This article is about the Energon-series Autobot. For the Generation One Autobot, see Tread Bolt.

Treadbolt is an Autobot in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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Treadbolt is big. And he has treads. And bolts.



  • Treadbolt (Mega, 2004)
    • Accessories: Missile
Energon Treadbolt toy

"Scavenger, who is Scavenger?"

A redeco of Armada Scavenger, Treadbolt transforms into a large yellow bulldozer. Unusually for Transformers of this era, he features functional rubber treads. His packed-in partner Rollbar (in robot mode) can be placed inside the driver's cabin, and pressing down on the Mini-Con activates engine start up and revving sounds. Pushing Treadbolt forward will cause the large purple drum wheel at the back to rotate, making driving sounds.
In robot mode, Treadbolt has virtually no leg articulation whatsoever. His legs are halves of the shovel blade clipped onto the purple drum wheel. Pushing him forwards in robot mode rotates the wheel, moving the legs up and down in a simulation of walking. Each 'step' is accompanying by a stomp sound effect. Moving his arms up and down activates a crashing metal sound effect. Powerlinxing Rollbar to the active Powerlinx port on his right hip, then pulling it back fires a purple spring-loaded projectile, as well as activating a laser firing sound.


  • Treadbolt, along with Energon Rapid Run and Ultra Magnus, were "eleventh-hour" additions to the Energon line, with an incredibly accelerated production cycle. As such, each toy's packaging toy-photos show them in their original-release colors — in this case, Scavenger — due to there apparently being little to no time to get a photo shoot established, and just using already-finished stock photographs.
  • Reportedly, only about 10,000 of each of these three toys were made, a significantly smaller number than most retail Transformers toys.

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