Tutor Bot is an automaton from the Transformers Animated franchise

School's out for summer... School's out forever.

Tutor Bot is a robotic teacher, employed (and presumably built) by Isaac Sumdac. Tutor Bot is known to teach Sari on a regular basis, though by his teaching style it seems that he is designed to be used in a larger classroom environment instead of for solo tutoring. It is unknown whether or not Tutor Bot is yet in widespread use.

He tends to get destroyed. A lot. Fortunately, he doesn't feel a thing.


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Tom Kenny (English), Jaron Löwenberg (German)

Tutor Bot was first seen trying to teach Sari about history. Sari, however, was more interested in getting her security key away from her robot dog Sparkplug. Transform and Roll Out!

Several weeks later, Tutor Bot was boring trying to teach Sari math lessons when she was to spend the night at the Autobots headquarters. Sari decided to use the Key to fry Tutor Bot's circuits and get out of class early. (Don't pretend you wouldn't have. It just makes you a liar and a hypocrite.) Home Is Where the Spark Is

TFA Tutor Bot perish

Good evening, Sari. Today's lesson is:THE EXTINCTION OF ALL HUMANITY!

When Sari took the Autobots to Dino Drive, Tutor Bot lectured her about dinosaurs, saying they were incredibly dimwitted creatures that would be no match for his XL-4 processor. Unfortunately, Bulkhead's eagerness to interact with the robotic dinosaurs caused them to crush Tutor Bot. A day later, Tutor Bot was accidentally brought on line and began telling the newly sentient Dinobots about how dinosaur fossils gave way to fossil fuels, which Grimlock took to mean that cars ate dinosaurs. With some prompting from Megatron, the Dinobots used their fire-breath to incinerate Tutor Bot. Apparently, the XL-4 processor does not contain any self-preservation sub-routines. Blast from the Past

Tutor Bot was controlled on several occasions by Soundwave, first by learning some dance moves that did not suck, later by threatening to kill Sari... who responded by apologizing for having placed a "kick me" sign on him, assuming that was what the trouble was about. Sound and Fury

Animated Bulkhead Tutor Bot body

Good morning, Bulkhead! Today's lesson is: How to be a 5-year-old!!

When trying to explain creativity to Bulkhead, Tutor Bot showed the massive Autobot various creative works to help him understand. Later, after Bulkhead's body was stolen, Tutor Bot was decapitated, and his body was given to Bulkhead. Headmaster

Return Headmaster Tutor Bot attacks

Good evening, Optimus. Today's lesson: DEATH TO THE AUTOBOTS!

When Porter C. Powell took over Sumdac Systems, he claimed Tutor Bot, along with Sparkplug, as company assets. It was later revealed that the two bots were upgraded with miniature Headmaster units and powerful lasers. Sweet revenge. The Return of the Headmaster



  • The Tutor Bot's appearance is similar to Lord Canti from the anime FLCL.
  • The Tutor Bot seems to be the Animated universe's whipping boy.
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