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Transport drones are drones in the Generation One continuity family.

Transport drones seemingly played a key role in the early days of the war launched by Megatron. Transforming from robots into Cybertronic flat bed trucks, they were used during energy raids both to transport warriors and to carry away the stolen fuel.


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Carried by the transport drones in the guise of innocuous cargo containers, these robots appear to have done the actual fighting on such raids.

It is unclear whether they are also drones, or actual living Decepticons.


Cartoon continuity

Nine million years ago Megatron approached a dockside warehouse, workplace of a young Autobot named Orion Pax, along with a fleet of his transport drones. After initially claiming he was simply looking for a place to "store his wares," once told that the site only stored energy, he dropped this pretense, and at his signal both transport drones and warriors transformed. After personally blasting both Orion and his girlfriend Ariel, he ordered the warriors to terminate the warehouse's other workers.

Don't make fun of their giant novelty earmuffs.

Sometime later, the warriors engaged a group of Guardian Robots in battle, and managed to take one down with a blast to the face. Megatron's forces might have won the day, were it not for the sudden arrival of a mysterious stranger, whose laser rifle mowed down multiple warriors with ease.

Meanwhile, the transport drones prepared to remove the stored energy from the warehouse. What they didn't count on, however, was the presence of some time travelers determined to stop them at any cost. Their exit blocked by some of the warriors, these five heroes nonetheless risked their own lives and detonated the stockpiles, thereby destroying the warehouse. War Dawn

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