks are in his weapons - his smokestacks fold together to become a double-barreled gun, and his aero fairing splits and unfolds to become a large shotgun-like blaster. The two weapons also combine into a double-barreled shoulder cannon.
The mold was also used to make "Shattered Glass" Optimus Prime and Universe Nemesis Prime.

Titanium Series[]

  • Ultra Magnus (6-inch Cybertron Heroes, 2007)
    • Accessories: Laser rifle, display stand, 2 rocket launchers
Titanium Cybertron Heroes Ultra Magnus is an all-new sculpt constructed mostly of die-cast metal. For the first time, Ultra Magnus' cab and trailer are one piece, rather than a partsformer like the Generation One toy version, although the cab is only held on by a peg, and can be detached resulting in a small superdeformed cab. He transforms very similarly to the original toy, but the aforementioned truck cab now folds down into his back rather than detaching and reconnecting, with his head flipping out of the back of the cab. His trident/plane chest-piece thingy hinges upright to reveal a socket for the Matrix, allowing you to recreate the scene at Prime's deathbed in The Movie - except that it's too shallow to actually accommodate even the smallest official Matrix toy produced to date. An unfortunately lame execution of a cool idea.
TitaniumHero UltraMagnus

Oh, that's right, this Ultra Magnus guy had a trailer or something, didn't he?

Unfortunately, due to the robot model-oriented design of this figure, as well as size limitations, the rear ramp is now solely part of his legs as detail and cannot fold down, nor is there clearance space for any other vehicles to be transported. Like most, if not all 6-inch Titaniums, his joints are very floppy. His left shoulder contains one of the loosest (if not the loosest) ball joints on a Transformers figure ever.

Ultra Magnus is armed with a gray laser rifle and two shoulder-mounted non-firing rocket launchers which have seemingly been flipped horizontally in the production process causing their tops to face down when attached in robot mode. Alternatively, it may be that it is actually the assembly of the arms rather than the molding of the launchers that is incorrect. Although the packaging photography and the presence of Autobot-sigil tampographs on his shoulders would seem to indicate correct assembly (or, at least, that the mistake happened quite early, before the final deco design), the instructions' illustrations show the figure with his shoulder pieces reversed, as distinguished by the molding detail that faces backward on the final figure being drawn as forward-facing, and the fact that in this position the rocket launchers can indeed attach correct-side up. This can be easily corrected by swapping out the extremely loose ball-jointed arms and then unscrewing and swapping the forearms. Although whether this configuration is "correct" is debatable, an early-introduced assembly error seems arguably more likely than a molding mistake producing mirror-image parts.

  • (War Within) Ultra Magnus (6-inch Cybertron Heroes, 2007)
    • Accessories: Laser rifle, display stand
A redeco of the 6-inch War Within Optimus Prime. In white!


  • Series No. 019fs Ultra Magnus (2007)

Ultra Magnus is, unsurprisingly, a redeco of a simultaneously-released Optimus Prime/Convoy figure. A non-transforming but highly articulated action figure, Revoltech Ultra Magnus uses the Revoltech "revolver joints" for maximum poseability. His sculpting is explicitly in the style of Pat "serfdom" Lee's interpretation of Prime.

Magnus comes with a photon rifle accessory, as well as a few alternate hands. A unique extra "hand" is a single molded piece of Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime's hands clasped together diagonally so that when attached to both Prime and Magnus' respective wrists one can create a scene of the two Autobot leaders shakin' like homies. Additionally, although Magnus comes preassembled with the standard black revolver joints that Prime has, his packaging includes a sheet of replacement white joints one can use to customize Magnus with less obtrusive matching white joints (although not enough joints of the right style are included to swap out all black joints to optimal effect).


Super Collection Figure[]

  • Ultra Magnus (Super Collection Figure, 2002)
  • Ultra Magnus (Super Collection Figure, 2003)
"Movie preview" redeco of the Ultra Magnus PVC, based on the original toy's Diaclone color scheme as seen in early trailers for the 1986 movie.

Heroes of Cybertron[]

  • Ultra Magnus (Heroes of Cybertron, 2003)

Hard Hero Bust[]

  • Ultra Magnus (Hard Hero bust, 2004)

He can't deal with his lack of legs right now...

The cold-cast porcelain bust of Ultra Magnus was the 13th in Hard Hero's series of Transformers busts. It was designed from line art by Dan Khanna.

Robot Heroes[]

  • Ultra Magnus and Megatron (Robot Heroes PVC, 2007)
This is a small, non-transforming SD figurine with limited articulation from the "Robot Heroes" line, in a two-pack with G1 Megatron. He may be the sassiest bitch on Cybertron.

He can't deal with his adorability right now!

Studio Series 86 Movie[]

Ultra Magnus Commander Class[]

  • Transformers-Studio-Series-Commander-TF-The-Movie-86-21-Ultra-Magnus-1

    86 Movie


  • It has been speculated by some fans that, in the animated continuity, Ultra Magnus may have been created from Orion Pax's friend Dion, the same way and at the same time Prime and Elita One were rebuilt by Alpha Trion.
For further elaboration, see Who is Dion?.
  • Ultra Magnus is Optimus Prime's brother in the Dreamwave continuity, and possibly also in IDW continuity.

"Do you guys think my hair would look better in blue?"

  • In early promotional trailers/test footage for The Transformers: The Movie, Ultra Magnus can be seen in alternate Autobot City sequences in his toy's original Diaclone color scheme, indicating the final coloration may have been a late change to the toy. This footage has appeared in various Transformers DVDs over the years.
  • On that note, The Diaclone toy that would become Magnus --called "Powered Convoy"-- came in a couple of different varieties. Aside from the version that was eventually turned into "Movie Preview" Magnus, there was a "Mekki" (meaning "chrome") version that used a lighter gray outer plastic and chromed the central body/lower ramps of the trailer unit. This Mekki version was also available in a multi-pack with a red version of the toy that would become Mirage, and the toy that would (20-ish years later) become Deep Cover.
  • The chest-plate for the large Magnus robot was originally a mini-jet for a single Diaclone pilot. The raised rectangle in the center is actually a mounting point for the large robot head, using the hole in the crest, which forms a booster engine and blasters for the craft. Because of this, the Diaclone version had wheels on its underside that were removed from the Transformers release.
  • All versions of the Diaclone Powered Convoy toy came with a red "Powered Buggy" partner-robot that transformed from a futuristic buggy (with space for a Diaclone pilot) to robot, which could also use the large rifle in either mode. Why this was excised from the Transformers incarnation is unknown. The Italian Trasformer (sic) line by GiG, however, did release the vehicle as to the "Super Buggy" on its own.
  • The "Sport Label" subline from Takara features a Convoy (Optimus Prime) that transforms into a Nike sneaker. A redeco of this mold was done in white and aqua, giving it a very obvious Ultra Magnus vibe... but was marked as Convoy again. So, officially...
(As an odd postscript to this tale of footwear-induced madness, although the promo pictures all showed the shoe former as a white and navy blue sneaker that transforms into a white and aqua blue robot, the product actually released sported [geddit?] much darker colors for all the robot-mode parts, with a deep teal instead of aqua, and almost all the white replaced by an icky tan-cum-cream-cum-grey color, including the head. Basically, the figure looks like the promo picture viewed through really dark sunglasses. Although this certainly doesn't make it look any more like Prime, you might argue that it looks a little less like Magnus. Sorta. Maybe. Not really.)
  • Also in 2007, Takara's boutique "Music Label" line featured an all-white redeco of Optimus Prime featuring a new, ball-jointed head sculpt (miniaturization of the Masterpiece toy's) and pulling an all-new trailer that "transforms" (charitably) into a working iPod dock. However, much as you might think that this all-white Prime is obviously intended to be yet another white-redeco Magnus... iPod Convoy is officially Optimus Prime, not Ultra Magnus. That makes it twice in one year that Takara has released a white Prime that is actually Optimus rather than Magnus. Dissed, Magnus. Dissed.

He can't deal with you now!

  • In the Beast Era future, the Predacon Killer Punch (a bit of a paranoid conspiracy nut) believes that Ultra Magnus was secretly a Decepticon agent. This is, shall we say... unlikely.
  • In Transformers Headmasters the name of the episode that the death of Ultra Magnus occurs is; and we kid you not, "Ultra Magnus Dies!". Way to get creative Japan.
  • Hilariously, in an early draft of The Transformers: The Movie, Magnus at one point says, "I can deal with that!".
  • Ultra Magnus can't deal with that now.


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