Trip-Up is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.
Trip-up cardart

All you want to do is ride around, Trip-Up. (Ride, Trip-Up, ride.)

Trip-Up of the Hot Rod Patrol is always getting into fights. He lets his fists do the talking in just about any situation, no matter how unnecessary violence — or even the threat of it — might be. Big Daddy doesn't seem to care much about his behavioral problem so long as it doesn't actively affect the team's performance on a mission... though he is mildly worried that Hubs might start thinking he should act like that too.

His name is more-than-usually inexplicable.

In Japan, the individual Micromasters received little to no individual characterization, being portrayed on the whole as childlike.

French name (Canada): Jambette
Japanese name: Vanishing


Dreamwave comics continuity

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Generation One

  • Hot Rod Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1990)
G1 TripUp toy

Big Daddy told me that this was the Autobot convention, but all I see are some irked off Decepticons.

Trip-Up transforms into a Ford Mustang hot rod, in contrast to his teammates who turn into much older cars. Also making him the odd-man out of the team is his relatively small exposed engine block. In robot mode, he transforms similarly to Big Daddy and Hubs, in the standard Micromaster car toy set up: the hood becomes his chest, the sides of the car his arms and the entire rear becomes his lower legs.
He was only available in the Hot Rod Patrol 4-pack with his teammates Big Daddy, Greaser and Hubs.

Return of Convoy

  • Hot Rod Team (Micro Trailer Team, 1991)
The Hot Rod Patrol was released in Japan during Return of Convoy with no notable changes. However, this version of the Team did come with Micro Trailer #2.


  • Most — if not all — of the toys pictured in the 1991 Hasbro Transformers catalog are unfinished prototypes or mock-ups, and a variety of differences from final product pop up. In Trip-Up's case, the main difference is that the catalog has him with a blue robot mode face rather than the final toy's white.

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