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The Turbo Board is an Autobot vehicle from the Generation One continuity family.

Lacking a vehicle mode as an Action Master, Jazz makes up for his reduced mobility by roaring into battle on the Turbo Board. This high-speed stunt machine also packs hefty firepower, transforming into a large destabilizer electromagnetizer cannon that disorients foes.


Generation One

  • Jazz with Turbo Board (Action Master, 1990)

Now Jazz can shred the streets on his board.

The Turbo board is a cybertronic skateboard that came with the Action Master incarnation of Jazz. Footpegs on its topside allow it to be used as a stand by any normal Action Master figure. Pressing a trigger on its rear section spring-launches a flip-out (non-firing) twin-blaster. The entire front section of the board can rotate around to better form its handheld "destabilizer electromagnetizer gun" mode. Its blaster mode can be extended by attaching any carded Action Master's rifle between the twin-barrels.


  • The Turbo Board's status as a mere weapon/vehicle is debatable. Jazz's bio refers to it as both a "partner" and a "sidekick", but no mention of its intelligence level is made. Such wording implies it might at least be a semi-intelligent drone, but that is supposition.

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