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The Triggercons are a Decepticon subgroup from the Generation One continuity family.

The Triggercons are a trio of smaller-sized Decepticons, who each pack heavy-duty cannons which can flip out when required. The three Triggercons are:

The Autobot sub-group utilizing this technology is known as the Triggerbots.


Marvel Comics

The Triggercons were first seen in action four million years ago on Cybertron, soon after the war started. Megatron tried to capture the Underbase and they were his support troops. They pursued Optimus Prime and the Triggerbots to the Underbase's location, but failed to capture it. The Flames of Boltax!

In 1989, the Triggercons were chafing under the leadership of the Triumverate - fed up of decadence, they wanted to return warfare and conquest. When Megatron returned to assume command and Triumverate tried to shoot him in the back, the Triggercons saved him (by shooting the Triumverate in the back). The Fall and Rise of the Decepticon Empire Later, they would be part of a team sent to retrieve Thunderwing from Earth and take him back to Cybertron. He forcibly took command of them Rage! and used them to attack the Ark for the purposes of revenge. Ruckus had to convince him to retreat. Assault on the Ark!

Ruckus and Windsweeper seemed to meet with Thunderwing's approval, as after this they were drafted in the Matrix Quest under his personal command. Thunderwing grew increasively obsessive and abusive, with Ruckus being backhanded across the Decepticon ship for a minor slight. They were nearly killed by Thunderwing and the corrupted Matrix, and surrendered to the Autobots after the battle. All Fall Down

Crankcase would be killed by the Cybertronian Empire when they attacked the Warworld. New Dawn

IDW Comics

Ruckus and Crankcase were serving in the Nebulos Decepticon cell when Thunderwing attacked, and were both damaged in the battle against him. Windsweeper was part of the Thanatos crew and was led into battle against Thunderwing at Cybertron. Stormbringer


Generation One

  • Triggercons (1988)
The three Triggercons were released in 1988, sold carded at the $3 price point. The Triggercons feature flip-out guns in both vehicle and robot modes. Their transformations are simple, and their posability is generally limited to rotating knee and shoulder joints. Like most sub-groups at the time, they had Autobot counterparts: the Triggerbots.
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