Twinferno has two minds that rarely think alike. At least they agree on "Great minds think alike" when it comes to destroying Decepticons.


Robots in Disguise (2015)

  • Autobot Twinferno (Legion Class, 2017)
Part of the thirteenth wave of Legion Class figures, Twinferno is functionally a downsized version of the Warrior Class toy, but with less articulation. As such, he changes from dragon-jet to robot in a few simple steps. His scan badge is located on the underside of his left wing and is easily scannable while in-package.
  • Autobot Twinferno (Warrior Class, 2017)
    • Accessories: Flame decorations (2)
Released as part of the third wave of the Combiner Force subline of Robots in Disguise, Twinferno transforms from a robot with dragon heads as arms into a futuristic dragon-headed stealth bomber. His flame accessories can attach to the dragon mouths or jet thrusters by a square peg, or held by other figures by 5mm posts. There are also 5mm peg holes in the bottom jaw of both heads. There is additionally a standard sized port only available in vehicle mode, as it is blocked by his cockpit in robot mode. His scannable badge is located on his right shoulder, and is available in-package.
While his rendered package art shows him as a maroon shade, his final release is a magnificent, Willis-pleasing shade of orange.


  • Twinferno is an obvious homage to Generation 1 Doublecross, yet is presumably not named "Doublecross" for trademark reasons.
  • His name is glorious. Eat your heart out Slayride!
  • It is definitely strange that we got two toys of a character who didn't appear on the show, given that many show characters never got toys.
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