FourBotsBaby Turbo Cycle

The Turbo Cycle is another of Doc Greene's amazing inventions. It converts from a tricycle fit for speeding across land, to a jetski for doing equally well on water and, apparently, ice.

History Edit

Transformers: Rescue Bots Edit

"Four Bots and a Baby" Edit

After reviewing a recording of a rescue which occurred after a motorist drove their motorcycle into a river, Doc Greene was inspired to invent the Turbo Cycle. All it needed was to be tested, a task which fell to Kade Burns to undertake. Cody Burns decided that he would like to test it instead, and after proving himself responsible by looking after the Robo-Baby, Doc Greene reassigned testing to him. Kade, meanwhile, got stuck with the Robo-Baby.

"Tip of the Iceberg" Edit

Cody used the Turbo Cycle to cross the frozen sea so that he could reach the rest of the team, frozen on the S.S. Isolde.

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