Treds is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.

Mighty robots! Treds is in the upper-right corner.

Treds is a traveller from another dimension, who has taken the form of a Decepticon and infiltrated their ranks in the hopes of finding the solution to a problem that plagues his home. Treds is the only Guardian in the interdimensional scout party to join the Decepticons, in order to keep tabs on the two renegades Bad Boy and Bug Bite and ensure that his allies among the Autobots get the information they gather.



Treds, along with other displaced GoBots, somehow ends up at Axiom Nexus and is "processed". Transcendent: Part 1

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Generation One


The Transformers Treds toy. Wich has the more pathetic robot mode? You decide.

  • G1 GoBots (Multi-pack, 2004)
Japanese ID number: 84
Treds is a redeco of the Mini Vehicle Warpath, transforming into a General Motors M551A1 Sheridan ARAAV tank. He was only available in an e-Hobby-exclusive 6-pack with Bad Boy, Bug Bite, Path Finder, Road Ranger, and Small Foot.



The Gobots Treds toy.

  • Treds is clearly intended to be the character from the Tonka GoBots line. His name does not appear in any of the final product material; it only appeared in an early Photoshopped promotional image on the e-Hobby website. The individual toys' names were dropped when Takara's legal department became concerned at how Bandai—the company that made the toys that would become the Tonka GoBots—would react to the names being used, despite the minimal chance of provable trademark infringement on Takara's part.
  • Treds's complicated position as an undercover Autobot/Guardian amongst the Decepticons/Renegades is, strangely enough, not without precedent. The original Treds toy was among the few GoBots to sport one of the Tonka-originated GoBot faction logos... however, Treds features the Renegade symbol (as seen on Blast) rather than the Guardian one (as seen on Rumble)! Despite the presence of both the Renegade symbol and a Communist star, Treds was sold as a Guardian. Therefore, it seems as though bio-writer Hirofumi Ichikawa took this random discrepancy and ran with it.
  • Treds uses a coloration that originally appeared in a promotional image from an early Japanese Transformers catalogue. All of the 1985 Mini Vehicles in this image had color differences from their final released versions.

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