The transwarp cruiser is a spaceship in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Not capable of carrying two humpback whales from 1986 in order to save Earth from a giant black cylinder in the future.

The transwarp cruiser is a Predacon starship commanded by Covert Agent Ravage of the Predacon Secret Police. The unnamed ship was constructed in secret by the Tripredacus Council.

Designed for stealth and infiltration, she has a cloaking device and can land directly on the ground or stored inside space stations.


Cartoon continuity

Beast Wars

"No, I'm from Iowa. I only work in outer space."

After the Quantum surge collided with the Predacon Command Outpost One, the Tripredacus Council despatched Ravage in their new transwarp cruiser to deal with Megatron and the rest of the beast warriors, quietly, while they plan their eventual, but distant revolt against the Maximal Imperium.

Ravage's ship saved the Axalon and her beleaguered crew of Maximals. He revealed to them his supposed intention of capturing Megatron and the other Predacons, in order to secure their help in attacking the Predacon base. In the ensuing battle, while the Maximals played the role of ground units, the Transwarp Cruiser blasted Rampage to pieces after being hit by his missiles, then shot through the ruined hull of the downed Predacon ship. The Agenda (Part 1)

Victorious, Ravage had Megatron imprisoned in the Cruiser's containment cells and briefly considered terminating him. However, former Decepticon later turned on the Maximals after learning of Megatron's true mission from a recording of the original Megatron. The Agenda (Part 2)

The transwarp cruiser blasted the Axalon's shields and intended to destroy the Maximal base with all of her weapons at full power and a powerful, implausibly large tactical missile. Unfortunately for Ravage and fellow Predacon Secret Police member Tarantulas, Rattrap had managed to burn his way through the Cruiser's hull, and detonated two thermal charges inside the engine room, killing Ravage and sending the ship crashing into the ground, where she was finally destroyed by the explosion of the missile. The Agenda (Part III)

Technical specifications

The transwarp cruiser has a transwarp drive able of traveling through both space and time.

Her hull construction is capable of withstanding even Rampage's full firepower, and can shrug off incoming laser fire from the Predacon base defenses with ease. It even resisted the focused, high-temperature heat elements of an energon-fueled blowtorch.

Deep within the ship there is a containment cell for prisoners, with two auto-turrets mounted outside the cells. They are used to terminate prisoners that are no longer required to be captured alive.


Kirk: Everyone, remember where we parked.

The ship's primary unique system is the ability to use Ravage's highly sophisticated optical and thermal camouflaging cloaking device, which not only makes her invisible to the naked optic while linked to her pilot, but to sensors as well. She can even fool the Vok-technology enhanced sensors of Megatron's base. Unlike cloaking ships designed by foolish and primitive flesh creatures from other universes, she can still fire her weapons while invisible.

Nuclear wessel.

The transwarp cruiser armament inclues two powerful anti-ship laser cannons mounted on her wings, capable of firing smaller, multiple blasts in rapid succession, or a more powerful single shot out of each emitter, though this requires a not-insignificant recharge time after firing. Her secondary armament is a small, multi-barreled anti-personnel laser cannon mounted on her bow.

Two multi-function hatches mounted are mounted on the ship, one dorsally can be configured to deploy high-yield explosives such as a tactical missile. Another, a drophatch, is mounted behind the pilot's chair in the main cabin, and is used to drop troops onto the battlefield.

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