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This article is about the Dreamwave G.I. Joe crossover issue. For the 1980s Marvel issue, see Trial by Fire!.

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At the Fera Islands, 1939: four armies become engaged within two sides of a single conflict. Soldiers grow closer, tyrannical leaders come to despise each other, and ninjas carry out old grudges.

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Transformers / GI Joe #3

Writer: John Ney Rieber
Pencils: Jae Lee
Colors: June Chung
Letters: Benjamin Lee
V/P Editor in Chief: Roger Lee
President: Pat Lee

  • Cover date: October, 2004
  • Originally published: November 19, 2004


In the dark cliffs of the Fera Islands, G.I. Joe strike team #2 observes the Seekers but makes a point not to let the Decepticon presence disrupt their plans.

Stalker, abandoned by Snake-Eyes, fights off an over-enthusiastic Cobra soldier. Right afterwards, he briefly encounters an Aerialbot on the way to fight off the attacking Seekers. Stalker meets up with Duke's team of G.I. Joes and the Autobots, who begin their united stand against Cobra and the Decepticons.

Within Cobra's base, the Terrordrome, Megatron oversees the relocation of his Energon stores. Cobra Commander objects to Megatron's taking charge of Cobra manpower and thus displays how his possession of the Matrix allows him to cause Megatron significant amounts of pain.

Elsewhere, Ravage attacks Snake-Eyes. The ninja defends himself by tearing at Ravage's wires and disposing of the Transformer with a grenade. With Ravage defeated, Snake-Eyes shoots away three additional Cobra soldiers - but drops his gun to engage in honorable combat with Storm Shadow. After Storm Shadow rejects an offer of mercy, Snake-Eyes tosses a grenade.

Flint's team sees the explosion and interprets it as a signal from the other team to call in the fleet. However, Flint doesn't notice that Zartan has infiltrated his team by stealing Breaker's identity.

Roadblock and Grimlock, on the front line of Duke's battalion, come under assault from the earthquake-generating Rumble.

Items of note

  • This issue should not be confused with the third issue of G.I. Joe/Transformers Vol. 1.
  • It is difficult to determine if, in this continuity, Rumble is either red or blue. G.I. Joe/Transformers Vol. 1.
  • Wavelengths also has an article from the desk of Pat Lee.
  • Storm Shadow's name continues to be mis-parsed as Stormshadow.