The Tripredacus Council is a group of Predacons from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

"So then it is agreed: half pepperoni, half green peppers."

The Tripredacus Council is one of the many ruling bodies of the fractured Predacon Alliance. They meet in secret in undisclosed locations, and plot the return of the Predacons to glory, though under their terms. They choose to wait and grow strong before attacking, but many Predacons are impatient. This has led to some rogue behavior among the Predacon ranks.

One of their agents, Tarantulas (who eventually joined Megatron's ranks) of the Predacon Secret Police, suggests that, like himself and unlike the rest of the Predacons, the Tripredacus Council are not descended from the Decepticons trapped on Earth. Instead, they may have extradimensional origins, being linked to the Cybertronian Empire, or may be, in fact, creations of Unicron himself.

The three members of the Tripredacus Council are:

They can combine to form Tripredacus.

Their known affiliates and agents include:

Japanese name: Trypticon Council


Descent into Evil

Descent into Evil

Dawn of Future's Past

Dawn of Future's Past

Beast Wars cartoon

The transwarp shockwave caused by the destruction of the Planet Buster eventually reached Cybertronian space in the Beast Era, hitting Predacon Command Outpost 1, causing a severe power outage. The council apparently convened on the station immediately afterward, where they noted that the transwarp wave's signature matched that of the Darksyde, thus meaning that Megatron still functioned, and was still carrying out his secret agenda. In order to prevent the Maximals from discovering this, they detonate a satellite somewhere near Cybertron, dispersing the wave before it reaches the planet. They then dispatched Covert Agent Ravage in a prototype transwarp cruiser to track the wave to its point of origin and terminate Megatron "with extreme prejudice". The Agenda (Part 1)

IDW Beast Wars comics


They watch lots of TV.

The council orders Magmatron to ensure that the Maximals did not have knowledge of the transwarp wave. The Gathering #1 They believe that the Predacons must wait for the appropriate moment to strike. Many Predacons, however, tire of this strategy. A short time later, after the failure of their first agent, Ravage, the council sends Magmatron to capture Megatron. The Gathering #2


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