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Transquito excels at tracking down Maximals. Although he is a great hunter, when he finds his prey he may easily be outsmarted. He compensates for this with his highly effective weaponry, and can keep a group of Maximals occupied, annoyed, or downright demented until more Predacons arrive to back him up. Since Transquito's personality has much the same effect on his comrades as his weapons do on his enemies, though, whether other Predacons will choose to come to his aid at all is a bit of a toss-up.

French name (Canada): Dipteron
Italian name: Zanzara


IDW Beast Wars comics

Magmatron recruited Transquito, along with Drill Bit, Spittor, Iguanus, Manterror, and Razorbeast. Magmatron's plan was to use the abandoned stasis pods on prehistoric Earth to build an army and take over Cybertron. Upon arrival, Magmatron sent Transquito and the others to watch over the stasis pods as they were activated. Transquito witnessed the birth of Jetstorm.

Razorbeast was revealed as a Maximal spy when Maximals started coming out of the pods he had activated. After Spittor was attacked by Polar Claw, Transquito surveyed his own area. From the sky, he saw Insecticon scuffling with Wolfang, and another group of Maximals banding together. The Gathering, Part 1 Magmatron ordered his new army to hunt down the Maximals.

While investigating a swampy area with Powerpinch, Retrax, Scourge, and Insecticon, Transquito is attacked by Icebird. Several other Predacons are taken down by the Mutants, who declare that no Maximal or Predacon is welcome in their home. The Gathering, Part 3


Beast Wars

  • Transquito (Mega, 1997)
    • Acessories: Missile
Transquito transforms into an organic mosquito. In this mode, a push-switch on his back makes his insect wings slide back and forth. His insect-mode proboscis is actually a spring-loaded missile that fires from his mouth in robot mode.
He has a third mode, forming kind of an antlion. Its oversized mandibles are formed by unfolding his wings; the "flapping" gimmick from mosquito mode makes the mandibles close down on victims.
This mold was used to make Bigmos.


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