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The Turbo boosters are upgrades from the Animated continuity family.

YAY! I always wanted black and yellow rockets

The Turbo boosters were Isaac Sumdac's inventions, used as speed upgrades for Bumblebee which he sometimes uses to catch faster characters. They seem to match Bumblebee colour scheme even though they were not particularly made for Bumblebee.

At first, the Turbo boosters were hard to use for Bumblebee (because he couldn't stop them in vehicle mode) but Bumblebee seemed to get the hang of them and was almost able to out-race Blurr with them.

"How fast do you think I can go with them? 200?! 500?!"
―Bumblebee [[Nanosec| [src]]]


Animated cartoon

When Bumblebee's self proclaimed title as "fastest thing on wheels" is threatened by Nanosec, Bumblebee used the upgrades Sari brought him, which he used to: Knock over Prime so he couldn't catch Nanosec, get Nanosec to run fast enough to age him into a weak old man and, after standing on a wrecking ball and being carried by a ninja, to fly high enough to throw the Destronium into the upper atmosphere of space, and away from anyone it could have harmed. After throwing the Destrotium into space he was so far up that he fell down even faster and lost his boosters after they burnt off him. Thankfully ratchet caught him. Nanosec

A flying bee? And with no wing kibble?

After that he was out-raced by a mysterious blue racer who was later shown to be the elite guard member and fast-talker, Blurr. So to keep his title, again, he needed the turbo boosters back which for some reason weren't burned or lost. He still couldn't beat Blurr even with the turbo boosters. Later, he and Sari entered the speed demons race, hosted by Master Disaster who was controlling Blurr with an Allspark fragment. They were not able to race however because Sari stole the fragment then Blitzwing and Captain Fanzone interrupted the race. Velocity

A while later, he was seen with them helping him to sort of fly again. He was able to use them to throw the part of the space bridge which made him warp around space randomly to Optimus so he could force Starscream and Megatron, who were inside of Omega Supreme, to warp around space randomly as well. TransWarped



A Bumblebee boosters backpack

  • Bumblebee (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accessories: Left & right rocket boosters
In both robot and car mode, his two booster rockets can be attached on his back. According to his toy bio he can use them to help him jumping. There is notably a hole big enough on the legends class Bumblebee which could fit the turbo boosters in but only one would fit in, it would be far too big.


  • Elite Guard Bumblebee (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accessories: Left & right rocket boosters