This article is about the Autobot subgroup. For the Decepticon Action Master Elite, see Turbo Master.

The Turbomasters are an Autobot subgroup from the Generation One continuity family.

The Turbomasters are a group of Autobots whose engines become powerful artillery pieces. They're at the forefront of the battle against the vicious Decepticons in any fight. Their Decepticon counterparts are the (mostly) aerial Predators.

The Turbomasters include...

There is also an unmade Turbomaster, Hyperdrive.

Alternate European-market name: Cannonmaster


Generation One

The Turbomasters were part of the final year of Generation One products in the European and Australasian markets, and the "headliners" for that year (Thunder Clash is presumed to be the new leader of the entire Autobot faction in fact, though Europe/Australasia was a little liberal when it came to handing out "Leader" Functions and 10 Ranks). They have the unifying gimmick of powerful spring-loaded missile launchers that become engines/turbines in vehicle mode.

These missile launchers use pretty small projectiles, which means they would never ever pass US safety standards. In fact, every use of the molds in the US line have either neutered the launchers or altered them to fire much larger ammunition.

The four smaller Turbomasters were used to make the Operation Combination Road Corps Autobots, colors and all.

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