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The name or term Treadshot refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Treadshot (disambiguation).

Treadshot is the best gunman - or man-gun - the Decepticons have. Armed with his particle-blasting pardner Catgut, this on-target owlhoot is the gunslinger Decepticons call on when they want someone to sleep with the turbofoxes.


Marvel Comics continuity

Howdy, pilgrim.

After the battle with Unicron, Treadshot attends a meeting of the combined Autobot/Decepticon forces at their headquarters, standing between Soundwave and Crankcase. He witnesses the report by Blaster that their world is falling apart, and Prowl's ensuing declaration that the Transformers must evacuate Cybertron.

Treadshot is later seen with Soundwave and Crankcase again, apparently clearing debris with them. They were interrupted by Grimlock punching Fangry through the window of a nearby building, which caught the attention of the newly-arrived Bludgeon and Krok as well.

While Fangry briefly had the upper hand, Grimlock's Nucleon-powered body enabled him to administer a savage beat down to the Decepticon. This caused Treadshot and Soundwave to react angrily, though neither one stepped forward to help their blustery comrade. After Prowl stopped the attack, Treadshot watched as Bludgeon manipulated Prowl into revealing the Autobots' unagreeably peaceful post-exodus plans. Exodus!

Though not seen again, Treadshot was presumably involved in all subsequent Decepticon group activities, such as departing Cybertron in a space cruiser, assaulting the planet Klo, and fleeing said planet with the remaining Decepticons to plot another day.

Note: Treadshot's status as actually being an Action Master in the comics is questionable.

IDW comics continuity


Treadshot worked alongside Squawkbox, Ransack, and either Wingspan or Pounce in the operations center of the Decepticon space station where Sixshot and the Terrorcons were posted. Little is known of his role and/or duties. Spotlight: Sixshot

Note: It is unclear from the artwork which Decepticon clone was featured.


Generation One

  • Treadshot w/ Catgut (Action Master, 1990)
    • Accessories: Rifle

"Go ahead. Make my mega-cycle."

As an Action Master, Treadshot is a non-transforming action figure, though his design shows that he turns into a Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum. He was sold on an individual card with his transforming partner Catgut. He is compatible with any other Action Master weapon or vehicle.


Rare, but not really a good toy.

    • Unlike the other new-character Action Masters, Treadshot appears to be based on a pre-existing toy - strikingly, a toy perhaps not designed by Takara! Originally manufactured by Sunmayor Ohkawa (サンマーヤ大川) Co., Ltd., as the "357 Magnum Robo" (357マグナムロボ), this robot transformed into a Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum with scope attachments. It was later called the "Highway Patrol Robo" and released in GiG's Trasformer line in Italy. Information on this toy is scant — but, strangely, it shows up in Takara's SF Land toy book, which only further complicates the mystery of its origins.

This here's a holdup!

    • Treadshot was animated in the first commercials for Action Masters, but not as his character model. Treadshot, Megatron and Krok blasted through a wall together to steal the power behind becoming Action Masters, but they are traced from their toys, which they quickly morph into.

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