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Tyrannicon was a Sharkticon General loyal to the Quintessons who was stationed on Aquatron in preparation for the invasion of Cybertron. Unlike most of the Sharkticons, he was not a brainwashed Cybertronian but rather a Transformer created by the Quintessons themselves.


Transformers: Retribution

Tyrannicon was kept in Stasis by the Quintessons on Aquatron for an undisclosed amount of time, but awakened after the Ark and the Nemesis arrived in orbit. His forces apprehended the landing parties under Optimus Prime and Megatron, but he soon left the Aquatron forces under the command of Commander Gnaw while he departed for Cybertron via a Space Bridge. Tyrannicon engaged several natives in battle, facing both Omega Supreme and the Constructicons-the latter both in their individual forms and as Devastator. He even penetrated the Hall of Records in Iacon, but was then forced to deal with a most unexpected development: his underlings all went mad and began attacking everything and everyone in sight.

Returning to Aquatron, Tyrannicon found that Megaton had gained control over the Sharkticons via a replica of the Matrix of Leadership. He challenged Megatron to a battle and defeated him, claiming the Matrix replica for himself. After gaining enhanced power, he also killed Inquirata before setting his sights on Optimus Prime. However, he met his end when he was found by the searching tentacles of the Hydratron.

Background Information

  • Tyrannicon is a completely new character created solely for Transformers: Retribution; he has not appeared in any previous Transformers media.
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