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Ultra Magnus is an Autobot of unknown origin within the Universe war.

Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus was a promising young Autobot, but then his best friend Treadshot joined the Decepticons. Since that day, Magnus has been consumed with hunting down his former friend and beating six kinds of hell out of him, even to the point of disobeying direct orders.

His Mini-Con partner is Over-Run (or possibly an alternate-universe incarnation thereof); lord knows how he views the whole affair.



  • Ultra Magnus with Over-Run vs. Treadshot with Nightbeat (Battle in a Box, 2004)

Ultra Magnus

A redeco of the Super-Con (aka Deluxe) version of Armada (toyline) Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus transforms into a long-nosed tractor-trailer cab of made-up model. Attaching a Mini-Con to the Powerlinx plug on his back activates a double-fisted "punching" gimmick. His smokestacks can be removed from his forearms, but don't really do anything if you do so, so why bother?

Magnus was available only in a Universe "Battle in a Box" set with his Mini-Con partner Over-Run, and the Decepticon-allied pairing of Treadshot and his Mini-Con partner Nightbeat. The set was available only at "market six" stores like Kohl's, at the same time as the Smokescreen/Ransack set.

This mold was also used to make Armada Nemesis Prime.


  • All known samples of Ultra Magnus have his forearms mis-assembled; they were put on the wrong arms, so he does not have the full range of motion in his elbows. While it is possible to correct this, that the forearms are lightly glued together makes this fix daunting.

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