This article is about the Predacon combiner and political council. For the Maximal combiner and ethnic stereotype, see Tripledacus.

Tripredacus is a Predacon combiner from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Tripredacus art genesis

Surprisingly, not Violen Jiger.

Tripredacus is a slimy "Battle Master" who prefers to emerge from underground to attack Maximal fortresses in the dead of night, tenaciously crushing all before him, spreading plague-like destruction wherever he goes. The weapons of his composite members form a slashing mega-missile launcher that he uses to tear his way into battle.

Tripredacus is composed of the three-member Tripredacus Council:

The Maximal tactical response was the Maximal combiner Magnaboss.

Italian name: Tripredator


Beast Wars cartoon

Note: Despite making cameo appearances, the Predacons who form Tripredacus looked rather different from their toy incarnations (due to animation budget and time limitations) and gave no indication of an ability to combine.


Beast Wars

  • Tripredacus (1997)
Tripredacus is the combined form of Ram Horn, Sea Clamp, and Cicadacon. The three members' individual weapons combine to form a missile launcher.
This mold was also used for Beast Wars II's Tripledacus.

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