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Turbofoxes are a form of Cybertronic fauna. Despite being one of the first recorded forms of non-Transformer Cybertronic life, not much is known about the species and they have never been pictured. We DO know they're fast. Very fast. To the point that only the speediest of robots can hope to approach them.


Generation One[]

Mirage and his high-priced uppercrust social circle used to hunt turbofoxes back before the war. He would rather still be engaging in such a sophisticated civilized pursuit, instead of rubbing shoulders with rag-tag dirty rebels.


The Great Wars and the resulting devastation seem to have had a negative effect on the Turbofox populations, which now are on the verge of extinction. Mirage and his yuppie friends worked towards saving them.

Transformers 2007 Movie[]

Arcee honed her speed hunting turbofoxes with other speedsters on Cybertron. She would use her great speed to pull near the beast, an impressive feat, before tagging it with her crossbow weapon.