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Triage is an Autobot medic featured in the game Transformers: Universe.


Transformers: Universe

Triage doesn’t seem the medic type at first glance. When the battle’s raging, this short fused Autobot is just as likely to take a few shots at Decepticons with his built-in defibrillator than he is heal up his allies.


Triage was among the Autobots who were on board the Arclight when it was shot down over Central City. He survived the crash and proceeded to take part in a series of battles against the Decepticons who had come to Earth aboard the Leviathan.


  • Triage was first revealed during Jagex’s Twitch live stream on May 13th, 2014. It was also revealed that he would be one of the three starting Autobots you can choose, alongside Overclock and Monsoon.
  • His in-game weapons are the Phalanx Pulse BlasterDefibrillation Pistols, and Cerrian Beam Gun. Transforming into an ambulance, Triage's alternate mode is armed with a grenade launcher that damages both shield & spark.
  • His in-game abilities are:
    • G-Remedy — the repairs he does are boosted with G-Metal, strengthening the patient's hull.
    • Emergency Routine — increases the chance attacks will miss Triage.
    • Hull Cure — Triage reflects a portion of the damage he takes back at his attacker.
  • His active subsystem is "Siren Stabilizer"; the Cerrian Beam Gun has a chance to remove a movement-impairing effect from an ally he heals with it.
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