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Twin Twist will sink his drills into anything, tearing it to shreds at the smallest excuse. He loves violence and fighting as much as your average Decepticon, full of fury and the desire to show off just how much destruction he's capable of doing. Optimus Prime sometimes worries about his uncontrollable nature, but no one can argue that he isn't an effective warrior.

As a Jumpstarter, Twin Twist can transform between modes in a fraction of an instant (.4 of a second), significantly faster than most Transformers.

He's a member of the Wreckers.

French name (Canada): Double Torsion


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Twin Twist was a member of the Wreckers. When the strike team was doubting their chances of survival in Operation: Volcano, it was Twin Twist who renewed their fighting spirit, protecting the weak in a bar brawl at Maccadam's. After all, if the operation was going ahead anyway, could they do less? Target: 2006

Twin Twist was one of several Autobots who attended the trial of four human children who were charged with aiding Blaster. No one knows how Twin Twist got there. Spacehikers!

Twin Twist was later part of the attack squad that tried to stop Galvatron during the Time Wars. His head was last seen in Galvatron's hand. For some reason, Twin Twist wasn't seen after that. Time Wars

Note: In the first UK Annual, the Jumpstarters were depicted on Earth operating with Prowl and the Ark's crew. This does not fit into their history as Wreckers on Cybertron and must be considered out-of-continuity.

Marvel UK future timelines

In the year 2510, Twin Twist witnessed the end of the old war and the start of a new one. With the last Decepticon destroyed, the Autobots began arguing among themselves as to whether Springer or Ultra Magnus should be Rodimus Prime's chosen successor. A scuffle broke out and casualties happened on both sides, leading to a new Autobot Civil War between the Technobots and the Wreckers, with Rodimus sitting in the middle of the war zone bawling like a baby. Peace

Dreamwave comics continuity

About 8 million years ago, Twin Twist began a lifelong obsession with the left feet of Transformers who were bigger than him. As an apparent founding member of the Wreckers, he tried to topple Devastator by drilling into his left foot. Amazingly, the strategy did not work. The War Within: The Dark Ages

In the present, Twin Twist and his compatriot, Topspin, served as guards under Shockwave's regime. Brothers' Burden Being elite soldiers, they also were members of Ultra Magnus's shock team. When Menasor was released to wreak havoc on Iacon, Twin Twist tried to attack his left foot. This time, it actually worked and toppled the giant. He survived the battle and uncovered evidence of Decepticon treachery in Menasor's rampage. Passive Aggression Twin Twist and Topspin continued to serve with Magnus on Cybertron after Shockwave's rule was overthrown. The Route of All Evil

IDW comics continuity

Stormbringer4 TwinTwist TOOMPH

Pain is a good teacher, but will Twin Twist learn?

Teamed with Scoop, Twin Twist was working on drilling out a storm tunnel for Springer on Varas Centralus when they got the call from Optimus Prime to return to Cybertron to investigate the possible return of Thunderwing and rescue Jetfire's expedition team. Stormbringer issue 2 There, he, Roadbuster and Whirl saved Afterburner and Nosecone from a squad of Centurion drones. Soon afterwards, Twin Twist's drills proved invaluable for tunneling into the hidden base of Bludgeon. Stormbringer issue 4

Proving that obsessions exceed universal boundaries, Twin Twist continued his bizarre obsession with left feet by trying to drill the toes off the revenant Thunderwing. This time, he got kicked for his trouble. Stormbringer issue 4


Generation One

  • Twin Twist (Jumpstarter, 1985)
  • Accessories: "Semi Automatic Cannon-Rifle"
Twin Twist transforms into a Cybertronian twin-drill tank via a very simple, one-step process. His vehicle mode features a pull-back motor which propels him forward; after a short distance, a latch on his body releases his spring-loaded legs, and the weight and momentum flips Twin Twist up onto his robot-mode feet. A small lever on the back of his head adjusts his balance slightly, hopefully making this gimmick work better.
This mold was redecoed to make Salt-Man Z and Robot-Man Z.



Too hot for TV.

  • The Jumpstarters were originally Diaclone "Baku-ten (Blast-flip) Attack Robo" toys. The "Drill Type" that would become Twin Twist was available in two different color schemes: both had dark blue limbs, but one had a red torso while the other had a gray torso.
  • The portraits of Topspin and Twin Twist on their bio cutouts were originally reversed, causing some children a bit of confusion. This was eventually fixed.
  • Cartoon character sheets were created for both Topspin and Twin Twist back in the '80s, but they were never used, not even in a commercial.

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Twin Twist

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