The Uberhogs are a group of humans from the Generation One continuity family.

The Uberhogs are a United States Air Force squadron of A-10 Thunderbolt pilots.


Dreamwave comics continuity

"The Keepers Trilogy"

The Uberhogs squadron was assigned to intercept the Autobots in the Nevada desert and delay them while Gen. Ben Fellows's tank battalion got into position.

They failed pretty spectacularly. Bumblebee threw rocks at them and knocked them out of the sky.

The Uberhogs squadron name lacks the Umlaut required for correct German pronunciation. Ignorant Americans. The squadron name comes from the A-10 Thunderbolt's nickname, the Warthog.

Squad members

Vic Mellors

Uberhog One - Lieutenant Vic Mellors

Vic Mellors is a rookie to actual combat. He was too young for the first Gulf War, and had just started training when the 2nd happened. His first combat experience was being assigned to delay the Autobots approaching Las Vegas so General Fellows could get his tank squadron into position.

Mellors is forced to eject after Bumblebee knocks his rear stabilizer off with a flung rock. His is the first plane downed, and he witnesses the loss of his entire squadron, including the near-disaster with Lieutenant Debussy.

Vern Fox

Uberhog Two - Lieutenant Vern Fox.

Vern Fox calls for evasive action before the tail section is knocked off his plane. He hits his head against the canopy in the resulting spin and is knocked unconscious.

Bumblebee knocks off his canopy and managed to trigger the ejection mechanism before the plane crashes, a very delicate maneuver. Fox was the third Uberhog downed.

Antoine Debussy

Uberhog Three - Lieutenant Antoine Debussy

The second Uberhog knocked out is Antoine Debussy, who lost a wing. Antoine has a New Orleans Accent.

Dave Langer

Uberhog Four - Lieutenant Dave Langer

Dave has a thick Brooklyn accent. The final pilot downed.

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