Two Plus Two Equals More is a Transformers: Robots in Disguise short.


The Autobot and Decepticon Mini-Cons form a temporary truce.


Slipstream and Jetstorm squabble with Airazor and Divebomb over their cover from the Cyclones' attacks. Before things get too out of hand, Jetstorm puts an end to the petty fight, insisting they need to work together to defeat their mutual enemies. In a coordinated efforts, The Autobot and Decepticon Mini-Cons manage to defeat the unaligned ones, though they stop short of celebrating together. Slipstream and Jetstorm inform Airazor and Divebomb that they are required to arrest them, but the Decepticons weasel their way out of the situation by invoking the Earth tradition of "Not it!" Acquiescing that they can only carry two Mini-Cons to their base anyways, the Autobots head back with Backtrack and Ransack in hand. Upon their return, they are met with an uncharacteristic "welcome back" hug from Drift. Though their teacher regains his composure quickly, he confides that he is glad they returned from their mission unharmed. Airazor and Divebomb also return to their boss's side. Humiliated over being knocked out, Fracture insists the adventure "never happened."






  • This short was originally released on Hasbro's Transformers website.
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