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Treadshot is one of the five Air Team robots who make up the legendary super robot Superion Maximus. He might have been a fey flibbertigibbet, prone to prancing through the petunias. He might have been an ambitious adventurer, or a silent stewpot, simmering with heinous hatreds. Alas, his lot was that of a mere unspeaking body part, and then of a loose collection of dissociated particles. So it goes.

Japanese name: Air Rider


Energon cartoon continuity

Treadshot usually functioned only as a limb to Superion Maximus. He was shown as a separate jet a few times, mainly when Superion Maximus needed to go somewhere in a hurry, and also in a video game Hot Shot was playing. (Any reports of Cybertronic Smash Bros. with him and Ethan Zachary's floppy-copy Optimus Prime are, of course, completely apocryphal, and in fact, blatant lies.) Distribution

Later, he died of severe laser poisoning and acute vaporization in a fight with Bruticus Maximus. Spark



  • Treadshot (Basic, 2004)
    • Team ID number: A1
    • Accessories: 2 dual-barrel cannons, connector piece, energon star

Excuse me while I do a merry jig.

Treadshot shares a mold with his teammate Windrazor, transforming into a black and light blue fighter jet based upon an F-22 Raptor. He can also form a leg or arm to any Energon-series "Powerlinx Combiner" super robot, though his nominal placement is as the right arm to Superion Maximus. He comes with two double-barreled guns and a connector piece, which can form hand-held weapons as well as become a footplate or "hand" for his combined mode, plus a blue "super energon" Autobot-style energon chip.
  • Superion (Multi-pack, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SC-26
In Japan, Treadshot (aka "Air Rider") was only made available as part of a complete Superion gift set. The two version are largely identical, the main difference being that the Takara release uses a darker clear-blue for the "energon" bits than the Hasbro version.


  • Treadshot (Basic, 2005)
    • Accessories: 2 dual-barrel cannons, connector piece, energon star
Treadshot was repackaged on a Universe-themed card and sold through discount chains in the US like Big Lots!. No mention of his combining ability is made on the cardback.


  • It has been suggested by fans that his teammate's name "Sky Shadow" would suit him better, given his coloration. Switching names would also give the nonsensical "Treadshot" meaning, as it would then be applied to an A-10, known colloquially as a "Tankbuster."

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