Twirl is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

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Twirl is the youngest and least serious member of the Sonic Assault Team. To many, she is a flighty, featherbrained ditz who is more interested in dancing and interior design than anything else. They are so right. To those who can understand Mini-Con speak, she has a chirpy, airheaded manner.

Despite this, she is a valued member of the Team, even though Falcia constantly cuts her down verbally. Twirl takes it all in stride, as she knows deep down Falcia cares about her. She's also formed a bond with the Autobot Ravenus. Her weapon mode is incredibly powerful; it's possible the main reason she's on the team is simply so she doesn't fall into Decepticon hands.

Falcia is not Twirl's mother, no matter what Twirl thinks. Both Falcia and Redline flatly and vehemently deny any claim of parentage. Falcia gets rather violent at the suggestion.

"Anything you want done? Dancing's my specialty, y'know! Or hey, I could, y'know, redecorate the ship? It's kinda blah, right?"
―Twirl[["Linkage Part 7"| [src]]]


Micron Legends: Linkage Mini-Comics

Twirl's Mini-Con storage panel was one of several held within Redline's internal compartment for safekeeping when the Exodus went down. When Falcia reactivated on Earth and found Servo, she followed him to the Super Stunt Team's new base and forcibly removed Twirl's panel from Redline. When she left to rejoin her teammate Combusta, she was attacked by the Speed Chaser Team in Magnawing mode, and Twirl's panel was damaged. Linkage Part 6


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Twirl would have died there, but the Mini-Cons developed a plan to save her. They quickly put together a machine that would take energy from the spark frames of Redline and Falcia to create a new body for Twirl while the two sent their consciousnesses into the Linkage to retrieve Twirl's mind before it could diffuse and be lost forever. The plan was a success, and Twirl returned to full functionality. Linkage Part 7

She and Falcia accompanied Servo to the Autobots' base hidden in the mountains near the Cosmo Scope Research Center in Colorado, so he could tell the Mini-Cons who were under Autobot protection of their plans. Falcia threatened to flatten her after she made another remark about "family" when Falcia decided to stick with Redline for the time being rather than join the Autobots, as was her original plan. Linkage Part 8

Twirl and the other Mini-Cons set up machinery on one of the Hawaiian islands so Redline and Falcia could retrieve the Master Key and upgrade all Mini-Cons, freeing them from their servility programs and power-locks. The Speed Chaser team and Aqua Raider Team attacked to stop them, bringing with them the mutated Bulk Ravenus. Linkage Part 9 Twirl was incapable of resisting Ravenus' enhanced Powerlinx command and linked with the monster against her will. Linkage Part 10 During the link, she discovered Ravenus' true nature as an Autobot and begged the other Mini-Cons to spare his life after she was released from him by Kingbolt. Linkage Part 11



After undergoing the Master Key upgrade herself, Twirl went to Cybertron with all of the other Mini-Cons to fight their creator, Unicron. In particular, she fought alongside Ravenus, who joined the fight wanting to make up for the wrong he did in his addicted, mutated form. One year after the battle, she returned to Earth and helped form an independent Mini-Con city. Linkage Part 13



  • Twirl (Mini-Con, 2003)
Twirl's toy is a redeco of the Air Military Mini-Con Team member Thunderwing, transforming into a (fairly unstealthy) stealth bomber, with a third, spinning-blade weapon mode. She was available only with the seventh volume of Micron Legend (the Japanese name for the Armada series) on DVD in Japan.
She uses the same mold as Ichibi, Razorclaw, and Seeker.


  • Linkage author/illustrator Hirofumi Ichikawa noted that he very specifically had Reese Witherspoon's performance in Legally Blonde in mind when writing Twirl.
  • Also, Ichikawa briefly considered naming her "Flatspin", but ultimately decided the name was too close to Flat-Out. "Twirl" suits her better, anyway.

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