Transwarp is the general name for the technology that the spacecraft in the Beast Wars use to power their flights through space and time. A transwarp engine, like those aboard the Maximal's Axalon and the Predacon's Darksyde, runs on transwarp cells. Each engine uses a number of smaller cells. The cells can also be removed and used individually on smaller craft such as shuttles and stasis pods.

Each transwarp engine also generates its own transwarp signature that can be used to track its movements or pin down its current location.

Additionally, transwarp shunt technology allows a traveler to move through space and time without a ship. Instead, the traveler simply stands upon a platform to be transported to the desired place and time. The platform is not transported along with he traveler, so if he wishes to return, there must be another transwarp shunt device on the other end, or he must bring along the parts to build one.

Beast Wars

Beast Wars cartoon

As part of a scheme to change history and allow the Decepticons to win the Great War, Megatron used a transwarp-capable ship (the Darksyde) to travel to Earth during the Ark's dormancy. Optimus Primal and his crew followed in the Axalon to stop Megatron.

IDW's Beast Wars comic books

Magmatron used a transwarp shunt to travel to the middle of Megatron's and Optimus Primal's Beast War in order to capture Maximal protoforms. As an additional prize for his masters, he intended to send Megatron back to Cybertron, but was tricked by Razorbeast and Optimus Minor, causing Magmatron himself to be sent back instead.

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