The three-faced Triptych Mask (or Onyx Triptych) of Onyx Prime allows him to see others can't. times, places, souls, and even the afterlife. The top mask, Farsight, showed visions of other places and times. The middle mask, Predator, gave Onyx immediate insight into any creature so that he can hunt it faultlessly. The bottom mask, Mournsong, allows Onyx to watch the journey of a Spark across the hidden regions of death.


The Triptych Mask was given to Onyx by Primus himself. After the War of the Primes, the mortally-wounded Onyx would look through Mournsong to see where his fellow Primes have gone, but all he could see was the AllSpark. When Onyx decided to return to Primus, he chose to bring his Triptych mask with him to serve in place of Solus Prime's Creation Lathe. After Onyx had merged with the Core, Primus used the mask to scan all life in the universe as a template for the Cybertronian species. Though the results were mostly bipedal, the mask allowed for the birth of a large diversity of new Cybertronians.


  • Foresight-the topmost of the three faces built into the Triptych Mask, through which Onyx could tap into the depths of his own mind and those of other lifeforms. He could thus view other realities, worlds, and even dreams, both real and imagined, that would otherwise have been impossible for him to see or even reach.
  • The Predator-the second layer of the mask that allowed Onyx to gain immediate knowledge of any being he encountered.
  • Mournsong-the third layer of the mask, possessing a bizarre appearance: from the back it appeared almost alive, while the front appeared as the face of a dead being. By gazing through it, Onyx could peer into the afterlife of all Cybertronians and communicate with those who had fallen.
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