FACT: Triggerbots are robots.

The Triggerbots are a trio of Autobot soldiers, all of whom sport rather massive concealed guns that they can flip out when needed.

The Triggerbots are...

The Decepticon sub-group utilizing this technology is known as the Triggercons.


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

FACT: The purpose of the Triggerbot is to flip out guns and shoot people.

The trio accompanied a junior Optimus Prime on his mission to visit High Circuit Master Boltax, and were each instrumental in getting the group past a series of booby traps. They didn't think much of Prime's decision to visit the place, however, and Prime left them behind as he entered Boltax's Temple of Knowledge. The Flames of Boltax!

Millions of years later, the team was captured by the Decepticons, along with their Sparkabot compatriots. Backstreet was sent to Earth, along with two of the Sparkabots, so that the Z Foundation could test out their new Transformer-scrambling jammer devices. Backstreet's heat rays were unable to prevent a human bounty hunter from immobilizing him with a jammer. They were eventually freed, and made their way back to Cybertron. Ca$h and Car-nage!

The Triggerbots were later sent by Emirate Xaaron as a search team during the Matrix Quest, to the planet of Cheyne. Instead of the Matrix, they found a family of psychic vampires who ensnared their minds, to feed off of their hopes and dreams. Dogfight finally managed to break free of their control with help from the locals; he then rescued his two comrades. Kings of the Wild Frontier

Generation 2


FACT: Triggerbots die ALL THE TIME.

Override was part of a team sent to stop a revitalized Megatron on Earth. He attacked Megatron solo, to distract the Decepticon leader while other Autobots snuck aboard the Ark. Megatron ripped him to shreds, presumably killing him. Final Transformations

IDW continuity

Dogfight, apparently a neophyte, helped out Optimus Prime during the second coming of Thunderwing. Stormbringer


Generation One

The Triggerbot sub-team was released in 1988, as carded toys at the $3 price point. The Triggerbots feature flip-out guns in both vehicle and robot modes, with very limited posability. Like most sub-groups at the time, they had Decepticon counterparts: the Triggercons. Along with the Sparkabots and Firecons, they replaced 1987's Throttlebots as the line's lowest-cost offerings for 1988.

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