Turbo Master is a Decepticon Action Master in the Generation One continuity family.

I'm never getting out, am I?

Turbo Master lives for the sky; supreme domination of a war is accomplished through air superiority. A loner, Turbo Master has no affection from fellow Decepticons, certainly not after ruining their poker games with his annoying hovering. That's alright for Turbo Master, though, as he enjoys spending his spare time testing weapons on Autobot leisure spots, ruining their vacation.

In battle, Turbo Master prefers to burn through the Autobots, never stopping to think. There's no time to when you're trying for the complete and utter destruction of your enemies.


Generation One

  • Turbo Master (Action Master Elite, 1991)
As an Action Master Elite, Turbo Master is one of the few figures in the Action Master line that can actually transform to some limited extent, in this case transforming into a Cybertronian dual-propellered helicopter, if a person laying on the back with arms and legs in the air can be considered a vehicle. One of his Bruticus homage shoulder cannons is a button, which when pressed spins both of his fists. This serves a purpose in both his modes, two small helicopter propellers plug into his fists and spin to help complete his alt-mode, while the two wing/swords can be held and spun in robot mode.
Turbo Master, as with the other Action Master Elites, was only released in Europe and Australasia.


  • Like the majority of the Action Master Elites, Turbo Master is an homage to a preexisting Generation One character, with Turbo Master's head and torso invoking Bruticus.
  • Although Turbo Master apparently represents Bruticus, at one point Hasbro considered creating a different, non-Elite Action Master Bruticus toy. This toy, as shown in concept art in Transformers Generations Deluxe, would have looked much more like Bruticus than Turbo Master does, with a closer head and chest plate, much closer coloring, and limbs more closely resembling his combiner parts.

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