This article is about the exclusive Dinobots-series Autobot. For the Beast Machines Dinobot, see Triceradon (BM).

Triceradon is an Autobot from an unidentified continuity.

Licky licky.

Triceradon is a member of the brutal Dinobots. His relation to any other Triceradon is unknown.



  • Triceradon & Slapper (Deluxe 2-pack, 2003)
A redeco of the Beast Wars Neo Predacon Guiledart, Triceradon transforms into an organic triceratops, with a "dead mode" that reveals bits of ripped-off flesh, rolls his eyes up and sticks out his tongue. His beast-mode tail detaches to form a spring-loaded missile launcher. He was available only in a Wal*Mart exclusive two-pack with Slapper.
This mold was retooled to make Killerpunch.

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