Triton is a Decepticon spy from the Generation One continuity family.

The Autobots are not very attentive, apparently.

Triton is a green and yellow Decepticon with red optics. He is a double agent in the 26th Century.


Marvel Comics (UK) continuity

In the 26th Century, Triton infiltrated the Autobot ranks for a period of ninety years, during which time he passed secrets back to the Decepticons.

In the year 2510, Triton was present when Rodimus Prime announced that the last remnants of the Decepticons had been destroyed. Unwilling to allow the Autobots to win the war, Triton objected to Springer being chosen as Rodimus Prime’s successor and instead put forward Ultra Magnus as a potential leader.

In the ensuing debate, Triton encouraged the Autobots to quarrel, until Scattershot killed Roadbuster after the latter threatened Triton’s life. Sandstorm, furious at Roadbuster’s death, killed Triton in revenge for causing all the trouble in the first place. Triton died as the Autobots dissolved into a new civil war. Peace


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