The transwarp wavefront is an energy wave in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

CybertronBW Transwarp

"It will... accidentally explode, blocking the Maximal sensors from detecting the wavefront. Or, you know, looking out their window and seeing it."

The transwarp wavefront was the result of a massive explosion involving a transwarp cell and an alien device. As a result of its transwarp drive-related origin, it moves forward through time at an accelerated rate.

Its exact relationship to the quantum surge remains unclear.


Beast Wars cartoon

With the alien Planet Buster pouring energy into the energon deposits of the mysterious planet where he and his crew were stranded, Optimus Primal detonated a transwarp cell to destroy the alien device. The transwarp wavefront was a result. Other Voices, Part 2

The wavefront traveled outward from pre-historic Earth, moving into the future at an accelerated rate, and eventually reached what was, for the Maximals, present-day Cybertron.

The Tripredacus Council detected the wavefront when it smashed into Predacon Command Outpost One. Recognizing its energy signature as matching that of the ship stolen by Megatron, the Council used an exploding satellite to disrupt the wavefront before it reached Cybertron proper. They then sent an agent to take care of the problem that it represented. The Agenda, Part 1

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