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Trypticon is a Decepticon from War for Cybertron.

Trypticon is a giant Decepticon, who transforms into a Nemesis class battleship. He is a ruthless killing machine that enjoys causing mass destruction. He is extremely articulate possibly indicating a high degree of intelligence. Despite being the strongest Decepticon, he nonetheless appears completely loyal to Megatron.

""You haven't defeated me AUTOBOTS, you have only tethered your destroyer!!!""
―Trypticon, about to go Godzilla on the Aerialbots[[
Transformers: War for Cybertron (video game)| [src]]]



When the Autobots leave Cybertron and Megatron leaves it under Shockwave's command, Megatron has Trypticon transform into a Nemesis-class Battleship.

War for Cybertron

Unknowingly to the Autobots, Trypticon was in fact part of the orbital station that Starscream was commanding. When the Aerialbots attacked the station, they intercepted a transmission from Megatron to Trypticon, surprising the squad. Much to their horror, the Aerialbots realize that Trypticon was a Transformer. To make Trypticon revert from his cannon mode and keep him from destroying Iacon, the Aerialbots sought out his conversion cog. Upon the destruction of said machinery, Trypticon slowly transformed into his robot mode and tried to use his jetpack to safely land on the planet surface to fulfill his current objective, which was to kill the Autobot leader Optimus Prime. The Aerialbots destroyed his jetpack which caused him to crash land on Cybertron like a giant meteor. Omega Supreme couldn't be bothered to help, so Optimus, Bumblebee, and Ironhide had to fight him. Upon crashing, the gigantic Decepticon confronted his target, but was defeated due to his exposed cool down coils. He then fell into a pit of an unknown substance that he was hanging over.

Fall of Cybertron

The Autobots took Trypticon's defeated body, disassembled it, and placed his now separated components in separate locations in the prison that they constructed around his impact crater. They slowly siphoned the Energon from his body in order to fuel the Ark.

Eventually, Megatron, in need of a power core to power a ship that he could use to leave the planet, assaulted the prison in which Trypticon was being held. When Megatron realized that Trypticon was still alive and decided to reassemble him.

Megatron destroyed each of the locks holding Trypticon's separated limbs and made his way to Trypticon's head. There he rendezvoused with Soundwave who began to reassemble and reformat Trypticon. Once the reformatting process was complete, Soundwave began preparations to repair Trypticon. Megatron has new idea and spoke to Trypticon and told him that this is a rescue mission and that he "failed" to destroy Autobots especially Optimus Prime. Though he was "failed", Megatron congratulate him and has a reward for him that wrecking Iacon City and few Autobots. Soundwave inform Megatron if Trypticon saying his auxiliary mode was his plan, his mode was become "permanent". Megatron giving him the new living dinosaur-like warship auxiliary mode called Nemesis.


  • Being smashed by Trypticon's hand as he falls into the pit will give the player an Xbox 360 Achievement/PlayStation 3 Trophy called "First We Crack the Shell".
  • He has a huge arsenal of weapons, including: a laser and plasma cannon in the mouth, a rocket launcher on the back, rocket launchers in his armpits, explosives that launch out from his eyes, a nose cannon, two plasma cannons on his shoulders, a stinger and rocket launchers on his tail, and, of course, his crushing size.
  • Despite knowing about Trypticon, Jetfire, Silverbolt, and Air Raid seemed horrified when Trypticon began to transform into his dinosaur/robot form.
    • Of course, they may have just been surprised at what he looked like seeing as how he is a dinosaur robot rather than the standard humanoid robot, or there's a difference in receiving a Transformers to be gargantuan in size, such as Omega Supreme, and being literally monstrous.
  • Apparently, Trypticon keeps his conversion cog in the back of his throat as the Aerialbots are seen flying out of his mouth when he transforms.
  • Trypticon's body is not only host to a compliment of Decepticons, but also a few smaller robotic lifeforms. There are Cybertronian Squid in his coolant tanks and there are small three-legged crab-like creatures living in the area right after the giant mashers.
  • One must wonder, with Starscream being the power hungry bot that he is, why didn't he just use Trypticon to attack Cybertron when he was in command of him?
    • It is possible that it was Megatron who attached Trypticon to the station, as he hinted that he had plans for the station in the early stages of the Decepticon campaign.
    • Also, Trypticon may be large, but he is not nearly as large as the entire space station the Starscream commanded. His size can clearly be seen in the final chapter of War for Cybertron.
    • According to Ratchet in one of the Video logs in Chapter 10, he confirms that Trypticon has been used to give new life and fix wounded or near death autobots after his final battle with Optimus Prime. He believes it to be ironic.
  • It is possible that Trypticon is one of the first results of Shockwave's experiments regarding Earth's prehistoric fauna. Evidence to this theory is that many of his other experiments regarding Earth have dinosaur forms.
    • However, he may be a simple prototype due to his more humanoid form compared to the fully animal forms of the later experiments with the Dinobots.

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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